From the Office of The Comptroller General of the Republic of Argentina

The conference on Parental Alienation Syndrome will air live on the website ISCGP this Friday, November 15 from 9:45 AM. Follow the event online through the website of the Institute of Public Management Control: 

The conference will take place in the Auditorium of the Comptroller General’s Office (Corrientes 381 – CABA). The theme will focus on child sexual abuse, the truth about the so-called Parental Alienation Syndrome.

 The training is organized by Gener @ through the Institute of Public Management Control, under the purview of SIGEN.

The faculty will consist of Dr. Silvina Zabala, Dr. Sonia Vaccaro, Dr. Carlos Rozanski, Ms. Sandra Baita, Dr. Sandra Saidman, and Dr. Graciela Jofre. The moderator will Liliana Hendel.

This activity is not fee-payable. Certificates of attendance are available to registrants.

For more information send an email to

LIVESTREAM from Argentina: Child Sexual Abuse: The Real Truth About Pretend Parental Alienation Syndrome

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