FBI Investigates Lackawanna County


From The Times Leader:

Parents target family court

By Christopher J. Hughes

SCRANTON – A group of parents demonstrating on Courthouse Square Friday morning across from the Lackawanna County Administration Building at 200 Adams Ave., Scranton, said they feel the county’s family court and guardian ad litem are the focus of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts defines a guardian ad litem as a “person appointed by a court to look after interests of a minor or incapacitated person involved in legal proceedings.”

But parents holding signs suggesting county officials “Toss Ross” and handing out literature about the county’s guardian ad litem system said that was not the case.

Olyphant resident Cherie Matassa said guardian ad litem Danielle Ross, who is supposed to represent her two children in a custody battle that began in March 2010, has not listened to their own wishes.

Matassa claimed that Ross forced her to provide visitation rights to her ex-husband, who she did not name but claimed is employed in Lackawanna County government, despite the children’s expressed wishes.

“I paid her to be their voice… She didn’t care what they said,” she said.

Matassa fears that she could eventually lose custody of her children because of the actions in family court, but a visit by the FBI to the Lackawanna County court administrator’s office on Monday gives her hope that such issues could begin to be resolved.

Efforts to reach Ross for comment at her office in the county administration building and by phone Friday afternoon were not successful.

When contacted earlier this week regarding the FBI’s search at the Lackawanna County Courthouse, Court Administrator Ron Mackay, FBI Special Agent J.J. Klaver, and spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Officer Heidi Havens each declined comment on the nature of the ongoing investigation.

Dawn Lewis of Scranton claimed that her father-in-law’s working relationship with a current county judge prevented her from keeping full custody of her now-7-year-old son after his father died from cancer in 2010.

Lewis said the Ross is also her child’s appointed guardian ad litem.

“My son was seen twice for a total of 22 minutes,” Lewis said. “During this 22 minutes, Ms. Ross came to her own conclusions and figured out what was best for my (then-) 5-year-old son who was grieving the loss of his father. She decided he needed to spend three out of five days with his grandparents. Custody? Visitation? No. That’s co-parenting, and that is not right.”

Lewis said she’s working to get a new court date after more than 18 months of legal battles. She believes that the FBI is looking into the finances of family court and that it “is only the tip of the iceberg.”

Another woman from Blakely also feels she was treated unfairly by the county’s family court system. She said Ross, her children’s court guardian, gave custody of her children to a man with whom she had a prior relationship.

That man, Maurice Wayne Hunting III, was charged Sept. 28 with rape of a child, involuntary deviate sexual assault of a child, indecent assault of a person under age 13, corruption of minors, and contact with minors involving sexual offenses, according to court records.

Charges were held for county court after an Oct. 5 preliminary hearing, and a formal arraignment was set for Nov. 18.

The woman, who is not being named to protect the identity of the alleged victims, said she hopes that an investigation by the FBI will end troubles in the Lackawanna County court system.




For the past 30 years, protective parents have begged family court judges to protect their abused children in child custody cases.  Unfortunately, according to family law in America, abusive parents have a more of a “right” to see their children then children have a “right” to be protected from parental abuse. 

Today, our family court judges force approximately 58,000 children  into unsupervised contact with their identified abusers every year. And most people have no idea this is happening. 

The mainstream media covered the “Catholic Church scandal” but not the family court scandal – which is bigger than the “Catholic Church scandal” ever was.

We protective parents have tried to figure out how to protect our children in a corrupt family court system. We’ve tried to figure out why the mainstream media is ignoring the family court crisis. We’ve tried to figure out how to gain our legislators’ attention. We’ve petitioned the United States Supreme Court. We’ve tried to figure out how to ask for the help from the general public at a time when the mainstream media won’t tell the public about the failure of our family courts to protect children.  

Now, many protective parents are thinking of another way to gain the attention of the public and the attention of our legislators: Through the wallet. Money talks.

Where there’s an abused child, most people turn away. No one wants to talk about child abuse. No one wants to think that our family court system doesn’t protect children. The subject matter is too embarrassing for an every-day-kind-of- conversation. 

However, where there’s money – people listen. People want to talk about saving money. Especially in this economy. 

The FBI is now investigating the court in Pennsylvania. They’re investigating courts in Georgia and courts in a couple of other states too. Protective parents are using the words “tip of the iceberg” to describe these investigations and 21% of Lackawanna County’s budget is no small change. 

Do the taxpayers in Pennsylvania care about children? Of course they do. But not enough people have been talking about saving children in Lakawanna County – or in any other state county in the nation. 

