Michael Nowacki vs. Corruption in Connecticut Family Courts

The following video shows lots of good research and a few very dedicated parents who are working hard to clean up what appears to be an extremely corrupt family court system in Connecticut.

At the end of the video is the following message: 

“Pilot for a major network reality series
Networks are asked to contact
ex-CBS Marketing Exec. Michael Nowacki”

What a GREAT idea. Reality TV with a purpose!

If Mr. Nowacki’s research is accurate – and if those watching the hen house aren’t all foxes –  we trust the good people of Connecticut will know what to do with all of this  information. 


11 thoughts on “Michael Nowacki vs. Corruption in Connecticut Family Courts

  1. This also goes on in a the rural community of Tuscola County in Michigan. Except they use their CPS to do the majority of their corrupt work – government employees enjoy governmental immunity for crimes they commit, so do judges!

    They allowed my 3 little cousins to be raised by drug addicts, and to be sexually abused. They did nothing but lie in court and slander the children’s mother who tried to protect the children – listed her as a flight risk and labeled her a preditor of children when she had never been charged with any crime in her entire life, never hurt her children, nor any child, in any way! And then gave the children to their father, who never supported, cared for the children – but was after the SSI money two children were getting. (Father was engaged to a drug felon who’s 1st cousin was his CPS caseworker – Tammy Birkenmeijer)

    Instead of getting services for the 2 disabled kids, the money was blown on drugs. Everyone in town (a small town) referred to the father and his wife as the meth heads, yet they were great parents in family court! There are over 70 police reports on the father, step-mother, and children – yet the GAL would tell the court what a wonderful father he was. Neighbors came in to testify how disfunctional home was and how terrible the parenting was of the children – they were threatened and scared to come back after the (visiting) judge asked them to return. Those who were listed to testify about witnessing illegal drug usage being done infront of the children, were threatened there own children would be taken from them if they testified. They refused to testify.

    At one point, the father crashed his car after taking norcos, muscle relaxers, tranquilizers. (He said he had a prescription for them) He did not report the accident and tried to get a tow out. The tow truck driver told him he had to call police. He failed every sobriety test performed by police. He got caught lying to MI State Police, said he bought the car that day, but it was well over a week later – police called the original owner and verified. There was no license plate, it was not registered, and he did not have insurance on it. The Tuscola County prosecutor refused to prosecute him and did not charge him for anything! (Thank God the children were not in the car! He hit several trees after falling into a deep ditch)

    He told the children a ton on lies – their mother abandoned them for a boyfriend who wanted to kill them (the kids), wanted nothing to do with them, and he got stuck raising them. When they acted out, he would threaten to send them to their mom – and would say that she didn’t even want them. He also told the children their mom was a pill head and did drugs. None of this was true. She never gave up fighting for her children even after a Tuscola County judge illegally took away her parental rights, it took two years but she got them back!

    When the court finally allowed mom to have visits with her kids, the kids were very angry with her. The court forbid her to talk about the case in anyway, so she could never tell them she never gave up on them and why she was gone for nearly 3 years. At her last visit, her 10yr old daughter revealed that she was being held down by multiple people and being hurt really bad. (the father already had two accusations from children on sex abuse at this point and it was discovered that the father’s father had been imprisoned for raping his children – sons and daughter! There is a family history!) The parental supervisor was very concerned she was being sexually abused at home (lived with father). She reported this immediately to the GAL. The GAL stopped all of mom’s visits with an ex-parte order days later. The mother’s son just so happened to attempt suicide (police on scene said it was unfounded) due to too much stress being forced to see his mom – the judge signed the GAL’s order to stop mom’s visits with all the kids. The GAL told the parental supervisor that she could NOT say what the little girl said to her (about being held down and hurt really bad) while testifying on the stand in court in the custody case.

    The judge ended up ruling that the children never had to see their mother again, and mom can not contact them, unless they chose to. The court did not care that the children were told lies about their mother and were never told the truth of her absence.

