4 thoughts on “New Mexico Family Court

  1. Hi Justin,

    Please look to the right of this page to see the blogroll we call, “SALT OF THE EARTH & LIGHT OF THE WORLD”. You might find help or someone who knows of someone who can help in your state. Meanwhile, while we all wait for lasting solutions, it sometimes helps to find a good group of faith-filled people to spend time with and turn around the toughest situations when no social service or family court office can.


  2. I am looking for assistance and resources to addresss what the domestic violence and divorce industry are doing to families and society as a whole. The injustices I recently dealt with and am going to continue to deal with due to these industries is not just and any assistance in obtaining justice and preventing others from going through what I have and am going through would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Hospitals and most public facilities are audited and investigated on a regular basis to protect the public, but family courts and related offices are somehow exempt from audits and oversight.

    Siince most of us agree that there must be oversight and accountability in our family courts and related offices, let’s figure out who should provide the auditing and oversight services.

    When the question comes up about where we’ll find the money to pay for this process, most would agree that the process will quickly pay for itself and actually save state funds in the long run.

  4. Can we hire child support evaluator in New Mexico? I just want to make sure my grandchild is being taken care of. My son and my grand daughter stay in our home two weeks of every month. My son pays child support but not sure if the child support is being used for the baby.

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