Our mission at is to help protect Damon and other children who are “breaking the silence” and speaking up about sexual, physical and emotional abuse. We want to make society safer and healthier by giving children a fair chance at protection and justice in our criminal and family court systems.


  • Making sure courts take children’s accounts of abuse seriously and abide by laws which were put into place to protect them.  

  • Making sure children have competent, unbiased representation and recourse if the “ABA Standards for Representing Children” are not met.  

  • Supporting mothers who are trying to protect their children from abuse in the legal system, and make sure they do not lose custody for their important efforts.  

  • Preventing courts from forcing children to go unsupervised with parents who they say are abusive.  

  • Demanding that courts follow accepted scientific protocol in determining the veracity of allegations of sexual abuse.  

  • Exposing and holding accountable judges and court affiliated professionals who are responsible for returning children to abusers which allows predators access to other children.

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  1. Please need help…I scaled from Texas to protect my son and lose custody to the abuser..i got caught but separated from son 10 yr. Old need help…court did nothing cps said it was happening he keep visiting with dad unsupervised till he WAs 5 and half but finally got call from school he could not eeven seat of the pain there was police report.. Nothing got done then I suddenly got to escaped to save my son…on the run for almost 5 yr. Got caugth on Jan. And since then separated from son who is in a hospice in the Mexican government like jailed and they forced him to see dad the abuser because he has custody so nobody care for the kids anymore iam is citizen so is my son but apparently human rights don’t exist anywhere my son and I at living a nightmare and still is no over..whis I could find a probono attorney I loose my life work and place in the world to protect my son because I do care for him poor inocent.

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