CALA NY Participates in Mothers Day March, Speakout and Candlelight Vigil in Washington, D.C.

On this Mothers Day 2011, mothers who lost custody of their children in family courts as a direct result of trying to protect their children from abuse, gathered with supporters for a march, speakout and candlelight vigil in Washington, D.C. 

Along with Mothers of Lost Children, supporters of this historic march include NOW Foundation Family Law Ad Hoc Committee, Leadership Council, Justice For Children, Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment & Appeals Project, Stop Family Violence, Battered Mothers Custody Conference, Randi James, Protective Parents for Children’s Rights, California Protective Parent Association, Center for Judicial ExcellenceTalia Carner, Linda Marie Sacks, American Mothers Political Party and The Coalition Against Legal Abuse.

Tourists and visitors on Capital Hill read the banners with great interest, and displayed absolute shock at the horrors that they were exposed to. People still cannot believe that courts will rip babies away from their mothers, and court order them to live with their abusive or pedophile fathers.

One mother had a poster exclaiming, “792 since I have seen my son”, while other posters had political messages to the President and First Lady, Michelle Obama.

This year saw the participation of Linda Marie Sacks, a mother who has filed a landmark case in the US Supreme Court on the eve of Mothers Day. Our prayers are directed to Linda Marie in her pursuit of a favorable decision. This case will pave the road for mothers across America who have the strength and resolve to fight. “Mommy, please do not ever stop fighting for us”. We won’t. We love you too much!

Food Preparations for Freedom Seder Yields Healing to Salvation for Survivors

The Freedom Seder for survivors of abuse, is the brainchild of the Voices of Justice, and has taken off with an emotional and overwhelming response. Donations for food, and donations for money from all over America are simply awe inspiring. During this season of Galus-to-Geulah (from captivity to salvation), survivors have joined together and bonded over the preparations, which continue to be gargantuan.

As the potatoes were peeled and the onions were chopped, emotions of long suppressed feelings of shame, anger, and abandonment by loved ones and the community resurfaced, but in a new healthy way. As the kugels were baking and the horseradish was flavored, the friendships and feelings of acceptance have taken root.

This event would not have been possible if Sherree wouldn’t have offered her magnificent commercial-sized kitchen in Lawrence. With enough room for everyone to command their own counter space, and an unlimited variety of kosher for Passover equipment and paraphernalia, this preparation is a pure culinary treat.

Along with the therapeutic properties of interpersonal connections and validations, this first annual event has blossomed into something larger than life.

The time has come for survivors to support each other.

A special Yasher Koach to Bina who arranged a carpool for the volunteers, and for Rivkie who offered to tackle the 6 cases of chicken, with a smile! Yasher Koach to Yanky and Motty, for peeling and chopping vegetables, that took two van-rides to get to Lawrence! Yasher koach to Annie for making pan after pan of kugel and stuff. Yasher koach Shmuel for schlepping and driving, smiling and patiently waiting.

What a zechus!

If anyone is available to come today to Lawrence and help with the last batch of cooking, please call 1-800-958-2904 to let us know that you are coming.

Thank you!

Urgent Call for Those with a Baccalaureate Degree to Join ACS in New York

Child Protective Services in New York has a division called Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). Although caseworkers in this division are called Child Protective Specialists, they have historically been neglectful of children’s needs. With last week’s news story of the death of a child, changes need to take place.

Although we are asking for the city to take action, we citizens of New York need to take action too. We need qualified people to get jobs with ACS in New York. Only then can we change the system from within. We want to make a difference and this is how we can make that difference.

Would you lie to a family court judge and write a report that you “visited the home six times and there presents no danger to the children”, when in reality, you never even knocked on that door?

Well, it’s been done before by workers with supposed baccalaureate degrees.

Now we will do this the right way.

We will stand by the children of New York, because every child has rights. Under the constitution, children have a right to life and a right to education. Children also have a right to have their emotional and intellectual needs be met so they can reach their highest potential.

Since there is currently no statute defining the measure of psychological and emotional abuse, a worker must use intuition and training to escalate a case to the domestic violence division. It is usually only after the DV workers step in that hidden abuses such as unwarranted parental alienation, incest and neglect can be discovered and addressed. The sooner qualified workers offer their services, the sooner more children will grow up safely protected from their abusers.

Most positions in New York City government are filled through civil service examinations which are administered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). Click here for the application information and job requirements. Before applying for this job, please get in contact with us. The Coalition Against Legal Abuse NY will assist you in this holy work.