    The children were tested. They showed to be more disabled now than they were before being taken from their mother’s care. They also showed symptoms of severe emotional trauma, which they never had before. The GAL said it was a result of the abuse they endured by their mom 8 years ago! They always claim mom abused her children but they never say how or when or anything! They just say “abuse from mom”. There never was abuse! Mom was never charged with anything! They have no dates, they have no senarios, they never say how the abuse was inflicted, or who witnessed it. They completely make it up!

    They were in their father’s care for the past 8 yrs. He often had felons living with him (his wife was a felon too), often multiple other adults lived in his home. One woman testified that the two daughters (one was a step-daughter who accused him of molesting her at 7yrs old) slept in the same bed with him and his wife. (The girls were 8yrs old and 10)

    This had been a 8 year court battle which went up to the Michigan Supreme Court (parental rights restored) and to the Michgan Court of Appeals, twice.

    The mother has never broken a court order, and still pays her child support faithfully. Her kids go without. They didn’t even have winter jackets last year (Michigan is cold, sometimes below 0) She bought them all their necessities for Christmas and had to play it off like they were from someone else.

    The neighbors have all called CPS multiple times to report things they see, hear, or are concerned about – nothing happens. They have given up and are now scared as to why nothing has been done to save the children. I have cried countless tears and had sleepless nights filled with worry over this situation and these are not even my children! Who in their right mind allows children to be treated like this and does nothing?

    And court transcripts did not always reflect what was being said in court. It is illegal to change court transcripts, but they do it in Tuscola County. They are above the law and make their own rules up. They all band together like a gang, all their court appointed counselors, GALs, CPS case workers, prosecutors, attorneys – even opposing counsel works with them and not for the person they are hired to serve! It is all illegal, but no one holds them accountable! They make a mockery of the court system our founding fathers fought for and put in place!

    Someday they will all face a much higher court, one they can not escape, nor lie their way out of. God absolutely hates it when his innocent children are harmed in anyway! Still, I pray He has mercy on their souls.

  2. an excerpt from “The Rapture” by Willy Slim


    Listen, folks, don’t just take my word for it. The truth is I have far too much respect in each and every one of you to think that you would anyway. Give this video a gander, though, when you get some time (keep the link handy so you can come back to it – it’s an hour long, unbelievable but very much reality based documentary, so you may want to watch it in pieces), and see what this motley crew of other thoroughly beaten down and dejected court room “players” have to say about their own experience in Hell…

    Getting to know your tyrannical Oppressor!!

    For those of you that are not as familiar with Judge Gerry as perhaps you’d like to be, attached is his Bio. Take a moment to give it a once over in the most unfortunate event that you should ever be summoned by the State to this fetid cesspool of corruption and godlessness, and ordered to fight your spouse to the death!!

    The Court than issues the wife a suit of armor and a sword; the husband gets the standard issue pea-shooter and paper napkin for ammo, and the Emperor (corrupt, fat slovenly Judge) orders that the fight begin while the Court Jesters (Bailiffs and clerks), and Lords and Ladies (attorneys) frolic in eager anticipation of blood (and outrageous legal fees to line their pockets with), with all of them engaging in side wagers on things like the over/under of the final settlement 1 1/2 years from now after they’ve bled off 75 – 85% of the wealth into their own coffers. Given the imbalance in armory, the only chance in hell that the husband has is for the wife to show mercy (after all, by design she can’t possibly lose), but of course the evil King Geoffrey type tyrant who’s running the show would rather she didn’t, and hints as much to her every now and then.

    In the end, some women, who have a soul and some compassion, allow their now ex-husbands to escape anyway, and live to see another day. Other, soulless, scum of the earth lowlifes, like Robin D. Cervone, will eagerly take everything that is given to them, and brag later to their friends and new lovers how they used their superior intellect to out smart their dimwitted ex husbands.

