About Family Court in America


Family Court in America

by Julia Fletcher

Posted February 28, 2011

 If you go to  The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website, you’ll see, “800,000 children younger than 18 are missing each year…” 

You’ll also see this:

“The largest number of missing children are, from most frequent to least frequent:

  1. Runaways
  2. Family abductions
  3. Lost, injured or otherwise missing children
  4. Nonfamily abductions (in these cases, the child is at greatest risk of injury or death).”

Please notice what’s second on the list. Instead of looking at this short list, putting two and two together, and flooding our state and federal offices with calls for family court reform, we spend billions of our tax dollars each year to keep the family court cottage industry in business. Family court attorneys brag about the income stream  they receive from prolonged “high conflict cases” while 58,000 children are endangered each year.

For the past 40 years, protective mothers in our family courts have had to choose between handing their precious children over to a corrupted family court system or “running” to protect them. Many decide it’s best to pack their children’s belongings and their own essentials into a few light bags and drive down an open road to a relatively safer unknown future. Those of us who stay to fight do the best we can to protect our children, expose the corruption and work for family court reform.

That’s what this website is about.

A week ago, headlines about the “kids for cash” scandal in Pennsylvania were on the front page of almost every national paper. All the big television stations aired videos of protective parents demanding justice. It was a small group of attorneys and advocates working for a non-profit group called the Juvenile Law Center which initiated that investigation.

Will we have to wait for another small non-profit law office to expose the biggest scandal in the history of our courts? Or will our states’ attorneys and federal investigators help out a little bit and save tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars sooner rather than later?

A  few state governments are finally beginning to audit their family courts. Our federal government recently appropriated funds for study groups and non-profit advocacy centers. But there are family court hearings scheduled all over the country tomorrow about children who might or might not be safe the next day. Surely we can do better than this. 

If you are willing and able to help, please do. It’s in the best interests of our children – and in everyone else’s best interests too. 



11 thoughts on “About Family Court in America

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  2. I am hoping that my poor suffering children will have their mother back and this decimated mother has the peace to have her children safe. I haven’t hugged or spoken to my children in 14 months, and I did nothing wrong, except be broke and a woman.

  3. Dear Let’s Get Honest,

    I haven’t “accepted” that the AFCC is at the root of all the problems in our family courts because I don’t understand the research that’s been done on the subject. Tracking federal funds is complicated and I don’t have the emotional strength to directly go up against those in positions of authority who might be at the root of these problems.

    That which I can handle right now is whatever I have seen and heard with my own eyes and my own ears.

    I’ve seen and heard the anguish in my family. I’ve seen and heard certain judges in our state use their positions as judges to excuse and hide the crimes committed in my child’s case. I’ve seen and heard other families experiencing the same anguish we felt in our family. I’ve seen the same corruption in family courts all over the country.

    I don’t understand why this has gone on for the last thirty years without someone in authority following up on the research you and others have already found and documented.

    I don’t want to think you’re right about the “AFCC” because that thought is too frightening. I’m not an FBI agent. I am now a poor single mother who is not in the position to go up against the most corrupt individuals in our state.

    I understand you’d like to see this website contain more information with a different approach. I’m doing the best I can and will continue to do the best I can to help my child, myself and every other mother and child living this nightmare.

  4. Julia, I’m glad to see you have accepted (finally — there are actually two posts tagged “AFCC — one today, and one in 2011, which doesn’t explain it as a nonprofit) the information I’ve been delivering and blogging since 2009, and others much earlier (early 1990s, and in the case of Cindy Ross of Northern California, at least as early as 2002, 2003). I also appreciate you clearing (and not censoring that I can tell of, this time) that last comment.

    The key to getting good answers is asking good questions:

    So I’m going to ask again — will you please add my blog (I actually have three blogs dedicated to this, by familycourtmatters is the largest, and has the best links) to the blogroll? Or, at least tell me why it’s not up yet? I have been blogging four years now (over 520 posts, over 110,000 viewers, I have accurate links to the AFCC and word-studies on the terminologies they use, and I am a person who went through many of the links to the right, none of which did anything to stop an overnight custody switch years ago. My blog came out of the awareness that the information I should’ve had in time, was being blacklisted, consistently, by groups on the federal dole.


    Also please post — and this isn’t me, or my work, but it’s about the shortest run-down of which end is up I can find:

    (May, 2012).

    Another short summary of how the welfare funds tie into the trouble in the courts, see 4 in a row “Back Atya” [that’s me] comments on the same blog. Also links in the paragraph (on the article) mention the role of HHS money:

    “For instance, over 90% of welfare recipients are single mothers, yet Congress has approved bills excluding women from participation in nearly $5 billion in “welfare to work” funding for “Responsible Fatherhood” job training programs meant for childless fathers.

    *****Riddled with fraud and waste, Responsible Fatherhood programs are non-needs based programs that are redundantly administered through the US Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, and Labor. Instead of diverting TANF funding to men’s rights extremists of all socioeconomic backgrounds, perhaps a gender neutral approach that values children would be more effective in reducing poverty through workforce participation opportunities.”*****

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~The person who sent the marked-up AFCC incorporation papers (I got them too) is a crackerjack investigator. As am I, and that’s who I hang out with, to develop those skills and be a resource to others. I have had to detach from people who don’t or won’t “get it” as an energy drain, and only continue to comment here, because it’s a very active blog.

