Good ol’ Boys vs. Good News

by Julia Fletcher

Those who keep secrets have silenced us and we’ve allowed it to happen. Secret organizations of a few people in each office, a few hundred people in each state, a few thousand in each country, and who knows how many thousand around the world, rule the rest of us. Decisions are made behind closed doors and we live like it will always be this way.

Some find some of this – or all of this – too much to think about. Some lose jobs for blowing the whistle. Those who can prepare for upcoming holidays prepare. We look forward to next week’s meeting, or next week’s game or whatever’s happening soon and most of us think, “Someone somewhere will make the world better. Make it safer. Make it a happier for everyone. I’m busy right now. Tired too. Tired from being so busy.” 

I used to do that. Spinning my wheels all the time, until my world stopped spinning.

My attorney approached me in the hallway a few minutes earlier, just as he did a few weeks earlier right before another hearing to tell me, “If you don’t give me another $5,000, I’ll withdraw from the case today. Before the hearing starts, as soon as we walk in there, I’m withdrawing from the case unless you give me the money.”

He was my attorney. Attorneys get paid. My daughter’s life was in danger and I wrote the check. I didn’t think of it as extortion at the time. Now I know. It was extortion. 

He and I walked into the small room to speak with my daughter’s Guardian ad litem. Someone closed the door and we sat down at the table. They both knew what happened. They knew my daughter’s father was dangerous. Everyone was afraid of him. They should have said was something like, “Don’t worry. This court will protect your daughter.” Instead, they mentioned the motions scheduled that day. They told me what time the hearing would begin, then, turning to each other, they acted as though they had planned a practical joke.

One said something like, “This child is in danger and no one can stop the worst from happening, right?” The other laughed. They laughed with each other and they laughed at me. They clearly enjoyed the sudden chill in the room. It took a few seconds for me to realize this was their game. I was their prey. They were dangling my daughter’s life in front of me.

Shocked, I didn’t respond for a second or two. Then I acted like I didn’t see what they had just done. I continued to pretend to not notice what had just happened and I lobbed the ball back into their court. They ignored my ignoring them and the conversation continued with nothing of substance said or done. We all walked out of the room and we all walked into the courtroom. From that point on, dissociation took hold. My ignorance had been pierced by the reality I then began to drift through. Crying and drifting with every wind so many others blew after that.

Mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles in these cases all feel pretty much the same. Exhausted after the first few days of many years to follow, we sleep when we can sleep. Our deepest sleep is our only refuge. After a while, if we’re strong enough, we become our own F.B.I. We start to look for who, what, when and where.

We know the answers to most of the questions about our cases because the same kinds of people follow the same kinds of patterns in the same kinds of cases all over the country.

Here’s some good news: Hard evidence of corruption is so easily found these days. Everything anyone wants to know about anything is online and, as a result, the obliteration of all kinds of corruption is now possible.

The only question that still needs answering is this: “Who allows the corruption to continue?”

Is it the owners/members of the private corporation that established family courts? Do they have a monopoly on the scope, methods and hoarding of most profits made in child custody cases?

Documentaries like the following seem to be everywhere online nowadays. Did Dianne Reidy, our House stenographer speak about what’s really happening in government?

Family court corruption has been around for more than three decades. Why so long? Are the authorities part of the good-ol’ boy network? Do those in authority allow the corruption as part of some secret Masonic conspiracy to ruin children and families, destroy everyone’s morals and get everyone to worship lucifer? (Seriously. Don’t laugh. A guy who looks like Uncle Fester and called himself “The Beast” wore a triangle hat and is in all these documentaries.)

Is the problem caused by a few thousand state and federal officials who happen to have sociopathic tendencies? Maybe they’ve reached the top by stepping on others on the way there. Maybe they pit everyone who is below them against each other to maintain control.

Maybe it’s simply a lack of oversight … or, maybe we have enough oversight and now we need more follow through.

Maybe it’s all of that.

Here’s good news that’s old news: We don’t need to look for who allows the corruption to continue. We already know who allows it. It’s been said throughout history in many ways by many people: Corruption happens wherever no one stops it. Sooner or later, the corruption will stop. It will happen everywhere in different ways and it will happen.

