Effectively addressing bad behavior in New Jersey family court: Attorney required


It is possible to address bad behavior in our family courts with help… and it looks like help from an attorney from an advisory committee on judicial conduct is a good place to start!

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LYNDA COHEN Staff Writer 

Posted: Saturday, September 4, 2010

 An Atlantic County Superior Court judge has apologized for his conduct in a Family Court case that now has him facing ethics charges.

Judge Max Baker was charged last month with screaming at Dana Pilla during a temporary custody hearing in December, and threatening to jail her if she did not comply with his order. He faces a possible hearing before the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct.

In his response, Baker denies he screamed at Pilla or called her a bad parent, but “acknowledges that his words could have been so interpreted.” He says he was trying to get her to understand the detrimental nature of denying the child’s father access.

He “has sincerely apologized to Dana Pilla in writing, acknowledging that the manner in which he spoke to her and the words he utilized were wrong and were embarrassing to him,” Baker’s attorney, Mark Biel, wrote in his reply. The apology “represents the unconditional recognition of inappropriateness of his behavior.”

But Baker denies anything he did prejudiced the case and says his actions were only a result “of his desire to do justice to children,” Biel wrote.

Candace Moody, counsel for the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, claimed in her filing that Baker violated three canons of the Code of Judicial Conduct, including one requiring “judges to be patient, dignified and courteous to all those with whom they deal in an official capacity.”

Baker’s conduct did not rise to that level, the response states.

The “remarks to Mrs. Pilla demonstrated an inappropriate level of patience and courtesy, all of which was unintentional,” Biel wrote. “It is denied that his remarks were insulting.”

Baker left Family Court in June and is now assigned to the Criminal Division in Mays Landing. Assignment Judge Valerie Armstrong confirmed last month that the transfer was at Baker’s request and predates the ethics allegations.

For the purpose of clarifying the situation of the Spanish minor…

By Julia Fletcher 

Why haven’t we seen this case saturating the morning and evening news?

 We must do our part to help by re-posting this letter. Please click on the following link for the original post:


  David Nordlund, wrong again 

  Letter that had to be sent to David Nordlund by burofax


Consular Agency of the United States of America in Valencia

Dear Mr. David Nordlund, 

For the purpose of clarifying the situation of the Spanish minor, Victoria Solenne Innes Carrascosa, as she in the United States is registered as missing , and therefore wanted, and as she in the future will have the possibility of choosing her nationality both concerning the Spanish and US nationalities, although from her birth and to date she has been using the Spanish nationality, the only currently in force, and resides as you have yourself been able to verify presenting yourself in our home on the 9th of July in the last year, 2009, we contact you to ask you, please, for a copy of the report which you told us that you yourself would issue after your visit, to the US authorities; this being of vital importance due to the conflict of jurisdictions existing in this case between both countries. Likewise, if you at any moment would like to visit our family again, advise you that this should be done accompanied by Spanish authorities, and that of course you would be very welcome as long as you provide a copy of the mentioned report as well as any future reports which might be made after the solicited visits.  

We beg you to please understand our situation as well as that of the minor herself, as she is now 10 years old and soon will start navigating on internet as her schoolmates already have been doing for some time. Our family begs you humbly to please mediate to inform to the private centers for missing children in the US notifying that you yourself have verified where Victoria Solenne Innes Carrascosa is to be found and that they please do not infringe the laws of other countries such as the “violation of the rights of minors”, to not show and distribute images of a minor and much less when the whole world knows where she is, including the father who is the one who has registered her as missing although he recently sent a letter knowing perfectly well where she is living. The details of the centers where the minor appears as missing, so that you could please contact them are: 


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Charles B. Wang International Children’s Building
699 Prince Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3175
The United States of America 


Phone: 703-274-3900
Fax: 703-274-2200
24-hour Hotline: 001-800-843-5678 


The responsible for these matters in this center for missing persons is named Elena Corona; please, we ask you to contact this lady and to explain to her the issue so that she might also ask the other private centers for missing persons where the issue is spread to that they withdraw it. Permit us to advise that this is inconceivable, even more while it is the Valencian Mayoralty itself who has the guardianship and the Carrascosa family are the caregivers of the minor. 



1.- http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PubCaseSearchServlet?act=viewChildDetail&caseNum=1085129&orgPrefix=NCMC&seqNum=1&caseLang=en_US&searchLang=en_US 


2.- http://www.forthelost.org/family/vinnes.html 


3.- http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/i/innes_victoria.html 


 4.- http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PubCaseSearchServlet?act=viewChildDetail&caseNum=1085129&orgPrefix=NCMC&seqNum=1&caseLang=en_US&searchLang=en_US 


Please withdraw all this, it is harmful to the child. 


Carefully, in Valencia for May 3, 2010 


Victoria Carrascosa Peñalver
Carrascosa family