“Parental Alienation”: Used and Abused in our Nation’s Family Courts

Here’s a video from Fox News 25 in Boston that explains the use and misuse of “parental alienation” in our nation’s family courts.

Just a little bit of oversight and accountability is all that’s needed to separate the wheat from the chaff. So where’s the little bit of oversight and accountability? Thanks to Fox News 25. This is a start.

What is \”parental alienation\” and how is it used in family court to defend abusers?

3 thoughts on ““Parental Alienation”: Used and Abused in our Nation’s Family Courts

  1. Please look into Susan Olson, Hennepin County G.A.L. of 16 years, with almost no formal training for the bulk of her experience. This person graduated with a child advocacy degree at the undergraduate level only recently but has been diagnosing victims of domestic abuse as “high risks of parental alienation” and advocating for abusers and her own Parental Alienation Therapies. If you have been assigned this un-ethical G.A.L. Susan Olson, record every word you say to her, and every word she says to you. If you were abused by your ex, as I was, severely violated, then ask for an un-biased G.A.L. Susan Olson empowers abusers. BEWARE.

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