    And the beat goes on…

  3. Hi Kathy,

    I’m not licensed to offer an expert or professional opinion about PTSD so here’s a little of what I know based on experience and research:

    – PTSD is common in these kinds of cases.
    It’s a normal response to mismanagement of dangerous child custody cases.
    – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder isn’t a “disorder” or a disability. While we might be disabled by certain symptoms, we’re not “disabled” people. Signs and symptoms of PTSD usually show up when our central nervous systems are forced to respond to too much danger for too long.

    There’s plenty of good information online about causes, signs, symptoms and treatment for PTSD. I can’t think of any websites I’d recommend off-hand because different people who have PTSD will respond differently to different therapies. For that reason, it’s most helpful for us to look for what works best for us in our different circumstances. For example, I believe in God and I pray to God for guidance when I don’t know what to do.
    While I know that God leads me, what works for me might not work for others.

    Parents who have PTSD symptoms after experiencing extremely traumatic events in family court should first figure out if they have PTSD. The signs and symptoms are fairly common in most cases (all listed online and easily found) and it’s fairly easy to figure out what’s going on based on the symptoms that show up and the amount and type of trauma endured. Good parents involved in family court cases who have experienced extreme stress have various signs and symptom associated with PTSD. A good licensed mental health professional can diagnose PTSD and can also help reduce and eliminate the signs and symptoms.

    Some effective treatments are:

    – praying throughout the day and night for healing, strength, wisdom and guidance
    – faith
    – gratitude for the smallest of things as often as possible, like: the color blue, being alive, being able to see and hear…
    – social support of family, friends, other parents, advocates, therapists
    – justice
    – official investigations, effective prosecutions and appropriate justice for crimes committed
    – enough time to totally rest and recuperate (this is probably the most effective remedy)
    – adequate nutrition, eating real, whole foods (avoiding GMOs, harmful chemicals etc.)
    – fresh air, exercise and time in forests, parks, hiking trails, beaches etc.
    – gardening (without harmful chemicals)
    – nutritional supplements such as: sublingual B-12 (especially for older people), B-Complex vitamins to help the body’s nervous system recover from stress, Vitamin D-3 to treat depression associated with having gone through the family court nightmare, Siberian Ginseng (organically grown) for adrenal gland support, *GABA, *L-Theanine — these have been found to be especially helpful. A good herbal / “whole food” stress-reduction formula with things like chamomile, valerian, passion flower etc. is helpful to take before going to court to reduce the acute stress felt in court, however it’s also important to be extremely alert, on your toes and at the top of your game while dealing with these events and issues so it’s best to try any herbal supplement at home first and under normal circumstances to make sure the supplements work as needed. “Rescue Remedy” is a homeopathic remedy that works well on an “as needed” basis. Also, a good psychiatrist can prescribe “as needed” prescriptions for acute stress and/or medication to help treat long-term stress, anxiety and/or depression for those who prefer to use allopathic medicine.

    – Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
    – Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

    If you search online for “PTSD” you’ll find all the information you need to know what it is, which effective treatments are available and contact information for health care providers who can help treat the condition according to whichever approach you think will work for you. One of the most important things about all of this is finding good, smart, trustworthy professionals with lots of experience in the field and good reputations who aren’t connected personally or professionally to any of the individuals — directly or indirectly — who caused the harm.

    Something that looks very much like organized crime is running the family court systems with the most problems. Victims of that organized crime need to stay as far away as possible from those who committed those crimes and their personal and professional networks. So, the best advice I have for anyone with PTSD wanting to find help is: Figure out what works best for you, find good professionals who offer the therapy you choose and make sure you stay far away from any and all individuals associated with those who caused the harm. Asking around for names of good professionals usually works. When the same names show up in great recommendations again and again, that’s usually a good indication of who might be able to help.


  4. Thank you for all of your hard work! How about this story in brief… judge said not a scintilla of fraud , the paternity affidavit stands. A man(not bio dad) who wants to be a father of a 1 year old and always wanted to be a father remains the legal father. He has caused nothing but grief since and is still not acting in the child’s best interest, just busy keeping his emotional cup full. That is with constant harassment. GAL testified oh she should have the best of both worlds. This guy has thwarted so far the best start to her education , because he can// that is just to start.