    The key to understanding what happens REQUIRES people to comprehend that PUBLIC OFFICIALS (including judges, and people in public employment around children and families) routinely form PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP-BASED NONPROFITS to lobby for centralized control of the court. By being a nonprofit, they can draw in private funding, lots of it.

    By welfare reform (TANF) public funds can be diverted to private profits through the family court model, which is pre-fabricated (and intended) to divert business to (friends, cronies, etc.). When judges are involved and backed up by the power to enforce, reallocated children around the country, and extort (demand payments or severe punishments follow) — this is like having the Mafia for government. It’s RICO. Or would be, if this weren’t the government itself engaged.

    In this context, asking when are “the authorities” going to fix the situation tells me you don’t understand who the authorities are. Without better handles (more specific words) to express concepts, one might as well be illiterate in these matters.

    The key to getting good answers is asking good questions:
    To answer your three above (which weren’t), at least off-hand:

    Q Why do state and federal authorities…..
    A For profit and because we let them.

    Q How much longer will the authorities (??) allow those individuals (who??) to take billions of federal dollars in federal funds (If I asked you to show me some, could you?) to destroy children, families, extended families (Can you point anyone to how those dollars are destroying families, or to someone else who could explain it?)?
    A Wow. Why do you think it’s “the authorities” allowing “the state and federal authorities” to take billions of dollars??? Which “those individuals” do you mean? Do you mean “those individuals in positions of power and influence in government”? If so, then those ARE the authorities. So I think it’s the attitude of someone else is supposed to address the problem — that is the problem.

    Q (see question).
    A Have you figured out how the courts are rigged, and by whom? If not, then you’re part of the problem. Have you figured out who has, and who has not, bothered to figure out how the courts are rigged (assuming they are), and why is the word “rigged” in quotes? If the concern is about rigged courts, then why not feature the ship’s rigging — and not the shipwrecks?

    I’ve added some links to my profile, probably if someone clicks on the gravatar they’ll get at least a few good tools and resources in this field, and some in the larger picture.

    Have a nice day. Remember, a confused mind is a vulnerable one. Making decisions about who’s telling the truth really helps clear it out some. In my opinion, child abuse on the scale we are engaged in it, has to do with money-laundering, and the profit motive. So, how do they do it?

    AFCC is unbelievably a key organization. It’s been around since at least 1963. Setting up conciliation courts is another part. That’s been pushed since earlier. Women should be learning these basics within a MONTH of having their case come into the courts, or earlier. How are they going to learn if more people won’t tell it?

    Also, people have to engage in real, back-and-forth- conversations with each other (blogs aren’t the best place, except to perhaps get connected)


    Responding to that, I explain how an AFCC courthouse is set up and show where the judge and at least two of the individuals in covering up the rape of a little boy in Connecticut, are going to be conferencing together — at an AFCC conference — in just a few months here, in Los Angeles.

    I’m about to publish a “Cults in the Courthouse” post, and I have the proof, too. AFCC is a cult. They have common characteristics with some of the largest, and most dangerous ones around, and some association with at least one of them. I figured it out in 2010, and now it’s so obvious — anyone should be able to connect “faith-based initiatives” with this one and with REsponsible Fatherhood funding — in a flash. They are connected.

    Thanks in advance if this clears moderation. Have a nice day.

  5. Dear Let’s Get Honest,

    You’ve clearly done your homework. I wish someone would answer these questions:

    Why have state and federal authorities allowed those crimes to continue?

    How much longer will the authorities allow those individuals to take billions of dollars in federal funds to destroy children, families and extended families?

    How can protective parents and extended families all over the country recover the billions of dollars they paid to the rigged “family court” system?


  6. I spent a long time (about a year) researching and blogging in Pennsylvania around the Lackawanna Family Court (FBI raid, etc.). I found out about it when I saw a Kentucky Court referencing a Pennsylvania Nonprofit (KidsFirst)that was marketing AFCC materials, not to mention about a dozen other Divorce Education projects, one of which had ties to Georgia (Susan Boyan) and Pennsylvnia (Ann Marie Termini), who, among other things, run Parent Coordination Trainings. I have yet to find what state they have ever properly filed as an organization to pay taxes on those training. Ms. Termini also works out of the Lackawanna County Courthouse, and was found to be working there from about 1997?? forward. No one seemed particularly bothered by the fact that she had no contract, and as of a recent (2011ff) AOPC report, which I got, the end of the report was lifted almost directly from a Termini/Boyan book. However, the GAL they were after was a different person, and I have to call her “small fry” in the larger scheme of things, Danielle Ross.

