2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Family Court

  1. Dear C.W.

    We don’t offer legal advice. I’m sure you already know that you have rights, your daughter has rights and your daughter’s mom has rights. If you’re a good person and a good dad, your daughter is blessed to have you as her father. I hope you find her and I hope you stay away from anyone who encourages you to do anything that would harm any of you in any way.

    Lots of people see separation and divorce as a way to make a profit – especially in these tough economic times. You can find plenty of people to sell you books, services, therapy, legal advice, legal representation, mediation services, reunification services and the list goes on. Meanwhile, what parents and children need the most are friends, families and religious communities to help with advice, encouragement and prayers.

    Send the word out to your wife’s friends and family. Tell them you want to resolve this wisely and for everyone’s best interests. You can easily receive free rent, free legal assistance and free everything through something called “The Fatherhood Initiative” but many fathers who have asked for that help have been coerced into harming their wives and children with fear tactics and aggressive litigation. That harmful approach allows attorneys and court evaluators to make a profit off of struggling families. Most cases that begin with some conflict are used to create more conflict which extends the litigation for the attorneys, evaluators, supervisors, mediators, child therapists, parent therapists, reunification therapists etc.

    Millions of fathers, mothers and children have been harmed in the current family court system and too much of that harm is permanent.

    Everything is going to be okay. Ask your good friends, family and/or religious community to help you through this. If you have no one to help you right now, pray. Ask God for help. He will tell you what you need to do. You might not get your answer right away, but when He answers you, you’ll know.

    All the best to your daughter,


  2. I found out after my daughter was born that I’m her dad. I married her mom and have taken care of my daughter since she was a month old. She is now 7 months. Recently, while I was at work, my wife moved out and took my daughter and all of our things. I don’t know where she is and she won’t let me see my daughter. My name is not on her birth certificate and she doesn’t have my last name. Do I have rights and what can/should I do?

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