  5. Please contact me if you have been wronged in the Family Court in Stamford, CT. I am interested in a Class Act Lawsuit. I was exposed to GALS who lied in court, did not follow natl laws, abused me and my kids, and were rackateering with the Judges. Please email me at honestmt@hotmail.com. It is deplorable the CT Courts have allowed all this corruption. My story tops it. We need to group our experiences and file a lawsuit. Maud Taylor Letendre

  6. This is happening all over the country. I think it is time to collect the numbers and UNITE. there seem to be a lot of differnt groups. A house divided against itself cannot stand. It is going to take all of us Uniting to shoe these are not isolated incidents. this is happening to rich, poor, white black, all races and socioeconomic levels. We need to organize a day across this country to protest in every state at every supreme court house or state capital and demand the people we have put in office do something benificial. We are not angry, bitter, exes, as they have portrayed us. We are busy working, raising our kids and trying to fight. they simply wear us down until we sound like crazy people when we tell our story. If we unite the numbers willsupport that alll of us cannot be bitter, crazy, money hungry exes

  7. You’re in good company Becky. Here’s our most recent post about a task force formed in Connecticut a few months ago: TASK FORCE MEMBER: MIGHT BE A YEAR-LONG THING. The video of the December 10th meeting in which a co-chair of the task force spoke openly about hiding tax fraud in family court cases is in the post.

    All the “long crazy” stories about family court cases in Connecticut seem to be caused by the blatant fraud and total immunity for family law attorneys and Guardians ad litem. Here’s an excerpt from an article explaining the Connecticut law providing total immunity for attorneys:

    May 17, 2013, 10:27 a.m. ET
    Conn. court: Lawyers can’t be sued for fraud

    Associated Press
    HARTFORD, Conn. — The state Supreme Court has ruled in an ex-NFL player’s case that Connecticut lawyers can’t be sued for fraud for their conduct in court cases because of a centuries-old legal doctrine.

    The court’s 5-1 decision last week came in the case of Bob Simms of Greenwich, who played for the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers in the early 1960s and founded the investment firm Simms Capital Management Inc. in 1984 …

    Here’s information about total immunity for Guardians ad litem from Kevin E. McCarthy, Principal Analyst for the OLR Research Report:

    CGS § 4-141 grants individuals appointed as GALs in neglect, abuse, termination of parental rights, delinquency, or family with service needs proceedings qualified immunity for their actions. Although there is no controlling case, it appears likely that courts would find GALs in family court cases have absolute immunity for actions undertaken at a judge’s direction. The Supreme Court has held that attorneys appointed by the court as counsel for a child in divorce, separation, or annulment proceedings have absolute, quasi-judicial immunity for actions taken during, or activities necessary to, performance of functions that are integral to the judicial process. It found that such attorneys met a three-part test for granting absolute immunity. The test is (1) whether the official performs functions comparable to those of officials granted absolute immunity at common law, (2) whether personal liability would expose the official to harassment or intimidation so as to interfere with the official’s performance of his or her duties, and (3) there are procedural safeguards to protect against improper conduct by the official.

    There currently are no official practice guidelines for GALs although GALs who are attorneys are bound by the Practice Book and the Code of Professional Ethics. The former Commission on Child Protection developed practice standards and guidelines and guidelines for GALs in juvenile court. PA 11-51 eliminated the commission and transferred its powers and responsibilities to the Division of Public Defender Services (DPDS). DPDS is developing practice standards closely based on those developed by the commission for the GALs in its jurisdiction (those working in juvenile court and in those family court cases where the state pays the GAL), which it hopes to put in place in late spring.

    “No official practice guidelines” paired with “total immunity” has left long crazy stories and devastated families and children throughout the state. The videos of the meetings of the Task Force to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care & Custody of Minor Children, shows the members looking for real solutions to real problems are in the minority. Maybe Connecticut law allows filibusters in task force meetings.

