Kenan, Joseph

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StopCourtCriminals at 1:11 PM February 27, 2011

Attorney General Kamala Harris actually campaigned on protecting child sexual abuse and trafficking victims (UNHEARD OF in a statewide campaign in CA), so yes, we have a HUGE opportunity with her office. People should contact the CA Attorney General’s office demanding an investigation into family court corruption.

The Center for Judicial Excellence, which led the recent effort to audit the Marin and Sacto County Family Courts, is working on a similar audit of Los Angeles now. The final report on the other 2 counties can be viewed at its website- it exposes a system that is accountable to no one. 


One thought on “Kenan, Joseph

  1. The El Dorado County Family Court is corrupt. My family has suffered through the system for years with corrupt judges, corrupt minors counsel corrupt and unqualified therapists. All tied in with corruption at the DA’s office, and the Placerville PD and El Dorado County Sherriffs. They are all tied in on the racketeering scheme that all stems from the court.

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