Spurwink Report Says One Thing, Maine DHHS Says Another… Maybe.

Here is a recording of a protective mother’s meeting with her lawyer and two representatives from DHHS Maine this past August.

In this recording, the mother asks those present to communicate honestly in order to discuss very specific issues about her daughter’s case. 

Mom says the Spurwink Clinic substantiated that her child was abused and that the clinic ruled out “coaching”.

The DHHS supervisor’s response?  He protects himself and defends his actions in this case. He talks about which words he used to decribe “coaching”.

Mom says she’s not talking about which words were used to describe coaching. She says the reports say the abuse was substantiated. 

The DHHS supervisor says mom is difficult to communicate with. Hmmm. The state of Maine is not protecting this mother’s child and this mother is suppposed to be more polite?

Getting back to the point, the following report is the report in question.  The specific paragraph in question is on page 8.

That one paragraph was discussed for a total of about 25 minutes during the above meeting.  The paragraph on page 8 takes about a minute to read. It’s easy to understand. 

So, page eight. Eight is one less than nine. Another way to say “eight” it would be “One more than seven”. Shall we discuss that or just continue? By the way, I once had an English teacher who would say, “Let’s move on.” instead of, “Let’s continue.” because “Let’s continue.” would mean we’re doing more of the same and what we’re actually doing is moving on to another subject.

Is that last paragraph a waste of time? What difference will a few more minutes make when two years have past since Maine DHHS and the family court in Maine ignored the Spurwink Report?


Did a DHHS worker in Maine lie to this mother?

Did a worker in the Maine DHHS office say that office had “secret information” about the case and, as a result, decided there was no abuse?

There apparently was no “secret information”. And that DHHS worker was apparently fired.

At 17:00, you can hear discussion of the DHHS’s interpretation of The Spurwink Clinic’s reports.

Two years have past since those reports were written. If the Maine DHHS offce is still looking for a clarification of the meaning of that paragraph in The Spurwink Clinic’s report, here it is:


Update: The noted documents and recordings above are no longer available. A judge’s gag order is currently preventing the public from seeing clear evidence of the State of Maine’s obvious mishandling of  this child’s case. 

2 thoughts on “Spurwink Report Says One Thing, Maine DHHS Says Another… Maybe.

  1. The recordings were taken off the site after the judge in that case issued a gag order, refusing to allow the mother to tell the public what was happening.

    The evidence of mishandling of the case is still available for law enforcement offices wanting to investigate the corruption in the case.

    I hope that investigation is already happening.

    – Julia

  2. I couldn’t listen to the recordings. It say “not Found”. This isn’t the first or only time DHHS has lied and probably isn’t the only time being recorded..Where is everyone with a Civil Suit alredy

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