Montgomery County Family Court

From Lawless America:

Lawless America…The Movie is all about exposing the fact that we now live in Lawless America. We no longer have laws that are enforced because judges do whatever they want to do. America has also become lawless because government officials are dishonest and/or corrupt.

The movie will expose corruption in every state. The Movie will focus on victims. Corrupt judges and corrupt government officials will be exposed, and we will confront a number of the crooks.

If anyone has ever questioned the story of a person who has expressed the view that they were a victim of the government or of judges, this movie will prove that the odds are that the corruption report was true. In fact, there are probably tens of millions of victims in the United States who never realized what happened to them.

One feature length documentary movie is being produced. It will be shown in theaters, on Netflix, Blockbuster, and other such video places, and the movie will be presented at the Sundance Film Festival and other film festivals.

In addition, videos will be produced for each state and for each type of corruption. Everyone interviewed for the film recorded a three-minute segment that will be done as testimony before Congress as well as a 30-60 minute on-camera interview with Bill Windsor, founder of and the Revolutionary Party. The legislators in each state are receiving the testimony from those in their state, and the members of the U.S. House and Senate will receive all of the testimony nationwide.

Over 750 people were scheduled to be interviewed for the movie.

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The Lawless America website:

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Lawless America The Movie:

To reach Bill Windsor, email: 


3 thoughts on “Montgomery County Family Court

  1. Good. Glad to hear Judge Stanley Ott is under investigation. I have books of evidence too! I hope that Judge Lois Murphy of Montgomery County, PA, is under investigation also. This new judge, Cheryl Austin seems like she fills the shoes of Ott well. I hope she in under investigation. In my opinion, the entire courthouse needs to be arrested for racketeering, and many should be arrested for murder, since these judges and attorneys knowingly recommend and appoint guardians who arrange for their wards to be inappropriately medicated, leading to an early demise.

  2. Judge Stanley Ott of Montgomery County Orphans Court is corrupt as they come. Currently under investigation for biased rulings in appointed guardianship of elderly estates and so forth, Judge Ott had also ruled on other family matters in a clearly biased manner in which I have books of evidence for.

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