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Ledger Independent | Posted: Wednesday, September 8, 2010 9:15 pm

Fleming County Hospital Chief Executive Officer Davie Lloyd appeared in court Tuesday in Lewis and Clark County, Montana, for a hearing in the custody case involving her 10-year-old daughter.


As she left the custody hearing, Lloyd was arrested on an outstanding warrant for “parenting interference,” said Monica Hill, attorney for Brett Lloyd, Davie Lloyd’s ex-husband. She posted 10 percent of a $90,000 bond.


Davie Lloyd was arrested Aug. 20 in Kentucky for being a “fugitive from another state” because of the outstanding Montana warrant.


Davie Lloyd said previously she refused to send the child to her father for a visit in the summer of 2009 because of fears he would not return the child. Davie Lloyd has maintained she acted as a concerned mother in refusing to send the child to Montana.


With her arrest Tuesday, the Kentucky extradition case is resolved, but the criminal case in Montana will proceed.


A spokesperson with the Lewis and Clark County Justice Court said the court’s procedure for felony cases is to have a preliminary hearing which will determine if the case should be referred to district court. Davie Lloyd is scheduled for a preliminary hearing for the criminal case Sept. 17.


According to a statement issued from Davie Lloyd’s attorney Jeff Schumacher, the judge in the custody case, Dorothy McCarter requested the prosecutor for the criminal case to pull the criminal warrant but the prosecutor refused.


“The Montana attorney for Ms. Lloyd is working to resolve that case and believes that common sense will prevail, and ultimately this couple will have a workable visitation schedule that takes into consideration the distance between their respective homes,” the statement said.


Hill said her client has nothing to do with the criminal case and how it proceeds.


The custody hearing was scheduled to resolve an issue with jurisdiction for the case. A motion to establish jurisdiction in Kentucky for the custody case was filed in Fleming County Circuit Court. However, Hill said Fleming County Circuit Court Judge Stockton Wood consulted with McCarter and determined a hearing should occur in Montana.


McCarter has taken the case under advisement. No date has been set for a decision.


A joint statement from Schumacher and Delores Baker, also an attorney for Davie Lloyd, indicated that although Davie Lloyd held a news conference concerning the custody matter and related criminal charge when the Kentucky warrant was first served, it was only to correct any incorrect information Brett Lloyd was circulating.


“She will not be commenting any further in regards to what is truly just a private family matter concerning visitation,” according to the statement. “She appreciates the outpouring of support from her friends, coworkers and others who have been through very similar situations when dealing with divorce issues.”


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10 thoughts on “Montana Family Court

  1. Flathead Family Court Services has helped my ex husband harass me and do the exact opposite of having my children’s best interest in mind!! She has helped him manipulate the Flathead Court system in fighting me to protect my children since 2005. He is a convicted child molester and now they forced my 14 year old son to reside with him in Troy Montana against my son’s wishes. I know this article was written some time ago, I’m just wondering if anyone has current information on any cases against them. I will go to the Montana Supreme court if I have to.

    Please help!

  2. JF, in Flathead County, knew my child had been abused and sexually assalted in her father’s home. JF then gave my child’s father permission to kidnap her in order to avoid investgaion by CPS and the police. JF then told the judge that I abandoned my child. She continued to lie for nearly ten years.

    My child was then beaten so severely by her dad, that he was charged with two felonies.

    JF took his side, stating he is real sorry and won’t do it again. At the time, he had just been released from a ten year probation for another felony assault.

    At our custody hearing, FCS told the court my child was a liar and that the court shouldn’t belive her. FCS told the court she wanted to live with me because I let her run wild. FCS falsely reported all accusations the father made, yet refused to report all the provable things he did.

    I too am pursuing a lawsuit against FCS and Flathead County. I would love to network and work with any other parents in this situation.

    We must stand together to change this good ol’ boy procedures FCS follows so no other children are handed over to predators.

