December 15th: No Representation, No Evidence, No Witnesses Allowed?

by Julia Fletcher

Let’s give the judge in this case the benefit of the doubt.

Is he saying “all evidence of child abuse neglect or misconduct” will not be allowed at this trial as stated in his order?

If you look at the memorandum following his order, you can see a clarification that “unsubstantiated allegations” are not allowed as evidence.

Okay. That’s reasonable. But why would any judge need to clarify, with an order, that “unsubstantiated allegations” are not admissible evidence? Isn’t that what objections are for? If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s this:

The cottage industry that some have built around our family courts is one industry we won’t miss.

See Carver County Corruption for more information about this case.

Caroline Rice on Trial Today for “Aiding and Abetting”

by Julia Fletcher
Does anyone know of any good investigative reporters who might be willing and able to look into this case and publish what they find?
Please share this with friends in and around Minnesota today. Thank you.
“Wednesday, December 14th Caroline Rice is on trial for aiding and abetting a minor, A. Rice, her 13 year old daughter. There is a 45 minute DVD of Carole Cole (unlicensed CPS worker) interrogating and badgering …A. Rice into making false claims about her mother and why she ran away – of which A. Rice (who is used to the abuse from Carver County) never allowed Carole Cole to force her into any such false claims.
This DVD exonerates Caroline Rice of all charges. Judge Richard Perkins berated Caroline Rice for entering the DVD into evidence.
Perkins also appointed a public defender, Steve Walburg. Perkins stated on the record that he wanted to `speak` to Steve Walburg personally before he represents Caroline Rice. Steve Walburg has not been representing his client at all, Steve Walburg is only there to represent the courts, he has made that very obvious in emails and treatment of Caroline Rice.
This is typical in these rigged cases.Carver County court held Caroline Rice for 53 days because her daughter ran away and desperately wanted to find and see her own mother. Bail for Caroline Rice was set at $15,000 – this is an insane amount for the charge she was being held on.
Bail was paid by a kind older man wanting to help Caroline and her kids. When the man stood in court and offered to bail Caroline out of jail the courts tried talking him out of it right in the courtroom, calling Caroline a `criminal` and asking why he wanted to help. The man refused to be talked out of the decision and insisted on bailing Caroline out. The county made it near impossible for the man to make her bail, upping her bail $700 and taking 8 hours to process the payment and release Caroline. This kind man will lose his savings if the courts refuse to drop the charges, as they should be dropped.

A. Rice and her brother (two youngest Rice children) are still living with their father. Caroline has not had contact with the two kids in over three years – other than when A. Rice ran to her mother last year.

Trial Wed, December 14th, 2011 at 8:30 am. We will keep you updated as to what Judge Perkins does and rules during the proceedings. Legally, all charges should be dropped against Caroline Rice. But we know this Judge does not abide by law – in any way shape or form.”

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What Exactly Happened in Caroline’s Children’s Case?

by Julia Fletcher

Is it the same thing that happened in Holly’s children’s case?

And in Linda Marie’s children’s case? And in Wendy’s children’s case and in Terry’s case?

Is it the same thing that happened when Karen went to family court to try to protect her children? Did the same thing happen to Katie, Amy, Genia, Lisa, Danielle, Pamela, Nancy, Lorraine, Annie, Claudine, Janice, Maria, Karen, Faith, Heather, Kathy Lee, Cara, Marlene, Rachel, Suzanne, Amanda, Renee, Cindy, Anne, Susan…

Any investigative journalists out there ready to get their feet wet?

[Update April 28, 2012: FOUR  investigative journalists are now investigating.]

 … and what about Lea, Jeanne, Mia, Gail, June, Elizabeth, Chris, Kim, Sunny, Susan, Sandra, Leslie, Bree, Wilma, Lisa, Cheryl, Bonnie, Judyth, Lea, Lori, Mary, Kathryn, Tina, Nicolette, Martine, Elena, Donna, Kimberly, Kelley, Marla, Mary Jo, Terri, Elizabeth, Alicia, Tiffini, Jennifer Shannon, Ali, Connie, Jan, Maureen, Carol, Leah,  Fiona …

Stay strong ladies. We’re almost at the mountaintop!

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