3 thoughts on “Massachusetts Family Court


    Massachusetts county judge shields corrupt behavior and judicial misconduct by holding hearings simultaneously in two separate courtrooms. County judge simultaneously held hearings for the” haves and have nots”.

    In order to shield attorneys and represented litigatants from hearing and witnessing a motion to recuse the county judge. The county judge held hearings in two separate courtrooms. While the county judge’s judicial case manager checked in and process non-represented litigatants in a courtroom on third floor of the county courthouse. The county judge held hearings for attorneys and represented litigants on the fourth floor of the county courthouse.

    The attorneys and represented litigatants were shielded from hearing the motion to recuse the county judge which exposed corruption and judicial misconduct, such obstruction of justice, partiality, unlawful ex parte communications, suppression of evidence, denial of due processes; child trafficking; extortion, “robe rage”; and violations of both Massachusetts General laws and federal laws.

    This county judge thought so little of the unrepresented general public, and considered them ignorant to the facts of the motion to recuse.

    The hearings for the “Have Nots” started 10:30am, after waiting to be heard since 9am.

    September 24, 2012
    Adrienne McGlone



    The county judge attempted to shield and cover up wrong-doings on September 24, 2012. The county Judge blatantly conducted covert hearings denying the public right and access to information regarding the Commonwealth judicial system.

  2. Hi Abram –

    I didn’t Tweet all of the videos available on Ustream because they’re all available on Ustream.

    The edited videos from the conference will be available soon and I was waiting to post those because they won’t have all the extra footage that’s left on the uncut Ustream videos.

    I was watching the conference live and was also very interested in hearing from the moms there who were willing and able to speak there. I wonder if maybe those who spoke before the moms weren’t aware that they were taking time from others who were waiting to speak? I’m sure that won’t happen again as long as we’ve learned from what happened this year.

    Since we’ll be having more demonstrations in Washington, D.C. for Valentine’s Day and Mothers Day and (every three months?) there will be plenty of other opportunities for moms to speak up and speak out and I hope to hear them speak again at those times. I’m also hoping at some point to have the courage they have. When I get that courage, I’m going to put on my b@d@$$ hat and go out there and join them. 🙂

  3. I would like to know why you listed only three videos from the recent BMCC on your Twitter feed. What about the B@d@$$e$ who were given only 7 minutes a piece to present? They were the most passionate in my opinion – Melanie Smith came from Australia to present, and was short-changed here in America. She should have been given a set allotment of time such as half an hour earlier in the conference, as well as all the other B@d@$$e$! P.S. the AMPP is the B@dd@$$ Central. Hopefully, the conference can be re-organized so it is a little more balanced next year – but it may be too late, many b@d@$$e$ might not be returning, too busy with activism.

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