Who Else Hid in Cellars, Walls and Attics?

Who else hid in cellars, walls and attics?

Who travelled on underground railroads, looking over their shoulders? 

History tells us that people who hide usually have a good reason. 

During the Holocaust, the Jewish people – not the Nazi soldiers – ran and hid to protect themselves and their families. In America, it was the slaves, not the slave owners, who ran and hid.

What does it feel like to need to run and hide?  

Deciding what to take and what to leave behind… Leaving behind special belongings, a lifetime of memories, neighbors,  friends, community and plans for the future… And what about medical care for themselves and their children?

What good doctor treats patients without proper documentation?

How does one find a job without proper identification?

And what about getting caught? What would happen to the children and how long is the jail time? 

It’s difficult enough to raise children without being “on the run”.

Those who are “on the run” with young children probably have a good reason.     


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