10 thoughts on “South Carolina Family Court

  1. Yes a very Wicked corrupt system I’ve been railroaded since 2011 it was already set up a re case my child lives with a sex offender they got three counts of sex abuse on a child I had no criminal background nothing there was no reason for them to take him I am disabled and place they Place me on child support and I had to pay all kind of attorney fees God in the light fees and I didn’t even have an attorney because I couldn’t even for one very heartbreaking my child is over there with this sex offender caught on tape having sex with a child with two other men and the court said there was no concern of the Court cuz it happened eleven years ago now he’s been bit by a dog has been abused and actually allowing the sex offender to go on school premises parents is not even aware of it they do not care about children they care about money

  2. The court system in SC is only as good as you can afford. Family court and other courts will only hear what they want to hear. Judge Deborah Neese is unreal!

  3. Hi John – Thanks for contacting me. I haven’t worked on this blog for a while and will start again in the next few weeks. You have a great site. If you add an RSS link, please send it and I’d be happy to add it to the sites on the right of this blog. We’re on Facebook too on Family Court in America: North South and Central. Please feel free to post on that page and share your information. All the best and please stay in touch. – Julia

  4. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing this letter with a broken heart and broken spirit. My name is Marrion Baker. I was born in Jamaica and lived there until the age of twenty two. In 1999 I met my ex-husband Thomas Baker in Panama where I was there studying Spanish. I married my ex-husband in August 1999 and again December 1999 in my country Jamaica. I came to America after my marriage and I was excited and proud to be a part of a country where everyone had equal rights regardless of the color of your skin or the content of your character. I was proud to be given the chance to live the American Dream.

    I took full advantage of the opportunity to live the American Dream. Back in my country I learned to sew and did so for the people in my village. Once here in America I started to sew draperies in the garage of our home. Business was so good that we decided to lease a place and it was called and continue to be called “Beautiful Windows.” Life was good.

    To the union two children were born. Michael 12 years and Matthew 10 years old. My children have always been and will always be an essential part of my being. As a mother I take pride in knowing that they are happy and that all their needs are met. I take pride in preparing home cooked meals for them and listening to their stories about their day at school or whatever it is the have on their minds.

    After a few years of marriage things started to unravel and the marriage took a turn for the worse. Even with things happening, I still held onto hope that we could work things out for the sake of the children. However, that hope ended in 2012 when my Husband at the time filed for a divorce. My Husband was ordered to leave the marital home but he was to continue paying all household expenses and I was responsible for the business and its expenses.

    Over the past 1 2 1/2 years I have been the custodial parent for my children. My ex-husband would see the children for 2 hours in the evening and every other weekend. I was always the go-to parent and the one my kids would rely on 99.9% of the time.

    During the course of the legal separation the kids were appointed a guardian ad litem, Mrs. Free. Mrs. Free have visited with the children two times over a three years. Mrs. Free and I on the other did not have a cordial relationship. It was friction from the beginning. To me it seemed as if she sided with my Husband. I couldn’t do anything right and was subpoenaed back into the court several times for trivial issues.

    What brings me to writing this letter to you is that on March 12, 2012 I was informed by my attorney that full custody of my children was granted to my ex-husband, I was in shock and still continue to be so. My children were ripped away from me for being a good Mother. It was established n court that I am a good mother.

    I have read through this order numerous time and I don’t understand why my children were taken away. I truly feel that I’m the picture of injustice and I feel that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. My husband paid $84000.00 dollar in legal fees for the divorce. I paid $3000.00 dollar. I feel that because I didn’t have the financial means, my place of origin, inadequate legal representation, and discrimination from the Guardian de litem I lost my children. However, I refuse to give up.

    I am asking for your help and support into looking into this matter for me. I shouldn’t be punished because I don’t have the financial mean, for being a good mother, for putting the down payment an a house so I can have home for my children. It was my desired to give my children stability. My children are suffering emotionally and mentally and it’s irreversible. This is not fair. The court order is inconsistent. The issues in the order are trivial, and not acceptable reason for my children to be taken away from me. Most issues was not tried in court. I have seek legal advice in appealing the order but it cost $25000.00 to do so. I am leave with the impression that there is no justice and the legal system is all about money. That if you are poor, from another country, or of certain skin color then you have no right. I will continue to fight until my voice is heard.