  8. I agree I’m looking for help I have had my kids pulled from me it’s a long crazy story I’m willing to share

  9. CT is the ONLY state in the Nation that Judges are NOT elected but are POLITICALLY appointed and where Legislator/lawyers can practice LAW in front of the Judges they Appoint and WHY the gavel FALLs for them in EVERY CASE….

    Public Tribunals run by The People and NOT government Politicians and Lawyers is what we need for TRUTH and a fair and Just process.

    We need to get ‘legalese SLEAZE Language’ out of our Government operations which sounds like American English but has very different meanings OUT and RESTORE American English to our government operations that the PEOPLE run and NOT CAREER Politicians and their political appointments that head up every Government agency, office and Court

  10. They put you in Jail so you will PAY the bonds FEE and corrupt FEES levied by the CT’s corrupt courts; they break us by POVERTIZING and CRIMINALIZING us via their corrupt to the BONE InJustice system.
    And once they BUST us financially, they keep putting us in Jail to Exploit our family and friends to bail us out and pay the corrupt Imposed fines and fees CT black robe Liars and thieves Imposed without due process of the Rule of Law…

    Appearing before these CRIMINALS is like singing to the Choir…they IGNORE the PEOPLE…time for AGGRESSIVE Action to get the black robes OUT of our Courts… OCCUPY our Courts until The People can bring these black robed criminals to Justice…

    I have been a court monitor for years in Corrupticut and watch the SMILE on the black robed faces when they press the button under their bench to call their THUGS with Guns to have an INNOCENT parent in family court be hauled off in hand cuffs to jail for their BOGUS contempt of court ACTions… these black robes are criminals in their work and PERVERTS and PIGS in their private lives… keep the cameras rolling and we WILL bust these SCUM.

    As MOST of CT residents have decided NOT to bother petitioning their CORRUPT to the bone legislators, Governor and black robed criminals… activists should also take Note: they only set themselves UP for egregious retaliations for speaking out… Do as the citizens DO: plot/plan for when the LIGHTS go out in Corrupticut and then GET Mussolini-style Justice….

    Activists and Advocates such as these ‘testifying’ still believe in the System while the Majority in CT do not…this is why there is a DROVE of CT family’s and businesses that MOVE OUT of Corrupticut and will continue to DO so… singing to the CRIMINALS is ‘insanity’…

    Citizens across Amerikkkkkkkkkkka are moving to more FREE states to FIGHT this BEAST…to stay and fight these CRIMINALS is Insane; they will just DEVOUR you… move OUT and let the LOSS of revenue DESTROY them. Work to get the WORD out about CORRUPTICUT so family’s and businesses do NOT move to CT. We CAN KILL this Beast if we play by OUR rules and NOT theirs.

    Keep sending case files in BULK to the FEDS, the LOVE it… The Feds Need an Eastern Seaboard State to protect the eastern coast…and since the PUNKS that run CT wouldn’t listen, CT and not one of their ‘sister states’ will be Taken OVER by the Feds…bye bye DemoRAT rule PUNKS…you are DONE and too STUPID to know it.. your own CORRUPTION and violations of civil rights will Give the Feds their RIGHT to take over CT. The BLOATED state government will be GUTTED for city/town regionalized governments where the people live and work and a SKELETON state government as they are NOT needed. The PUNKS that SIT in the decision making seats in Corrupticut need to READ the NWO plans and WEEP because everything they STOLE from the people will be TAKEN from them and fed back into the System.. KARMA

    Honestly, I do not know WHY you activists/advocates BOTHER to talk to these CRIMINALS…they have IGNORED activists/advocates for 30 years….and MOST CT citizens KNOW IT…they HATE these Liars and Thieves…what are YOU hoping for, some ‘special’ consideration for YOUR case?? Forget about it…join the REAL movement in CT, the movement to GET OUT of Corrupticut and to spread the word to the rest of America NOT to move to Corrupticut.

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