On Behalf of Their Friends Who Have Suffered Injustice…

From the Coalition Against Legal Abuse in New York:

February 15, 2011

Multiple protesters were assaulted and had their placards destroyed today, by an enraged Steve (Shlomo) Zackheim, a man with a criminal background .

These people assembled on this blustery and bitter cold evening in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn NY on behalf of their friends who have suffered injustice. After putting their trust in Kings County liaison Hanna White, and disclosing critical details pertaining to their particular case, they were then betrayed in the worst way possible.

Youtube: Protest Against Henna White and OHEL 2-15-11

Accusations of Henna’s alleged illegal practices include gathering information from abuse victims under the pretense of providing them with referrals to services and assistance. It is alleged that her office has been double timing these victims. Allegedly, the knowledge that the victims are seeking to file an order of protection, then gets channeled to her attorney husband, Asher White, who advises the abusers “off the record”.

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There is supporting evidence that once the abuser is awarded an order of protection, they then have access to grant money so generously funded for “victims” of domestic violence. Legal fees are paid for brand name attorneys to help the abuser get custody of the children, while the real victims are further victimized using the “legal” system., created to protect them in the first place. Many counseling and foster care organizations are closely linked to Henna White’s office. They rely heavily on her referrals to fill their quota with every child that is entered into their umbrella organization for counseling, or foster care.

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