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Dr. Drew: Get This Conversation Going

“What bothers me more than anything as a physician,

if this sort of chummy relationship existed

between doctors

and any other providers of services, 

there would be outrage.”

                                                                                                                        – Dr. Drew Pinsky

And so, the public conversation begins.  . . . 

@Sbuden1Buden Outrageous lack of accountability in the family court system, “the players” ie judges, appointees know it! #divorcecorpchat
— Kathleen Russell (@MarinKat) January 8, 2014 
#divorcecorpchat#divorcecorpchat CT AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation of Courts) chapter is headed by 3 Superior Court Judges
— Scott Buden (@Sbuden1Buden) January 8, 2014 
@drdrew@DoctorKarin Fulton court is asked to consider the needs of a child making outcries
— My Advocate Center (@MyAdvocateCentr) January 8, 2014 
#divorcecorpchat Fooling yourselves. Nothing can be done. Judges in league w/ guardians and lawyers, all about $. Ex parte de rigueur.
— stacey_hudson (@stacey_hudson) January 8, 2014 
IN AMERICA!! “@drdrew: .@divorcecorp one father ended up in prison for 5 yrs for simply criticizing the judge on his blog. #divorcecorpchat
— Michael Brigante (@MichaelBrigante) January 8, 2014 
@divorcecorp anyone thinking about marriage or divorce needs to educate themselves about the realities of family courts #divorcecorpchat
— Dr Drew (@drdrew) January 8, 2014 

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Drew: Get This Conversation Going

  1. Second Ann Marie’s feedback: As a successful realtor for almost 15 years, realtors have mandatory bi-annual courses on law, ethic, etc. and are held to high standard – with clear escalation paths to raise ethics issues. In the state of CT, it’s pay for view kids. There’s a tax that cannot stand in the form of GALs that has to be abolished.

    I watched a CT find a realtor father that is living near the state guidelines for poverty $44k and last check of $1,200 in SEPTEMBER and nothing since, the judge found in contempt for not paying the divorce industry $500 – he pays $250 per week for child support. And this crook attorney grilled him about getting a job, he has a job? He had a sale fall through day off, nature of commission only work and need to have $$ in bank. She wanted proof of his rent paid to his moth of $600 – is there any place cheaper and mom deserves rent. She wanted proof of him paying for groceries. There seems to be no end in sight – CT courts seem to think that the poor suckers already caught in their money laundering cannot benefit from the new laws of removing these crooked attorneys – just need to pay your taxes to to he divorce industry. Everyone should stop payments and go on strike to abolish these criminals for life.

    My GAL Kirk Bennett has committed forgery, billing fraud and most definitely tax fraud … Any checks & balances.

  2. Tina, I’m looking forward to seeing it and to knowing what to think then.

    This we know for sure: Gone are the days when we celebrate one article two paragraphs long about the need for investigations and reform on page 23 of Wednesday’s Newspaper from Smalltown, USA.

    Ann Marie, We’re all in this together.

  3. I have heard a lot of negatives about this and haven’t formed my opinion completely. I am hearing that it advocates shared parenting (which isn’t always the best approach) and is funded by Father’s Rights groups. Thoughts?

  4. Thank you for exposing family court. .. it took me 937 days ….and 233 days from a final hearing after which more corruption ensued. Nearly 100k (all of my savings) with more billings to come were bilked from me. My ex is an attorney which caused even more problems. I was denied the right to move my case to another district and since all local judges recused themselves…I suffered many delays for motions while I waited months for visiting judge. Meanwhile cha ching! The SC Bar Assoc and all US Bars should be highly embarrassed at the unprofessional and unethical behaviour of their members! Family court has lost sight of who is important (minor child) while they drag all through such grueling process. As a mortgage banker I am subject to many laws that protect consumers. I have to provide an estimate of closing costs within 3 days of app and they must be within certain tolerances or the bank pays for it by law. We also have to provide an answer within 30 days. And there are numerous other laws I must abide by. I was not provided any consumer protection during my divorce and highly contested custody battle as they were allowed to drag out for 937 days!!! 100k check was paid to a judge husband the month I left. Subpoenas were issued illegally and quashed. Order was signed illegally by judge. And the list goes on and on. I stood up for what my Daddy taught me. I did prevail in custody however at cost of money for a new home. Kudos to you! Perhaps I should indeed publish the book I started….its called …BROKEN…..YET “FIXED”……….

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