Alaska Family Court is a website created by a protective parent in Alaska to help mothers in America protect their abused children in family court. That same parent was instrumental in helping to pass legislation which now serves to protect Alaska’s  children. 

The following information is available on that website:

 Alaska:  HB 385 passed with a unanimous vote in both the Alaska House and Senate on 5/11/04.  To summarize, this bill:  

  • elevates the weighing of domestic violence in the best  interest of the child factors
  • makes consideration of domestic violence a factor in temporary custody decisions, and not based just solely on equal and frequent contact
  • disallows the “friendly parent” provision where there is domestic violence/child abuse (it’s difficult for a victim or protective parent to really be “friendly” with someone that abuses you or your children)
  • institutes a rebuttable presumption that batterers will not get custody of children.

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