The Coalition Against Legal Abuse NY is comprised of ultra-Orthodox Jewish women who are aligned to combat corruption in the Brooklyn, New York District Attorney’s office. Please contact for more information.

Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg’s Message: Corrupted Honorable Charles Hynes, DA of Brooklyn, NY & Henna White


Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg is a lone solider dedicated to fighting pedophilia in Jewish communities worldwide.   

In New York alone, only one arrest was made in the Orthodox Jewish community after the District Attorney prosecuted a single pedophile.

Rabbi Rosenberg has been out there, saying it like it is, for a few years now. He even took a bullet to the head in defense of his position. Click on his videos below to hear his outspoken message about the District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn NY, as well as OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, the largest social services agency in the world.

Follow Rabbi Rosenberg’s telephone hotline and weekly recorded messages and posts at

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg’s webcam video
December 24, 2010, 04:47 AM

January 21, 2011: Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg Declared war with Charles Hynes, DA of Brooklyn

Rabbi Rosenberg has the full support to continue in his righteous mission, by the Coalition Against Legal Abuse in New York

Is This Legal? CEO Of OHEL Tells Parents Not To Go To Police When Child Sexual Abuse Takes Place

David Mandel, the CEO of OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, the Brooklyn-based haredi social services organization. Speaking in Baltimore February 20, 2008, under the auspices of Baltimore’s Orthodox (and overwhelmingly haredi) Va’ad Harabbonim, Mandel appears to admit to several violations of New York law. (These may also be crimes in Maryland – I’m not sure.)

Mandel speaks about not going to police or child protection services when child sexual abuse has taken place.

As you watch this video, remember that OHEL takes state and federal money. Also remember several abusers have been linked to OHEL in one way or another, most prominently Avrohom Mondrowitz, who did some counseling for OHEL before he fled child rape charges (he allegedly anally raped boys). Mondrowitz lived safely and openly in Israel, under the protection of a series of Gerrer rebbes for more than 20 years. He is now facing extradition to the US.

Should Mandel keep his job? Watch this and decide:

Brief History of Baltimore Orthodox Rabbi-on-Boy Sexual Abuse:

  1. The Case of the Students of Ner Israel Yeshiva in the 1950’s
  2. Case of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau
  3. Case of Rabbi Benyamin Fleischman
  4. Case of Ephraim Shapiro
  5. Case of Yisroel Shapiro
  6. Case of Rabbi Matis Weinberg
  7. Case of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann

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Conflict of interest? Asher White representing offenders of Henna’s DV clients

After learning of a several cases in Brooklyn, The Awareness Center and the Coalition Against Legal Abuse have joined forces to insure that the Brooklyn Family Court system is safe for survivors of domestic violence, sex crimes and other types of abuses.

Yesterday, attorney Asher B. White, attempted to represent a man who’s wife and children are alleged victims of domestic violence. During the hearing, the alleged offender’s ex-wife asked the judge if there might be a conflict of interest having Asher White represent her husband — considering his wife (Henna White), is employed by the Brooklyn District attorney’s office — as the liaison to victims in the Jewish orthodox community, and had past involvement in this case.

Both the Coalition Against Legal Abuse (CALA NY) and The Awareness Center also raised some concern regarding Asher White’s affiliation with Ohel Family Services, since the survivor is also former resident of OHEL’s domestic violence shelter.

Back on Feb. 15th, CALA held a rally in front of Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin Hall, where Henna White was being honored.

During the CALA rally, members openly shared their belief that Ms. White was gathering information from those turning to her offices for help — leading the alleged victims to believe that she was a victims advocate, and providing them with information and referrals.

Several women at the CALA rally voiced their concerned that instead of using the confidential information to help those who made allegations of domestic violence and sex crimes, Ms. White shared confidential information with her husband, Asher B. White.

CALA members went on to say that they believe that the information obtained was then provided to Asher White and was used to help the alleged offenders, while harming the cases of the alleged survivors of both domestic violence and sex crimes.

The Awareness Center and CALA NY believe there is a conflict of interest to have attorney, Asher White represent the husband of any person who is a survivor of crimes who has utilized the services of his wife, Henna White at the District Attorney’s office.

CALA NY urges those who suspect their cases have been compromised by Henna White or by Asher White, call: 1-800-958-2904 for support.

Key points:

  • Henna White is an employee of Charles Hynes, the Brooklyn District Attorney.
  • Henna White’s position is to work as the liaison between victims of crimes and the Jewish orthodox community.
  • Henna White’s job is to act as an advocate for the rights of victims of crimes and not to assist in building a defense for the alleged offenders.

