Minnesota Family Court


As the saying goes, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” 

In Minnesota, a few folks got together and decided to start an organization called WATCH to help make the courts work better. WATCH is also helping children and families in other states as well…

Click HERE to learn more. The following is from their website:

WATCH is the public conscience, the eyes and ears of the community. [They are] the intelligent, thoughtful, watchful guardians of a fair and responsive judiciary. When I see someone with a red clipboard in the courtroom, I appreciate that a volunteer took the time to monitor the quality of justice that day.” WATCH survey participant, 2007

 Court monitoring makes a difference

WATCH’s mission is to make the justice system more effective and responsive in handling cases of violence against women and children, and to create a more informed and involved public.

Every day trained WATCH volunteers observe court and report on what they see. WATCH follows up with court staff and committees to recommend improvements. Our experience shows that when the public is present in court, everyone does a better job.

  • WATCH was founded in 1992 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • WATCH trains more than 60 volunteers and interns each year who monitor over 4,000 hearings
  • Court personnel and advocates for women agree that public scrutiny of the courts leads to improvements
  • WATCH supports court monitoring across the U. S. with on-site and web-based training

WATCH is committed to ending racial, cultural, and gender bias in the courts and to reflecting that commitment at all levels of our organization.

2 thoughts on “Minnesota Family Court

  1. Not only that but in Hennepin County if you are unmarried your custody case is considered a “paternity” case and that means the case is usually closed. So the other party can object & keep supporters or court watchers out of the court room.

  2. Last I knew Watch only does Order For Protection hearings and are not able to handle Family Court cases.

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