Let’s hope and pray the FBI finds the rest of the iceberg in Pennsylvania, Georgia and in all the other states too. 

Let’s also hope the public starts to talk about how the family courts waste taxdollars. Maybe we’ll save the lives of a few children in the process.

10 thoughts on “FBI Investigates Lackawanna County

  1. Where can I get help someone please help me. Me and my child are victim’s. We have been victimized by the courts for 7 years. My child was placed with child molesters and his life is ruined. They did so much illegal stuff to us please help me. I need justice. I have 8 years of prrof and evidence. They need to be held for what they did. What they did to us for 7 years is so unbelievable that its probably one of the worst out of them all. I need help.

  2. Where can I go to get a court investigated? There are several people involved in my years of dealing with the corruption in Pennsylvania.. my sons grandma has paid off people to gain custody of my 7 year old son and tried doing the same with my younger son… the gal is involved, concilliator, judge, a cys worker, pretty sure someone from the prothonotary office.. I have papers and papers of illegal proceedings, orders, motions.

  3. This is my second time writing on this site. I have taken my issues that started in family court. I was on state parole for 5 years that was added to my sentence that was to expire in 2013 now from the contempt in family court for leaving a message on answering machine I was give 6 months in Lack. Co. Prison. Than 6 months in state for same . I’m doing 8 years for officers who lied and did it on records . That is criminal but I suffer and no justice for being victimized by our officers in court agency’s officers who work to protect themselves from the crimes they commit against those who end up in there courts or agency’s . The truth is the truth I have every bit of evidence gone uncontested all the way to pa. Supreme Court , but yet no justice for me or my daughter whom I have not seen in over 4 years. My only child who I miss beyond words. I am filling a federal lawsuit to get the truth vindicated and expose the harm people in power are getting away with.

  4. Please! Does anyone know where I can get help ? I left my husband 2 years ago because he was convicted as a Megan’s law offender. He hired an attorney whom is now GAL of Lackawanna county and has drug me through the ringer as far as accusations of me using drugs which was proven wrong several times through a hair follical test. I am very well educated with a steady decent job and cannot afford an attourney. He was abusive to me in the past in front of our three small children and yet he has full custody. I am not allowed to be with my children unless under his supervision which I see no grounds for. I feel like he is still controlling me through my children. This is not right his attourney works for the court house as a GAL and is on a first name basis with all of the judges. We do not have a GAL appointed due to the fact that the attourney he is paying for is the GAL. I feel that this is so curruppt as well as conflict of interest. Please help!!!

  5. this court in Scranton,pa is not just crooked when it comes to childrenand judges also iqnore women in divorce cases also.

  6. My name is Ronnie R. Zvolensky and in the matter of Commw. Vs Ronnie R. Zvolensky, a Indirect Contempt from family court that was just ordered back for a new hearing on Dec 4th at 1:00pm. This case is “Fruit of poisness tree” In related matters that led to more illegal acts causing me to be thrown in prison because of agencys connected to the case committed Fraud in my records using a Family court decision. The problem is Ms. Ross played a role in my matters that was illegal but court went with her advice where she was not even ordered to the case. Here’s the ass kicker the plantiff in my case, my now ex wife is and was employed by none other than CYS. The same courtroom, under a judge my ex worked under for years umong other things. I am still illegaly held aginest my libertys years latter, but recently through motions addresed matters, current filing is complaint with Atty. General office and Board committy (Parole); Ronnie R. Zvolensky Vs Pa. Board Of Probation and Parole; exposing the illegal acts of agents and is directly linked to my Family court matters. I need suport and people to stay involved in there matters w/ said corruption in this family court.

  7. You’re right Gia. Too many don’t care. Find the ones who do care and keep the faith. Meet other parents who are victims of the same family court attorneys and evaluators and work together for investigations, accountability, oversight, legislation and reform. It’s possible. Just keep the faith and keep going. That’s all we need to do.

  8. They didn’t help us here in PA. There are more gals that are crooked and uncaring. I had my child taken from me and no one will help get that child back but I still have custody of two other children. The court system is messed up and the gals just don’t care they just want money. I wish I could find a lawyer that has b*lls to fight them and get that child back but none do, and they say they will, just give them money they don’t care about the children. They’re just crooks. I pay child support for this one child and that child is not taken care of – not the right clothing or the medical needs they just don’t care.

  9. FBI….WE NEED YOU IN MAINE!! If something isn’t done soon, I foresee many protective and desperate parents taking matters into their own hands to save their children from the abusive parent the Maine courts so often give custody to….then Maine will have a whole other problem to deal with.

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