Investigative writer, producer, hero … target ?

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From Tribute to Martin Burns, Creator of “Children Lost in the System” :

Martin Burns, investigative journalist and producer, videographer, photographer, artist, family man and outdoorsman passed away Sunday in a tragic hiking accident.

Martin was the first investigative journalist/producer to cover in depth the issue of family courts giving custody of children to abusers, i.e. Court Licensed Abuse.

His coverage began a year ago with Damon’s story. On Labor Day weekend he took the time to drive a long way and interview a boy who was in hiding because Family Court had given full custody to his abusive father. Martin had agreed to maintain secrecy about Damon’s whereabouts. 

Martin Burns, FOX LA producer, investigates Ruby Dillon’s family court case.

Martin became passionate about covering this issue. He worked with Safe Kids International on many stories. He was very thorough, did a lot of research and got all the facts and evidence before deciding to do a story. 

Among others, at the time of his death he was working on Ruby Dillon’s case in Orange County, California, which involves a massive cover up of abuse and a little girl, Lexi, who was placed with her molester. 

When Martin was told there may be powerful people who would want to silence him, he laughed and said, “Nobody can silence me.” 

And, indeed, even in death Martin cannot be silenced. His work lives on as a testament to a brave and creative mind and soul bent on exposing the truth and protecting kids. 

Thank you so much for all you have done for our kids and our cause. We will greatly miss you, Martin.


Fox News L.A. Tribute to Martin:

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