Every family court judge in every family court will promise every child a safe and happy not-for-profit childhood. It will happen. How soon depends on those who make it happen. If it turns out that Dianne Reidy was right, we absolutely have to make every October 16th  “Dianne Reidy Day”. She’s earned it.

Update March 15, 2014:

Lakota Child Rescue Project

“Something is going on. Something that shocks
the conscience is happening …” Chase Iron Eyes

From The Lakota Child Rescue Project:

One afternoon in 2008, Janice Howe—a Dakota Indian—waited at the bus stop for her grandchildren to come home from school. They never arrived.

Earlier that day, a social worker had taken Janice’s grandchildren. They were driven to a white foster facility hundreds of miles away. The reason stated in the case file: a “rumor” that Janice’s daughter, Erin Yellow Robe, had been using drugs. She hadn’t. To this day, Janice’s daughter hasn’t been charged or arrested for drugs—or anything else.

For the next year and a half, Janice fought to get her grandchildren back. She called the state’s director of social services. She wrote letters to the governor. Finally, she convinced her tribal council to threaten the state with kidnapping. A few weeks later, her grandchildren were returned…on a “trial basis.”

Since 2005 the Lakota People’s Law Project has been working with hundreds of families who share Janice’s story. But they haven’t all been so lucky. Over the past decade, the state of South Dakota has removed more than 5,000 Native American children from their homes … continue reading …


Gardner’s Spain

Computer translation Spanish to English from:

La Justicia Española Frente Al Abuso Sexual Infantil En El Entorno Familiar. Save the Children, 2012. 


An analysis of cases in the light of international human rights standards


The research is conducted to achieve the following objectives:

• Assess whether the judicial protection of the right of children to be protected from sexual abuse is being carried out in a manner that meets their interest, without hurting or re-victimizing them.

• Analyze whether or not the principle of “best interests of the child” is handled in these judicial proceedings, who defends ( in fact ) during the process and what court proceedings in each case contradict its realization.

• Assess the performance of the prosecution in driving judicial procedures and research.

• Identify the legal difficulties, procedural and expert ( technical ) for the full and effective exercise of the rights of children victims of abuse sexual seeking protection and justice, with special attention to the specific barriers that affect children in early childhood.

The research seeks to answer fundamental questions about the concern for various weaknesses in the judicial response to several cases of alleged sexual abuse of children in their early childhood. The research questions were as follows:

What are the main obstacles that hinder, once a possible case of child sexual abuse is detected, the alleged victim to obtain adequate protection? Are there obstacles added when the alleged perpetrator is the father? Are major obstacles because of the young age of the child or the children?

Are there different interpretations of the “best interests of the child”? What factors underlie the differences?

How is other evidence handled, especially the witness of the alleged victims in these cases? What are the main sources of victimization of girls and child victims of sexual abuse during the judicial processes?

What is the performance of the prosecution in the documented cases in terms of momentum of the process and ensuring diligence in court investigation of alleged sexual abuse?

Regarding the judicial assessment of the evidence, to what extent are children’s versions of the facts weighted?

What are the main arguments behind doubts about the credibility of the testimony of the children?

What impact on value judgments and behaviors of the progenitors does the assessment of allegations of ‘parental alienation syndrome’ (or paternal / maternal manipulation) have?

What effects can the failure to investigate sexual abuse have on the exercise of the rights of affected children?”

A Very Strong and Clear Signal

Wonderful news of progress from Safe Kids International:

European Parliament Votes 20 to 1 to Approve Working Document with Recommendations to Help Stop Court Licensed Abuse!

“The Working Document indicates that the Danish Parental Responsibility Act . . . sometimes creates perverse effects . . . whereby mothers risk being imprisoned for protecting their child from abusive fathers and abusive fathers obtain contact and even full custody rights to the children they abuse.”

Angelika Werthmann (Chair of the delegation) commented: 

“The result of today’s vote is a very strong and clear signal . . . It can by no means be accepted that the youngest citizens’ fundamental rights are not being respected.”


This discussion is in English, body language is universal. . .


“… the leading country in the world …”

From Mothers of Lost Children:

Congressional Briefing October 2, 2013 (Part One)

Congressional Briefing October 2, 2013 (Part Two)  (Part Three)  (Part Four)

Kinsey’s Family Court #Shutdown

Morris Ernst ACLU Kinsey

by Julia Fletcher

What does the family court crisis have to do with our reputation in half the world as “Infidels!”?

