A Very Strong and Clear Signal

Wonderful news of progress from Safe Kids International:

European Parliament Votes 20 to 1 to Approve Working Document with Recommendations to Help Stop Court Licensed Abuse!

“The Working Document indicates that the Danish Parental Responsibility Act . . . sometimes creates perverse effects . . . whereby mothers risk being imprisoned for protecting their child from abusive fathers and abusive fathers obtain contact and even full custody rights to the children they abuse.”

Angelika Werthmann (Chair of the delegation) commented: 

“The result of today’s vote is a very strong and clear signal . . . It can by no means be accepted that the youngest citizens’ fundamental rights are not being respected.”


This discussion is in English, body language is universal. . .


Whether Today’s Christmas Day or Not

From Safe Kids International:

“Millions of children have been ordered into the custody of their abusers
by Family Court judges all over the world.
Children are being battered, molested, raped, and even murdered
as a result of judges dismissing and concealing evidence of abuse.

Child assault cases are not being investigated or adjudicated properly.
Substandard investigations and adjudications are routine in family courts
where biased and corrupt judges are violating due process rights.

Protective parents are threatened with loss of custody and visitation
if they do not cooperate with unsupervised visitation to the abuser
and agree to remain silent about the abuse.

Children are being taken away from their protective parents.
Mothers are routinely accused of alienating and coaching their children to report abuse
despite solid research showing false allegations are extremely rare
and intrafamilial abuse is common.

20-25% of children are sexually assaulted.
Most of these assaults are committed by fathers, step-fathers and other family members.
Many end up in family courts mislabeled ‘high conflict custody cases’.

Most family molesters also assault children outside the home
so all children are at risk.”

Whether today’s Christmas Day or not.

Demonstration at San Fernando Court

by Julia Fletcher

Here’s a sign that says it all. 

Family courts demand friendly parenting. No matter what. Or else. 

One hundred years from now, we’ll look back on the barbaric practices of family courts today and wonder how batterers and abusers won child custody in the majority of child abuse cases in family courts for so long.

Demonstration at The San Fernando Court House

From Safe Kids International

Angelina reported her father’s sexual abuse and the family court judge did the usual thing: punished Angelina’s protective mom and gave legal custody of Angelina to the father. Then the judge wrote an order prohibiting Angelina’s mother from petitioning the court for the next five years.

“Jillian lost her daughter permanently for the next five years.” Angelina’s grandmother said.  

“Not allowed to file court papers. Judge wrote a permanent order. Angelina is denied her mother, siblings and step-father who she lived with for seven years. She continues to state every supervised visitation that she just wants to come home. We all should help her get her wish.”

Come and join the demonstration for Angelina and all Kids Lost in the System on Monday, November 19th from 11:00 – 2:00 in front of the San Fernando Court House in San Fernando, California.
Our entire community must speak to let the family courts know that we will no longer allow family court judges to take children from protective parents.  Safe Kids International’s mission is to unite everyone who wants to stop family courts from giving custody of children to abusers.

FOX News L.A. is shining the light on the crisis in the family courts and will cover this event. If you are a protective parent,  friend, relative or advocate and would like to share your story, please join us.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

For more information, go to the Facebook event page.

Thank you.