2 thoughts on “California Protective Parents Association

  1. how ironic- the date of your post, september 11, is my daughter’s birthday……..She AND another child victim were assaulted at KNIFEPOINT in the same home, Paternal grandmother’s, that DCFS placed my children in, the same home I LEFT due to Domestic Violence…….My daughter’s attacker was CONVICTED of 2 FELONY counts of sexual assault with a DEADLY weapon, and sentenced to ONLY 3 years(he was under 18)……STILL, the Juvenile Court Commissioner, Marilyn Mackel, placed my kids RIGHT BACK in the same home she was assaulted in…………..go FIGURE

  2. How can the police place a child who has been raped back in the home of the rapist, his mother and the biological father? How do we stop this from happening? Need Help Please! I don’t know where to turn.

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