2 thoughts on “Maine Family Court

  1. I lost custody of my teens in the year 2014. The Maine family court judge even wrote within the judgment that our soon-to-be, 18 year-old son could be blocked from contact if our son’s dad saw it fitting to do so. Back-story, we divorced in 2006. I had residential custody and everything else was 50/50. Then, my former took me to court in 2009 to change custody: then ,again in 2013, I was served court papers by my former husband to strip me of all parental rights and decision making power– the loss of a visitation schedule was a *bonus* for my former husband. I was also court ordered to supply health insurance for both teens; court ordered to pay weekly child-support based on an income I never earned, and I was ordered by the trial judge to pay back support of nearly my entire income of 2011 because I had *potential* to earn more than I did: that potential was unproven and factitious.

    Our teens dad has been neglecting and abusing our teen daughter since 2010, but – despite physical proof- the court continues to keep her in his care. She is in therapy and has attended DBT programs but it seems insufficient to the fact that she is verbally, emotionally, and psychologically abused in her home of the last 5 years. I see her once in awhile but nearly enough to empower her or to build her confidence that was once there but now is non-existent.

    I feel the pain and relive the trauma of these events daily. Yet, I work 3 jobs and pay my support so that the court is not given any reason or justification to put me in jail.

    In 11 months, I will be set free for this prison that the Maine family court system has put our entire family in. Freedom, I am sure will feel amazing. The years of recovery for us all will be extensive however.

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