Dr. Judith Reisman knows.

She’s been researching this and speaking up about it for years. Here she is speaking about it in January of this year at Liberty University. Fourteen years ago, in an article published in the World Net Daily she wrote:

“According to PAS theory, if a parent (usually mom) accuses the other (usually dad) of sexual abuse, this “turns the child against the father,” hence, mom’s “influence over the child should be halted.” That is, even when the accused is a convicted sex offender, mom has lost custody and visitation rights.

The theory, based on Gardner’s observations during child custody disputes, largely discredits incest charges.

PAS was invented by Richard A. Gardner. Gardner is a Columbia University clinical professor of child psychiatry and he defends his theory in his 749 pages of “True and False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse” (1992).

Inevitably, Gardner’s sole experimental authority for this PAS theory is Alfred C. Kinsey. In fact, Gardner largely plagiarizes Chapters 5 in Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Female (1953) to show child molestation is normal.”

Now that it’s October 2013, we’ve come so far as to be in our current state of a “partial government shutdown”. Congress can’t agree on a budget or how much money to borrow or how much interest to pay. They can’t agree on healthcare and state parks are closed too.

People are tweeting things like: #Democratshutdown! and #Republicanshutdown! Each side calls the other “extremist” and both sides agree that “extremists” are the problem.

The same goes for family court reform advocates.  Insults and accusations fly among advocates as often as they fly in Congress. We all know who the “extremists” are and we know who to blame for the lack of investigations, zero oversight and and near zero family court reform. 

As long as everyone who watches this video agrees that extremists are the problem, the family court crisis will be appropriately addressed and we might not have to deal with “terror threats” from those who call us “Infidels!” anymore.

Real extremists who cause real problems are easy to spot – especially those who openly associate with Nazis and demons.   

Eliminating Legal Protections for Women & Children

“Prior to the adoption of the American Law Institute’’s Model Penal Code by the states, men who raped and preyed on children were deemed criminals, not simply ““actors”” as they are today. Abused and violated women and children were victims, not ‘complainants.”’  Justice was meted out by a jury of one’’s peers, not by social science “’experts”’ and predators received penalties, not legal protections.”     Dr. Linda Jeffery


Professional Ideals for Ohio Lawyers and Judges

“Professional Ideals for Ohio Lawyers and Judges”

September 24, 2013 at 9:00 A.M. 

Courtroom #2

8th District Court of Appeals 
One Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland Oh 44113

CLEVELAND, OHIO – The 8th District Court of Appeals will hear a request  to vacate Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court Judge Judith Nicely’ s order awarding sole custody of a 9-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy to their father, Patrick J. O’Malley. Mr. O’Malley was charged, pled guilty and was sentenced to a fifteen month prison sentence after United States Department of Justice agents found child pornography and other extremely disturbing obscenities on his computers. 

According to the September 29, 2008 Sentencing Memorandum:

“. . . As indicated above, the facts of this case warrant an upward variance and indeed, the maximum statutory term of five years. The depravity and deviance of the material sought by Defendant, especially with the focus of so many stories on sex between children and adults, children and relatives, and children and animals; all while Defendant was the custodial parent of similarly aged-children, significantly enhances the seriousness of Defendant’s conduct and mandates a five-year term of imprisonment.

For the reasons stated herein, it is respectfully requested that this Court sentence the Defendant a term of imprisonment of five years, followed by three years of supervised release. . .”


Instead of serving five years, Mr. O’Malley was released from prison in September 2009. He was put on probation for three years and he asked for full custody of his children.

The children’s mother, Vicki O’Malley, has no criminal record. She is physically and mentally healthy. She has stability within the community. Mrs. O’Malley has been the consistently competent parent. The children were happy, healthy and well-adjusted at home, in school and in their community while in their mother’s care.

Deciding which parent would have custody, Judge Nicely refused to consider the evidence found on Mr. O’Malley’s computer. Judge Nicely gave Mr. O’Malley sole physical and legal custody of his children — along with the option to decide whether or not the children will see their mother.  

