Judge Peter McBrien – Picket in Sacramento September 22, 2011

Dear Friends,


Sacramento Judge Peter McBrien once again refused a mother’s plea for supervised visits with a father who was a danger to his daughter and himself. Tragically, the father then shot the toddler twice, then turned the gun on himself in a murder suicide.
This preventable tragedy is just one of the many times Judge McBrien has endangered children. He has placed countless children with their identified sexual molesters and violent, alcoholic fathers. A decade ago, he plead down a felony for destroying ancient oaks on a nature preserve, thus earning his moniker of “Chainsaw McBrien”. He has been the subject of numerous complaints and a recall attempt, but he is well protected by the court. 
This last egregiously negligent decision has outraged the community.
We are meeting on Thursday September 22 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at 9th and H Streets, Sacramento, CA to picket and request that Presiding Judge Steve White remove Judge McBrien from any position that involves children. He has abysmal judgment regarding child safety.


Please join us. We will provide signs for the demonstration. Please wear a disguise if you fear judicial retaliation.


CA Protective Parents Association

2 thoughts on “Judge Peter McBrien – Picket in Sacramento September 22, 2011

  1. Peter McBrien has caused me and my children tremendous harm created fear of justice and legal system in me and has made mockery of judiciary .An impatient man who should never be and is not capable of holding such a responsible position .I knew 15 years ago that once you go to family law court ,the attorneys and judges will bankrupt you . They keep giving favorable orders to the vengeance party and that keep citizens in the courts .This judge or the court has absolutely no interest in the welfare of your children but is a gang of lawyers mediators and judges who refer to each other and get rich off of your work ,keep you in the courts for ever and victimize innocent children

  2. As a victim of Peter McBrien, I must warn everyone about his actions in handling cases in Sacramento Superior court. He has family members that are attorneys in which Peter McBrien and his staff refers potential clients to his family members on State Official Business. In addition, gross misconduct and favoritsm, bias, and dirty tatics are conducted by this Renegade Judge and Jennifer O’Biren (AKA Jennifer McCartney) whom recently handled my Family Law matter. Complaints for Judcial Council, California State Bar Association and California WhistleBlower are currently being prepared and will be submitted. In addition, these copies will be distributed to SNR, and Sacbee. If you have a case with this Judge or an opposing counsel related to this crocked Convicted Judge, file a change of venue immediately. More to come soon

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