Say It Ain’t So

This chart names names.  It’s been online for years, yet no one in a fancy suit has stepped forward to say to cameras on the evening news, “The racketeering never happened. It’s not happening today and here’s the lawsuit for all the liable and slander.” 

Photo: The Liz Library

Exhausted parents, dragged in and out of family courts have seen charts like this. Family court reform advocates have seen these charts and so have legislators.

Some employees of mainstream media outlets have seen charts like this too. So why aren’t they investigating and reporting it? Rogue judges, dumb court orders, crazy court orders and fatal court orders have already been on the evening news. Where are the reports about the alleged racketeering upon which many of our nation’s family courts were allegedly established? 

If any news room executives out there are afraid of lawyers filing lawsuits in response to this kind of information, they can rest assured that no such lawsuits have ever been filed – and that total absence of lawsuits can only mean this: The information is true. 

If the information is true, what’s preventing legislators from doing something about it? The answer to that question is probably in the chart above.