A Mother’s Journal: Let My Children Go!

A Mother’s Journal: Let My Children Go! 

by Wendy Titelman

Published February 1st 2003 by Kinderlex Books

Paperback, 361 pages

isbn 0972902503   

Book Review by Stacey Price Brown, J.D.

A friend handed this book to me and said, “When you are finished reading it, call me, and tell me what you think.” As I began to read the first few chapters, I had no idea how intimate, and difficult the subject matter would be. As I continued to read, I found myself talking out loud, putting the book down, not being able to continue in certain places, as the subject matter became very difficult to read.

I am the mother of a young daughter and could never imagine one moment without her. Through legal maneuvering, high paid psychiatrists, court appointed representatives, and the latest in divorce tactics, using P.A.S. or parental alienation syndrome, even when there is clear evidence of physical molestation of a minor; she lost custody of her children. The mother in this journal was repeatedly jailed, and has been permanently stripped of her parental rights, just for trying to protect her children from incest.

In 1980, a child psychiatrist by the name of Gardner came up with the idea that the targeted parent, the parent that the child hates, needs to be the custodial parent. The custodial parent should be stripped of parental rights since they cannot control the emotions of the child, and any lack of affection that the child has toward the non-custodial parent would improve if the child and the targeted parent had an opportunity to mend their relationship by uninterrupted cohabitation. This theory would be fine if there were not irrefutable medical evidence that the minor child had been deflowered, raped, molested, etc., by someone. Further, it was the non-custodial parent that was accused of improper behavior and he was the only one that the child had contact with, and who had an instrument capable of doing that type of damage; daddy. Why return the child to the molester?

This mother chronicles her journey through a bitter marriage, rebellious step-children, suspicions of not just infidelity, but incest between her husband and step-daughter.

Money is truly the root of all evil if it can buy reverse justice, and this man’s right to sole custody in spite of committing a heinous crime older than the laws of this country.

There are no unsolved crimes with God. Justice will prevail! Even the cry of the voice in the wilderness was heard across the centuries.

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