Related articles:

Former Cuyahoga County Recorder Patrick O’Malley requests child custody after obscenity conviction

Big-name Cleveland family embroiled in custody battle


Linda Marie Sacks
Florida NOW Co-Chair Child Custody and Family Law Committee
Cell 386-453-3017



by Julia Fletcher

I’ve decided to meet with a few people on Monday. 

I won’t type their names here, what we’ll talk about or where we’ll meet. The meeting has to do with corruption in our state that seems to be related to the family court corruption here.

Whenever I speak with someone important about such things on the phone, I sometimes hear beeps. The beeps aren’t the kind of beeps signaling an incoming call — they’re the kind of beeps you hear after the message telling you your call is being recorded “for quality assurance”. It’s those kind of beeps without the “quality assurance” message.

My guess is that my telephone calls have been recorded for the last several months. If the calls are being recorded, I hope it’s “for quality assurance” purposes in family courts.

I wish I could be more hopeful, but there’s no sign of progress in our state. One of the main culprits in family court corruption in our state has been assigned to yet another task force. He is to address all the many problems in family courts which he helped create. 

Many investigating and exposing corruption in family courts in this and other states often say things like:

“If anything happens to me, know that I love my family, my friends and this amazing life. I’m not suicidal. I have every intention of continuing to enjoy and appreciate this life while I investigate and expose corruption. I’m going to keep doing all I can to help build a brighter future for everyone.”


Investigative writer, producer, hero … target ?

Kathleen Russell's comment on sent to Facebook page.

From Tribute to Martin Burns, Creator of “Children Lost in the System” :

Martin Burns, investigative journalist and producer, videographer, photographer, artist, family man and outdoorsman passed away Sunday in a tragic hiking accident.

Martin was the first investigative journalist/producer to cover in depth the issue of family courts giving custody of children to abusers, i.e. Court Licensed Abuse.

His coverage began a year ago with Damon’s story. On Labor Day weekend he took the time to drive a long way and interview a boy who was in hiding because Family Court had given full custody to his abusive father. Martin had agreed to maintain secrecy about Damon’s whereabouts. 

Martin Burns, FOX LA producer, investigates Ruby Dillon’s family court case.

Martin became passionate about covering this issue. He worked with Safe Kids International on many stories. He was very thorough, did a lot of research and got all the facts and evidence before deciding to do a story. 

Among others, at the time of his death he was working on Ruby Dillon’s case in Orange County, California, which involves a massive cover up of abuse and a little girl, Lexi, who was placed with her molester. 

When Martin was told there may be powerful people who would want to silence him, he laughed and said, “Nobody can silence me.” 

And, indeed, even in death Martin cannot be silenced. His work lives on as a testament to a brave and creative mind and soul bent on exposing the truth and protecting kids. 

Thank you so much for all you have done for our kids and our cause. We will greatly miss you, Martin.


Fox News L.A. Tribute to Martin:

Some segments from “Children Lost in the System”:

Damon’s Story – Lost In The System

Robin Sax Discusses Sexually Abused Children And The Court System

Children Lost in the Family Court System

Judge Salcido Part 1

Judge Scary Mary: Bad Behavior Behind The Bench

Tori’s Story- Another Opportunity Missed?

Imbalanced Justice

Are Parents Punished For Reporting Abuse?

Custody Fight: Allegations of Molestation

Teenage Wedding Brings Runaway ‘Out of Hiding’

In The Custody of Killers

Lawyer Taking On OC Child Protective Services

Is OC’s Child Protective Services A “System of Lies”

Google: “Which Private Corporation Runs Family Courts?”

Results Found: O ” .

As one mom says, “What the what”?!

Such a long and involved history of one private corporation running family courts in Connecticut; the folks at The Connecticut Law Tribune apparently know nothing about the AFCC; and, this post will stay on top of the posts on the homepage of this website until justice is served.

If the AFCC HISTORY IN CONNECTICUT DOCUMENT INDEX doesn’t show up right away, please refresh this page or go directly to AFCC HISTORY IN CONNECTICUT DOCUMENT INDEX on Scribd.

Thank you.

“It is indeed an international issue.”

From The Copenhagen Post online:

Investigating child custody claims, EU delegation ignored by government

Ray Weaver 

June 21, 2013

Members of an EU committee in Denmark to investigate how the country handles custody and visitation rights involving EU citizens have been rebuffed by the government.