First published on the Chicago Examiner

Press Release – Meir Dascalowtiz Statement from the Voice of Justice In Defense of Abused Children


Posted by Voice of Justice


Statement from the Voice of Justice In Defense of Abused Children


 CONTACT:         MARK M. APPEL       (917) 804-3942 cell

FOR PUBLIC RELEASE       Monday, February 21, 2011

On Wednesday, February 23, 2011, admitted serial child rapist, Meir Dascalowitz will appear in Kings County Supreme Court to plead to charges related to his many felony and misdemeanor sex crimes against children.

Click to download Press Release

Dascalowitz’s charges include criminal sex acts with a child under 14, sexual misconduct with a minor, and sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14, almost 100 felony sexual abuse charges in total.  Dascalowitz’s attorney is likely to have his client plead insanity.  In order for our community to be safe, we need to show the public and Judge Riviezzo that we will not tolerate these crimes against our children and that we believe perpetrators of these heinous sex crimes should be held accountable in a court of law.

At previous court appearances, Dascalowitz has managed to garner support from individuals who mock, intimate, and harrass Dascalowitz’s victims and witnesses outside the hearings.  The Voice of Justice is calling upon the Jewish community to gather in the courtroom on Wednesday February 23, 2011 at 9:00 AM to show support to victims of this dangerous admitted criminal, and their families.

To show your support of Dascalowitz’s victims, to demand justice, and to send a message that criminals who abuse children in the Jewish community deserve to and will be punished, please attend the Dascalowitz plea hearing below:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
9:00 AM
Kings County Supreme Court
320 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY
Judge Riviezzo

Breaking News: New York City Police Department refuses to investigate the complaint filed against Steve and Moshe Zakheim

Det. Dominick Scotto, Community Affairs

Breaking News: New York City Police Department refuses to investigate the complaint filed against Steve and Moshe Zakheim on February 16, 2011–02–18 for assaulting women at the Protest on February 15, 2011.

At this event, it was clearly obvious and from the video on YouTube that Steve and his Brother Moshe attacked many women at the peaceful demonstration, who are part of the Coalition Against Legal Abuse, CALA NY. A video of that attack was distributed on the internet, originating and on YouTube. It is outrageous that these two Zakheim brothers are involved with OHEL Children’s Home in Brooklyn NY, yet can get away with such an obscene attack on women.

The attack was captured on a second photographer’s video camera, as you can see on the YouTube video, as well as witnesses capturing the protest on their cellphone cameras. We urge Shimon Gifter, a freelance photographer from news to release the video showing the attack. We urge all other witnesses to immediately come forward and contact the coalition in confidence, to assist in this investigation. You may remain anonymous.

After filing the criminal complaint at the 70th precinct, Detective Dominick Scotto, Community affairs officer assured us that the case will be followed through within 24 hours. A special detective squad also interviewed the witnesses and promised to assign two detectives from the District Attorney’s office to investigate the sexual harassment incident.

The coalition was notified yesterday at 4:00 pm that the case has been closed, and filed simply as ‘harassment’ with no follow-up and no interviews with any members of the New York City Police Department.


Brooklyn 70th Precinct
Captain Peter Venice, Executive Officer
Captain Michael Giovanelli, Executive Officer
Det. Dominick Scotto, Community Affairs
154 Lawrence Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11230-1103
Telephone: (718) 851-5511

The Commission to Combat Police Corruption (CCPC) internal affairs, Charles V. Campisi – NYPD Internal Affairs (212) 741-8401

For immediate release – Demonstration and filing of criminal complaint against Steve Zakheim

Steve Zackheim

For immediate release – Coalition Against Legal Abuse in New York.
Demonstration and filing of criminal complaint against Steve Zakheim

For Further information, please contact the Coalition at 1-800-958-2904
Press conference and demonstration in front of the NYC Police Department, 70th Precinct, 9:00 pm sharp, tonight.

We are a group of women who have been working together as a group in protecting women and children from domestic abuse, and preventing authorities from hurting families via the legal system. In the past year alone, we have been extremely frustrated by the District Attorney, Charles Hynes’ Office, in Brooklyn NY, and especially his chief deputy assistant, Mrs. Henna White. Mrs. White prides herself as an activist and liaison for the Jewish community, yet she is strictly an administrative person, and not a law enforcement official who should be accepting criminal complaints on behalf of constituents in Kings County. Additionally, being that she is not a Mental Health professional either, waives her from being a mandated reporter.