    Ms. Ross was member of a nonprofit association designed to put more GALs in people’s lives. There is a Bill Windsor Lawless America video (on nearby page here) complaining about too many GALs and being forced to interact with them too much while divorcing. The organization which attempts to put a GAL in every “high-conflict” custody situation is called the “National Association of Counsel for Children.” and is out of a Children’s Hospital in Colorado. It has membership all over, and received (alongside the ABA) about $600,000 of federal HHS grants (anyone can look it up at TAGGS.hhs.gov) under “Adoption INcentives” to develop Child Welfare (re: dependency, mostly, but not only) Law as a certifiable speciality. That’s one reason WHY there are so many GALs around.

    I’m responding here because you said that the Juvenile Law Center (in PA) initiated the investigation of Kids for Cash. If you fact-checked, or followed up (even casually) on some of the organizations being referenced and linked to, I think you’d understand that this Juvenile Law Center has its own agenda, and it wasn’t them but actually parents who brought it to them (i.e., field input). While I”m thankful they did — why can’t the mothers (specifically) who are so upset about “Cash for Kids” give themself even a one or two-hour, free, self-education on where the cash comes from, who forwards it to someone else, and start becoming familiar with the primary organizations that are flourishing in these “Corrupt Courts”?

    I did. Anyone can who chooses to– the information is on the internet (and more can be requested by FOIA from any local jurisdiction) and for four years now, I have been reporting on it.

    When an organization has a board of directors, find out who they are — READ their bio blurbs (usually on the org.’s site), and what other organizations they have been heading up, or working for; this tells you in general what they are doing.

    Gradually you build an understanding of how things work, in general, and then individuals “exposing corrupt courts” will become themselves a helpful resource to others in the same situation.

    I notice my bloglink is not on there, but people who have re-blogged some of my posts are.
    If I were a mother DESPERATE FOR HELP in a custody challenge, and ran across this site, I do not see a single link (other than NAFCJ at the very, very bottom) which would tell anyone what is going on financially (incentives, operations, WHY are judges “getting it wrong”) in any detail, and what they might do about it.

    Yet you have websites from very many organizations who are part of the problem, several of them in California (my state).

    The word “cottage industry” should be dropped. People who are claiming $XX billion per year should show their stuff — where’d you get that info from?

    Here’s the link to the Juvenile Law Center (the other has expired by now);
    http://jlc.org/about-us It was founded in 1975 by four law students (Temple Univ.)

    “Juvenile Law Center plays a leadership role nationally and in Pennsylvania in shaping and using the law on behalf of children in the child welfare and justice systems to promote fairness, prevent harm, secure access to appropriate services, and ensure a smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood. ”
    (I’m going to follow up).


    Massachusetts Mother appeals to Governor Deval Patrick, Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary Bigby, and Massachusetts Chief Justice of Probate and Family Court, Chief Carey; for the return of her six year old daughter, who was unlawfully removed from the mother and placed in the Department of Children and Families custody by a county Probate and Family court judge. The removal of Alexiss from her mother was in violation of Massachusetts General Law 119 which gives judges authority to remove a child from a home in the event of neglect and abuse. However, the county judge used the law to remove Alexiss because the mother refused to follow an order that placed Alexiss in danger.

    The county judge, in placing Alexiss in DCF custody for reasons other than those stated by law has misappropriated state funds and services. The mother, in the past, filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct, and the previous county judge in this case was disqualified from the case for child endangerment. Since this time, current county judges in this case have continued to write unlawful orders that continue to deny the best interest of Alexiss by forcing the mother to allow unsupervised visit with the biological father, who has a criminal record of sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping (Superior Court District Attorney Katherine Cappelli); recorded allegations of child molestation involving his stepdaughter; imprisonment for domestic violence; years of heroin use; discharge from the military for alcohol/drug rehabilitation failure; and who has mental health issues.

    In the onset of this case, the disqualified county judge had ordered the mother to allow the child unsupervised overnight weekend visits with the father who was participating in a drug rehabilitation program and residing in a men’s half-way house. The county judges denied the mother’s request for a home-study; alcohol/drug evaluation; mental health assessment to ensure unsupervised visits were appropriate; and further denied Alexiss a Guardian Ad Litem. The biological father who is from Baltimore Maryland was in Massachusetts to participate in a drug rehabilitation program when he was charged in Superior court with sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping of a Kingston, MA woman.

    Currently, Alexiss has been in a foster-home for over 100 days, and has only been allowed to see the mother and family one hour a week, with the weekly hour visit commencing three weeks ago. The Mother states during the weekly one hour visits, the Alexiss’s responses are depressed for the first 15-30 minutes; and the visits end in tear jerking heartbreak, with Alexiss and mother in tears.

    Further, the county judges continue to hold Alexiss hostage in order to buy time to wiggle their way out of violations of the Mother’s rights under the Servicemen’s Civil Relief Act, as the Mother has served in the US military for 19 years.

  8. I wish more come be done to expose the injustice in the family court systems along with the roles of forensic psychologists, GAL, and even attorneys. False allegations run rampant and more women are now losing their children to the father because of parental alienation!

  9. Thank you for this site Julia. I nearly lost custody of my son five years ago. I will never forget the nightmare of that time. I hope to be able to be able to help other parents and children who are abused by the court system.

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