Photo credit: The Copenhagen Post

The delegation, led by MEP Angelika Werthmann from Austria, came to Denmark after the committee had become “deeply concerned” by Denmark’s handling of custody and visitation rights cases and has been in Denmark for the past two days to investigate complaints sent to them by parents who feel their rights are being trampled on by the government in child custody cases.

The group made the trip especially to speak with the justice minister, Morten Bødskov (Socialdemokraterne), the social affairs and integration minister, Karen Hækkerup (Socialdemokraterne), and the national police commissioner, Jens Henrik Højberg, to discuss the growing number of cases the EU is seeing coming out of Denmark.

The petitions committee is designed to investigate concerns sent to them by EU residents. Being involved in human-rights cases is something of uncharted territory for the group that is more often called in to investigate and mediate issues like housing, environmental and land disputes.

Neither the ministers nor the police commissioner would meet with the delegation. They instead sent representatives who, according to Werthmann,  told them they only had a “short time” to spend with them.

“I can say, without a doubt, that this committee has never, ever been treated in this fashion anywhere else,” a frustrated Werthmann said today during a press conference. “This is an official delegation of the EU.”

After failing to be granted an audience with the ministers, Werthmann and fellow delegates, MEP Peter Jahr from Germany and MEP Carlos Iturgaiz Angulo from Spain, then attempted to arrange meetings with rank-and-file MPs, only to find that most have already left for their summer holiday.  …

To read the full story by Ray Weaver, click here to go to The Copenhagen Post online.


Happy Birthday Baby Boy

“Two years ago today, I became a Mama.

I miss my son dearly.

He was the love of my life and my guardian angel.

I made this video to honor his memory, but to also to make sure people never forget what happened.

Please share this video liberally to help me raise awareness of what is happening to our children

and how incredibly broken our system truly is.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy – Mama is gonna start a revolution!”     Hera McLeod

Say It Ain’t So

This chart names names.  It’s been online for years, yet no one in a fancy suit has stepped forward to say to cameras on the evening news, “The racketeering never happened. It’s not happening today and here’s the lawsuit for all the liable and slander.” 

Photo: The Liz Library

Exhausted parents, dragged in and out of family courts have seen charts like this. Family court reform advocates have seen these charts and so have legislators.

Some employees of mainstream media outlets have seen charts like this too. So why aren’t they investigating and reporting it? Rogue judges, dumb court orders, crazy court orders and fatal court orders have already been on the evening news. Where are the reports about the alleged racketeering upon which many of our nation’s family courts were allegedly established? 

If any news room executives out there are afraid of lawyers filing lawsuits in response to this kind of information, they can rest assured that no such lawsuits have ever been filed – and that total absence of lawsuits can only mean this: The information is true. 

If the information is true, what’s preventing legislators from doing something about it? The answer to that question is probably in the chart above.   


Anne Stevenson on The Howie Carr Show 5:30 PM

Anne Stevenson will be the featured guest on WRKO’s  Howie Carr Show June 7th at 5:30 PM (time change from 4:00 to 5:30)

Listen to hear – maybe for the first time – about the massive levels of corruption in Connecticut’s family court system. We must have asked a hundred times on this blog, “Where’s the mainstream media?” Now we know where else the mainstream media outlets weren’t.

John Nolte of has been keeping score. His headline today reads: 


He says:

John Nolte on

John Nolte on


I agree and here’s why:

Click photo for the article with the documents the mainstream media will eventually share with us.

A Nonresponsible Bidder is…(depends on who’s asking).

Click on link above for more information about “CT AFCC, Inc.”

Here’s an excerpt from Anne Stevenson’s article in The Washington Times this week: 

Established 1975, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) is now a Wisconsin based international trade organization for family court industry professionals founded by judges, court administrators, and family court professionals who may appear before them. Documents obtained from State and the AFCC show that the AFCC has been a vendor for the Connecticut Judicial Branch for over 30 years, and at one point even had a corporate office within the Hartford Superior Court.

Let’s ask all the officers of the law and all the legislators who should have done something about this ten, twenty and thirty years ago to give 2% of one year’s salary to that one very courageous investigative reporter who devoted a year of her time to do their work for them this past year for free.