Julia Fletcher…

I am a mother living in America.

I protect my child, like every good mother.

I believed something my child told me.

I did what I was supposed to do.

I protected my child and I was punished.

Three judges told me I will be punished more if I tell others what happened.

I will use a pen name and a silhouette.

Welcome to Family Court in America…

14 thoughts on “Julia Fletcher…

  1. Concerning Prof. Ireland’s report, you may be interested in the following letter from the Family Justice Centre here in London:

    Mrs Westmacott et al

    By email.

    17 April 2012

    Dear Sirs

    Professor Ireland’s Research

    Thank you for your letter, sent on behalf of a number of your colleagues, dated 8th April.

    You ask several questions relating to Professor Ireland’s study, recently published by UCLAN. In responding, I follow the order set out in your letter.

    How was the research instigated and was a process of tendering followed?
    The research proposal was first discussed in the Experts Committee of the Family Justice Council in late 2008 and early 2009 and Professor Ireland was asked to submit a proposal to the Projects Committee of the Council. The issue first arose because of anecdotal evidence suggesting a level of concern about the quality of some psychologists reports used in expert evidence in family proceedings. Professor Ireland submitted a proposal and it was considered by the Projects Committee and then approved by the Executive Committee of the FJC. The proposal then went through the procurement and Data Access Panel processes required by the Ministry of Justice and HMCTS. Professor Ireland has indicated that the research proposal was given ethical approval by UCLAN.
    How was this research team selected from any competitors?
    Professor Ireland’s proposal met the criteria for a single tender.
    What is the nature of FJC involvement with and support for this study?
    The Council part funded the study which was submitted to the FJC, as agreed, for review and with an option to publish.
    What is the FJC’s view of the quality of the study?
    Four academic and professional reviewers commented on various drafts of the report, on behalf of the FJC, and all took the view that the report would require some amendment before the Council should publish it. Professor Ireland made a number of amendments but, ultimately, the FJC declined to exercise the option to publish the work. However, as only part funders the work was not the intellectual property of the FJC, but of UCLAN which has promulgated the material on their own website.
    Does the FJC endorse the results of the study?
    The FJC understands that the document published by UCLAN is a summary of the findings of the study. The Council feels the study would benefit from further academic assessment and review. To this end, the Council has invited the authors to submit a full write up of the paper for publication in a peer reviewed journal, so that the methodology, findings and conclusions can be appropriately debated in the academic and professional community, but understands that this has not yet been done. The FJC considers that the most robust evidence undergoes a process of academic peer review and achieves publication in appropriate journals. Any piece of evidence must be considered and evaluated, but naturally less weight can be given to material that has not undergone such a process. The document so far published on the UCLAN website does not currently meet the usually recognised criteria for peer reviewed publication.
    Do you share any of our concerns about the execution, write up and publication of this research? The FJC has already commented on the limited methodology of the study and feels it important to take a balanced view of the aspects of the study that contain value, which were emphasised in the Council’s press release.
    Would you reassure us that the Family Justice Council is neither recognising nor endorsing the “Ireland Standard”? The FJC has neither promulgated, nor recommended, the use of ‘Ireland criteria’ for expert witnesses. The FJC has been developing consensus based standards for experts and is due to publish these for consultation soon.
    How do the FJC intend to use the research?
    The FJC is working to improve quality, supply and best practice in the use of expert witness reports in all specialisms. The study provides a reminder that appropriate quality and validity measures must always be applied by the court to expert witness expertise, and reports, to ensure fitness for purpose in the family courts. The FJC has, from the outset, considered the study as a first step in a process intended to promote debate on how to improve the quality assurance of expert evidence used in family proceedings. The Council will be considering a number of pieces of work relating to improving supply, quality and best practice in the use of expert witness evidence at its next meeting on 29th April.

    If anything in this letter is unclear please feel free to contact me on the telephone number or email address above.

    Yours faithfully,

    Alex Clark
    Secretary to the Family Justice Council

  2. Thank you Catharine. We’ve designed it to be a kind of “birds-eye view” of what’s happening in these kinds of cases so the public can have some idea of what’s been going on all over the country. If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know too. 🙂

  3. I am so glad to see this website. I think there is so much that this website can do to help protective mothers across the country and to provide mother’s with information about what is going on in other places and just to let women know that they are not alone. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know!!!

  4. I am like you i refuse to shut up. I will fight till i am removed from this earth. I am not a scared one that will walk away and allow my children to be distroyed. I am lucky to survive abuse and will not stand by for them to be destroyed at the hand of fcs

  5. Hi Julia,

    So happy that you refused to shut-up. The AG of RI was involved in my custody case as well as many other RI Corrupt politicians…and the AG tried to run for Governor…I said never not while I am allowed will any man who helped by political fornication take my precious son from me to appease his “friends” win Governorship in the State of RI. He was not endorsed by the democratic party in August and then he exited the race!!!! We must speak out or it will keep happening. I love Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks. Speak out forever!!! Best and thank you for this website.


  6. Dear Julia

    I feel for you and know your frustration, anxiety and disbelief.

    I too am a mother…living in Australia. I believe my child and we as mothers know our children better than anyone else…I protect and followed a system…The system fails to protect the mother…The systems are not infalible…it is within the system that those who run with fear are able to manouvre.

    We as mothers are love…we stand unconditionally and we give unconditionally and our honesty and dedication is turned against us.

    It is within each other that we gain strength and belief in ourselves to move forward and keep fighting for what we know and believe to be true, just and fair.

    My love to you and your child.

    Thank you for your input and may together we move forward for ourselves and many others.

    Dianne Mead

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