Kansas Families and Courts Reach Breaking Point


One concerned citizen wrote a response to the article Kansas Courts Have Reached a Breaking Point in The Wichita Eagle: 

The title of this should read “Kansas Families Reach Breaking Point”.
Here in Sedgwick County there is no rule of law. The judges in Family and Juvenile Courts make their own law and they are breaking families emotionally and financially. There is no constitutional oversight by our courts. These judges do what they want when they want. They have no respect for federal or constitutional law – let alone our own state statutes.

If Supreme Court Justice Lawton Nuss wants to fix the budget problems he needs to look closely at Sedgwick County 18th District Courts. He needs to be looking to see if cases that linger on for years in family court could be resolved sooner. Look at the Juvenile Child In Need Of Care system to see if there are children who have been placed into state’s custody that shouldn’t be there.

Attorneys are to blame in the judicial process too. In many cases they cause a lot of the burden. It’s time do away with case managers who do nothing but make an opinion – isn’t that what we have judges for? To make an opinion?

The bottom line is that Sedgwick County Family and Juvenile Courts need to be reformed and they need oversight  to ensure the constitutional rights of children and families are protected in a judicial system that is fair and impartial.


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