Find Your State Here…

find your state here 

Find Your State Here …

The posts for each state in this section will be complete and closed for comments when our children in each state are safe in family court cases.

To help us to reach that goal, please use the contact form to send:

  • Cases in your state with documents available to post 
  • Petitions to be signed
  • Relevant articles, press releases, legal opinions
  • Transcripts and videos of legislative hearings and court hearings 

Note: We reserve the right to exclude information from the Find Your State section which can’t be verified. Comments and links to resources posted in the comment sections of this website are available for the readers of this blog to review at their own discretion.



2 thoughts on “Find Your State Here…

  1. Join any meetup group that is working to halt this corruption. In San Diego, CA we have COURTWATCHERS. I hope to find out about any other states doing the same so we can combine efforts.

  2. Unfortuanately, the courts don’t always get it right. One only need to watch Mr. Chandran’s videos to see his ego. It’s laughable as if he thinks he will become a star and it’s obvious that his interest is in showing himself off rather than the well being of his son. Even if Ms. Voora had problems, what kind of malicious person whould put on a show like that. The poor boy doesn’t have a chance and his life will be scarred no matter who is right or wrong. So sad to see this foolish looking fellow allowed to block the mother from the child’s life. He talks as if in India the mothe’rs rights are so great. Ha, women do not have such rights and this man knows it. Hopefully, he will call on a higher power for some sense in his big head and try his best to help that woman reunite with his son. She is probably too terrified of him to trust. Such a shame. I will continue praying for this little boy. Every single ruined life affects the world. God bless Aditya.

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