    Respectfully Submitted

  5. The South Carolina family courts is a cult that cares none about children. Above the law in every way these worthless judges do every thing possible to destroy men and their children daily. In Aiken, S.C. a female judge has damaged my son and I forever mentally and financially I’ve been forced by a sex discriminating judge to go through $200,000 worth of assets to protect my child. Virtually everything I’ve worked my life for has been used we are virtually homeless. I own two homes when this started. I had two hundred thousand dollars in the bank. I had an adulteress wife. I filed charges of adultery with 5 witnesses and the judge refused to see it. Even though state law clearly states that I should have been divorced and 30 days with proof of adultery. I also filed charges of criminal domestic violence where she had admitted to a police of trying to stab me and it was ignored like it never happened. I asked for a drug test because of my abusive drug addict wife. I paid for an extensive tests far more than what court ordered and they took my child away from me for an asthma related drug prescribed to me work come back as a 1400 on a test then Aiken SC DSS cult threw my son into a group home where he was beaten numerous times by several adult foster children. DSS told my son and I daily all we had to do was agree to his abusive mother having custody and the beatings would stop. My son stated he’d rather die there then go to his mother’s. His mother’s test came back negative of anything even after she admitted in court to using drugs. I gave the corrupt courts copies of her Facebook post bragging about how she had my ass after using toxin wash in her hair. I took several thousand dollars in drug tests after and all were negative yet this corrupt sex discriminating judge refused to give my son back to me. I was told I could force my wife into another drug test any time. Bull! It took a year and than fear of contempt charges is the only way I got a surprise drug test on my wife. Than a 110000 score of methamphetamine was not enough the sex discriminating judge and DSS that took my son for 1400 turn to me and stated that I had to poison my wife with that that that was the only way she could have been on drugs: and reef refused to even charger with it she was dropped the charges inside of a month they kept my son for year over 1400 this is been going on all this time now I get a smart ass letter from the same corrupt bunch stating time limits are about to close it and I’ll have to start over. Three court ordered evaluations from judge picked therapist have all recommend my son not be put with his mother yet the corrupt sexist judge did it anyway. That’s right DSS called the police on my son and physically forced him back into his mother’s care inside the first 30 days. She hit him repeatedly in the mouth until his lip was busted open and another corrupt sexist court stated it was nothing more than a mother correcting her to abusive child. Everyone in this cult including the judge knows my son and I both passed polygraph test administered by an FBI examiner in Atlanta GA showing all we said was true and it still goes on. I contacted Nikki Hayley my governor and 50 other representatives trying to get charges of child abuse against DSS employees in Aiken and they have done nothing. Child abuse is an accepted way to force a child into a mothers’ custody no matter how much proof has been given.

    I think this whole group in Aiken family court and DSS should all be put in prison for the permanent damage they have done. All of what I said I can prove. Try me you who brags on the most corrupt organization in this country. And I’m not hiding you bunch of governor paid child abusers.

  6. No that is SC court, The news media does not care. I am sorry for your friend just tell her to keep fighting. I was able to keep my girls safe for more than ten years before the corrupt system finally kidnapped my girls and now he is raping and beating them.

  7. I was wondering if due process applies to South Carolina Family Courts. I had a friend served papers on a Friday (after she was awarded custody of her daughter in a previous settlement). The new papers required her to be in court the next Monday. The court had her getting documentation and drug tests Monday up until the time she was to appear in court. She had no time to get legal counsel and then the Judge did not accept her documentation because she had no attorney. Is this due process? The battle for custody continued for 2 years and the judge failed to check out false statements. She now has custody but only after spending thousands of dollars to protect her wrights. Her ex-husband falsified court documents by stating he was stationed at Fort Gordon (when in fact he was not). I do not have any confidence in South Carolina Judicial system and feel that there is too much corruption. If I had the supporting documentaion, I would have taken this to the News media. I guess you protect your own.

  8. Name Withheld -> Please post information in comment or send in an email to juliafletcher714@gmail.com. Thank you! says:

    Please let me know of any groups or movements for reform in the South Carolina family court.

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