  3. Reply to FCS and Courts in the Flathead: I completely agree. At my divorce trial last year, Jolie Fish testified that I should quit fighting for my child. What kind of person tells a mother (or father) to quit fighting??? We do need to stand together and expose this corrupt system. Unfortunately, most people in the Flathead are afraid of standing up to Jolie Fish because they are scared of losing their children. Before you enter FCS, you are warned to not speak up, to not argue, to not show emotion and give Jolie and her staff as many compliments as possible. What kind of system is this? My hope for the future is that we can form a group for those parents who have been wronged by FCS.

  4. I agree the FCS and courts are currupt in the Flathead. me and my 4 sons were able to get out of a horribly abusive marriage and now the abuser has the boys. I have never even had a speeding ticket i dont understand how the live of our innocent children can be put in the hands of the Jolie Fishs of the world. They all make up the same crap that the mother is alienating the children from the father, that its important to be with the father that makes more money, That the mother is too emotional while the abusive one sits there calm and arrogant. I refuse to give up for my childrens safety. God gave me them its my job to protect them. If anyone out there feels the same way wheather your a mother a father, gay or straight please email me. Together we make a bigger difference.

    Editor’s note: If you would like to connect with other protective mothers and advocates in your state, feel free to post a request here, however, please do not include names, email addresses or other personal information. You can post information about meeting at a public place – such as your local library on a certain date. Or, you can also find other protective parents and advocates by starting an anonymous Facebook or Meetup page in order to find others. Please reach out with caution when you do have the courage to reach out – especially if you have an open custody case in which you are being punished for speaking up to protect your children.

  5. Tom,

    I have the Policy and Procedures Overview booklet and it says:

    “Information from your file at Family Court cannot be released to or reviewed by anyone except to the DHHS CPS or a professional doing an evaluation of you or the other parent. Once information is placed in the file we cannot give it to you without a subpoena signed by the presiding Judge and if we receive a signed subpoena, the information will be copied for a fee and given to the attorneys.”

    I had the same problem with them not responding to me…phone calls or email. I requested an appointment with them probably 5 different times and I didn’t get a response. Then after our court date last year, FCS said they didn’t want to be part of the case because it was too complicated. So here we sit…one year later and the judge still hasn’t made a ruling. I’ll try to post the booklet here for everyone and hope this helps.

  6. To: Mother with a child 7 days. Do you still have the Flathead FCS “client Handbook” explaining what they do and don’t do? I am putting together a federal case against them, and as you said, I can’t get them to give me one iota of Info from my file, and I’m out of state. They’re corrupt, and actually criminal In a lot of their actions.
    I need a copy of the client handbook for several reasons, number 1 being i know it said I am entitled to copies of everything In my file, but they won’t answer my Inquiries. Please help If you can. Thanks

  7. Family Court Services in Flathead County, Montana is very corrupt. It does not matter what the facts are, whomever they like, is who your child will end up with. They claim they do what is in “the best interest of the child”…what a crock. I have got to see my son 7 days a month for the past year and a half and FCS has not checked to see how he is doing one time. We lived in two different towns (15 miles away)!!! and they decided my son should live with his father most of the time. So…I moved to the same town as his father, now FCS refuses to discuss the case; wrote a letter to the judge stating the case is too complicated. They even testified in court that I should get more time with my son but now are a bunch of cowards. There are so many inconsistencies with the system it is pitiful. Everybody from the lawyers, counselors, mediators, people who have went thru the system know the person in charge is awful and corrupt but nobody has the guts to do anything about it. The judges are so lazy they can’t even make a ruling from the bench; it takes months and some times years to get a ruling. And they all say it’s in the “best interest of the child”… my ass it is…its all about ego, power and money. This is only a little snippet of what has gone on in my case. I could write a book. My heart goes out to others mothers in this same situation and I know many of you have it worse than me. Any child needs their mother…people are sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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