We have been frustrated by Mrs. Henna white’s actions and interaction to cover up the abuse in cases and to try to force us, battered women to drop all criminal charges. Coercion methods include forcing a woman to drop an order of protection and trade it for obtaining custody. Another woman was notified that the order of protection was discontinued, in exchange for a GET, Jewish Divorce. Orders of Protection have become a bargaining tool to pressure women into submission and wipe the statistics clean of abuse in the community.

Last night, we chose to organize a peaceful protest vigil in front of Agudas Israel Bais Binyomin Hall at 2913 Avenue L, in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn NY, where a dinner was being held, and one of the honorees was Henna White. We arrived at 7:30 pm, and peacefully protested, urging the people to “call the police, don’t call Henna” if they have an emergency. Approximately an hour later, Mrs. Henna White arrived to the event in an Emergency Vehicle, escorted by Mr. Steve Zakheim.

Mr. Steve Zakheim, who is a community activist, and has a long history of serious criminal and civil matters with the state of New York, forcefully ripped our signs and assaulted us in a very obscene manner. After the initial attack, it was the Valet parking attendants who admonished Mr. Zakheim, exclaiming, “Be a man, don’t touch the ladies”, after which he retreated into congregation hall.

The fundraiser event was arranged in loving memory of Mr. Steve Zakheim’s niece, for the Yad Batya L’Kallah organization, which helps pay wedding expenses for poor brides. Did Mrs. Henna White come to scout out her future victims?

When Mrs. Henna White was leaving the event, we were again attacked by Mr. Zackheim and also his brother, who physically assaulted us, and we were scared for our safety. Through our merits, we were rescued by the tax cab driver who shoved us into the car, and sped for safety.

TONIGHT, AT 9:00 PM, WE WILL BE ASSEMBLING AT THE 70th PRECINCT 154 Lawrence Avenue, NY 11230-1103, (718) 851-5511WITH ALL EYE WITNESSES TO FILE A CRIMINAL COMPLAINT ON MR. STEVE ZAKHEIM, AND HIS BROTHER. Mr. Zakheim’s, wife, Dr Faygie Zakheim, is the Co-Chairperson of the Task Force on Families and Children at Risk, and the Brooklyn Coalition for Abused Women, affiliated with Met Counsel. It would be expected that people who are heroically involved in such missions, would have firsthand knowledge on how to conduct themselves around such women.

We urge people to contact the Coalition at 1-800-958-2904 for assistance with confidential disclosure, as we continue to document the horrific reality. Every case will be treated with dignity and respect.

Women assaulted while peacefully protesting Henna White’s illegal practices at the District Attorney’s office

Yad Batya L'Kalla Dinner Honoring Hena White

Multiple protesters were assaulted and had their placards destroyed today, February 15, 2011 by and enraged Steve (Shlomo) Zackheim, a man with a criminal background . These people assembled on this blustery and bitter cold evening in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn NY on behalf of their friends who have suffered injustice. After putting their trust in Kings County liaison Hanna White, and disclosing critical details pertaining to their particular case, they were then betrayed in the worst way possible.

Youtube: Protest Against Henna White and OHEL 2-15-11

Accusations of Henna’s alleged illegal practices include gathering information from abuse victims under the pretense of providing them with referrals to services and assistance. It is alleged that her office has been double timing these victims. Allegedly, the knowledge that the victims are seeking to file an order of protection, then gets channeled to her attorney husband, Asher White, who advises the abusers “off the record”.

Media Links:

Haredi Women Protest Against Brooklyn DA’s Jewish Liason And OHEL

Nochum Rosenberg – בזכות נשים צדקניות נגאלו – In The Merit Of The Righteous Women They Were Redeemed

The Awareness Center: (Brooklyn, NY) Religious Women Protest Against Henna White and Ohel Family Services

Joe Levin Private investigations Haredi Women Protest Against Brooklyn DA’s Jewish Liason And OHEL

zingmit Protest Against Henna White and Ohel

There is supporting evidence that once the abuser is awarded an order of protection, they then have access to grant money so generously funded for “victims” of domestic violence. Legal fees are paid for brand name attorneys to help the abuser get custody of the children, while the real victims are further victimized using the “legal” system., created to protect them in the first place. Many counseling and foster care organizations are closely linked to Henna White’s office. They rely heavily on her referrals to fill their quota with every child that is entered into their umbrella organization for counseling, or foster care.