Family Law Attorney and Whistleblower: On Hunger Strike for Justice

October 1 -31, 2015  Louisiana family law Attorney Nanine McCool is on a hunger strike. Click on the photo of the Starving for Justice t-shirt above, read the letter to the US Attorney General, and SIGN the petition to vote NO CONFIDENCE in the family and juvenile court systems.

October 2015

Petition to:

U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch

“We are submitting our vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the Family and Juvenile Court Systems, and the judiciary that rules them like tyrants from a throne.

Our family and juvenile courts are completely broken. Every day, judges abuse their immense power to bully, intimidate, and coerce absolute submission from parents and children under the guise of the “best interest of the child” doctrine, but in truth, simply because they can. There is no justice in these courts – only tyranny. And the lives of  thousands of parents and children are being ruined at the pleasure of judicial discretion, protected by judicial immunity. We the people are STARVED for justice and we look to you, the chief law enforcement officer, and the chief lawyer of the United States, to shine a bright light on these broken courts; to investigate the many cases of overreaching and violations of fundamental principles of justice, like due process and the 1st Amendment, that are committed by officers of the court, sworn by oath to serve the people and submit to the Rule of Law.

We look to you to initiate congressional hearings and other scrutiny on and of this devastating cancer of judicial tyranny that is eating away at our republic, and subjecting parents and children to nothing short of torture through the arbitrary, vindictive and senseless use of children as income streams and trophies.

We’re starved for justice and we look to you to serve your oath and fulfill the promise that defines the U.S.A: Liberty and Justice for ALL. “

5 thoughts on “Family Law Attorney and Whistleblower: On Hunger Strike for Justice

  1. I have suffered the injustice of family court. The worst part is wondering what my children are enduring. After many attempts to save my son. State police…therapists…everyone! Nothing has changed. Hopelessness is all we can feel anymore.

  2. Local municipalities are in cohoots with state agencies and they can do anything to anyone. We adopted my son through DCF and our entire family went through a medical nightmare that was covered up by physicians, the school system and the community. We are entering a new age of lawless behavior by the people in society we used to trust. Is it desperation, criminality, greed or all of the above?

  3. Dear Family Court in America,  My name is  Dale Karin Trowbridge and I have been a follower of your site for years, I have made comments more than once. I have started a petition to educate and inform the masses that We DO NOT live in a nation with liberty and justice for ALL. Absolute Judicial Immunity must be abolished. After midnight tonight I am going to tag all friends and family with one of the 2 following headings. I ask for your signature and help in promoting this petition. Heading one   PLEASEDO NOT IGNORE,   December8, 1999, 16 years ago today, the CORRUPT judiciary, with their ABSOLUTE RULE,entered our (me and my Children) lives. I still cry every holiday season, every Christmas because I was unableto save my 10-year-old daughter from court ordered “cruel and unusualpunishment”.

    Please take just 30seconds of your time to read, like, sign and share this petition to educatethe masses that We DO NOT live in a Nation with liberty and justice forALL.   Absolute judicial immunity must be abolished!

    Help SAVE the innocent, most importantly the INNOCENTCHILDREN, from lifelong emotional, mental and physical scars due to theJudiciaries’ lawless, unconstitutional, malicious, morally reprehensible, andbaseless rulings.

    Heading two

    PLEASEDO NOT IGNORE “When a well packaged web of lies of been soldgradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem to be utterly preposterousand its speaker a lunatic.” (Dresdon James)

    I am NOT a raging lunatic! I speak the TRUTH it is thejudiciary who has gradually woven their web of deceit convincing the public theyare Honorable, Fair and Just.

    Please take just 30seconds of your time to read, like, sign and share this petition to Educatethe masses that We DO NOT live in a Nation with liberty and justice for ALL.

    SAVE the innocent, most importantly the INNOCENT CHILDREN……(same as above)

    Absolute judicial immunity must be abolished!!!


  4. This is such a worth while cause that every complaint should be thoroughly investigated, so that complainant isn’t just using the organization for her own purposes. It isn’t fair for all the abused men and women and children to have fakes in your group.

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