How to Uncover A National Scandal


How to Uncover A National Scandal 


by Julia Fletcher

January 27, 2011 

 Dear friends,
Once the mainstream media investigates and reports this scandal the way that it should, court reform will come quickly, our children will be protected and many lives will be saved.
The following video might be difficult to watch. The subject matter might make some squirm. That’s the reason we’re still facing this issue now, in 2011.
Even though it’s too uncomfortable to think about, too overwhelming and too complicated, please help anyway. With the internet, all it takes is one click on a mousepad to help increase the general public’s awareness of this national scandal.
Tweet articles on Twitter, share comments on Facebook, send emails to your state and federal representatives.
If you have more than a few minutes to spare, please get in touch with the wonderful groups already working to fix this and volunteer your time or other resources.  
We’ve now got a kind of momentum going that we haven’t seen since this scandal first began in the 1970s. Many are saying that it seems like we’ve reached a “critical mass” and this scandal is about to be exposed in a big way. Please do all you can do to make it happen as soon as possible. The children of America are waiting. 
Thank you!
Small Justice, an award-winning, independent documentary, exposes a lurking national scandal.
Contrary to everything you might think, everything that makes sense, men who beat their wives, sexually abuse their children, and then ask the court for custody, usually get it. It is so counterintuitive,
most people simply do not believe it is possible for a judge to hand over custody of children
to men who beat their wives and sexually abuse their children.
But it is something that happens every day in America, in every state, because the system is broken.