Files or Flies?

A Connecticut mother says she saw court vendors in her child’s case using strange gestures to communicate with each other in court.

On September 9, 2015, during a public task force meeting, a government employee used gestures that weren’t American Sign Language. He clearly communicated something to someone on the other side of the room.

What do those strange gestures mean? Nodding seems to mean, “Yes.”

Taking off glasses seems to be in preparation for some super-secret code of some kind. Some could reasonably suggest that in the context of the task force’s fact-finding objectives, nodding in the affirmative with a sad expression, swiping his nose, rubbing his palms together and clasping one hand over the other could mean:

Yes. How sad. The fact-finding and data collection might finally reveal to the public where all those millions of dollars of state and federal funds went every year. That stinks. Get rid of the evidence. Thanks.”

It also could mean, “Yes. How sad. This fly on my nose bothers me. I’ll get rid of it now. I wipe my hands because flies carry germs. Thanks for listening. I hope the fly doesn’t fly over there.”

It’s tough to know what those gestures are when their meaning is a secret.

That’s why secret gestures and secret contracts don’t belong in any state where citizens need to be able to trust that judicial branch employees and vendors will spend taxpayer dollars wisely. And, after so many years of millions of state and federal dollars going to Connecticut family courts, a fairly decent family court system should be firmly in place by now.

block quote CT Chief Justice No Resources in abuse cases

Where is that fairly decent family court system?

On November 19, 2015, Connecticut’s Chief Family Court Judge told an advisory task force that Connecticut’s family courts don’t have the resources to protect vulnerable children in family court cases involving domestic violence and abuse. Here’s the video of that meeting:  CT-N: Task Force to Study the Statewide Response to Minors Exposed to Domestic Violence November 19, 2015 Meeting.  

So, who has all those millions of dollars if those millions of dollars weren’t used to build decent family court systems? 

One clue might be in the events leading up to a little boy being thrown off a bridge a few months ago in Middletown, Connecticut. Another clue might be in the meaning of those secret gestures used in the state capitol building and in family courtrooms during family court cases.

Needless to say, it will be most fortunate for the people of Connecticut if those gestures really are about flies.

2 thoughts on “Files or Flies?

  1. My minor daughter and I are both disabled as a result of domestic violence. The judges have helped with the abuse. and now we are being forced out of our home with no child support or alimony.

    I gave up my career to raise a family of 5 children. I was married 27 years. My ex is a Wall Street executive who was also found to be on another lawsuit there for dishonest business dealings.

    I was awarded permanent alimony and our case was heard at the court of appeals and still we are receiving no help from the judicial system.

    The lawyers used up my credit cards and my ex refused to pay the bills so I had to use the cards at times to pay the bills. When the lawyers couldn’t get more money they sued me and the same judge entered a judgement against me. This has forced me into bankruptcy.

    We have assets but I have no liquid cash and for this reason I cannot obtain a lawyer who has the guts or stamina to fight for what is legally right.

    We need help. Please.

  2. Reblogged this on Red Herring Alert and commented:
    Sickening, isn’t it? These people do realize they are on video, right? So blatant! But, hey! Maybe it was dirty glasses, a fly on his nose, itchy ears and needing to say a prayer??? This guy has a lot of issues! Of course these nutty people think the parents are all nuts! Look in the mirror, buddy! Maybe you can practice those signals.

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