Mandatory Reading for… Guardian ad Litem Certification?!

by Julia Fletcher

In a mandatory video for Guardian ad litem and Attorney for Minor Child training and certification in Connecticut, the woman playing the Guardian ignores the mother’s concerns about “child porn” on the father’s computer. The Guardian  expresses concern for a thirteen-year-old girl’s “sexting”, but doesn’t do anything to help protect any of the children involved. 

Other required materials for the training and certification include the document below. The state of Connecticut’s Office of Child Protection handling the training and certification doesn’t offer any explanation of what the document is. No stated learning objective is offered for the required reading of the document called, What Matters in Custody? A Primer.  

 Here’s an excerpt:

So, if one were to watch the required video and read that document, upon receiving one’s certification as a Guardian ad litem in Connecticut, one should know to NOT contact the FBI as soon as possible to report crimes against children such as “sexting” and/or “child porn” on a computer.


Apparently, someone in Connecticut’s Office of Child Protection (?!) decided that parents, under the threat of “sanctions”, will wait to report child endangerment and abuse to the authorities. At what point was that decided in Connecticut and who decided? Who decided to make the training video noted above, which instructs Connecticut’s Guardians ad litem to totally ignore disclosures of crimes against children?  

Please scroll down this page a little and look at the introductory quote on the title page of the essay. I’ll wait. 

Did you read what that quote says? What kind of individual would include such a vulgar quote as an introduction to an essay that describes families?

Why are Connecticut taxpayers paying Connecticut’s Office of Child Protection to distribute such a bizarre “custody primer”?

Clearly, Connecticut legislators must not be aware of these rules. Perhaps no one has had the time or the courage to tell the legislators there about the criminal quackery that has infiltrated Connecticut’s family courts. 

Maybe it would help if someone would write a post called “Whistle Blower Week”. It could include information about people like Retired Judge DeAnn SalcidoEmily Gallup and John Peragine.  Maybe then a few good people in Connecticut will step forward and say something. When a few courageous people speak up, many more usually follow.

I’m still looking forward to the results of the FBI investigation there. Maybe the FBI needs the information found in this post. I should probably tag it with words that will grab their attention: “bombs”,  “terrorists”, “Martha Stewart” (As referenced on page 9)  

There. That should do it.


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