Attention: Protective Parents in Family Courts

photo: dwinslow

photo: dwinslow

December 20, 2013

by Diana Winslow 

Concerned parents were elated this week when a much awaited segue for them to speak came forward as an invitation from the federal government, asking for clarifications on identified problems with child human rights in court, family rights in court and the lack of a uniform structure to respond to child sex abuse investigations, child abuse investigations and placement of children with a parent who is not known to them, has committed crimes against the other parent or is convicted of crimes that put the child at risk in their care.

Following a march on Washington DC and a Congressional Briefing this Summer members of Congress heard and were concerned about the severity and frequency with which child custody issues are mishandled, to the point of injury to the child or protesting parent.  It is remarkable that BOTH events happened despite the sequester, AND that these actions generated interest and an invitation.

Some cases are so problematic, as with the classic case illustrated in the October 2012 Documentary of Holly Collins, called “No Way Out But One“, that the parent is forced to flee the situation, due to deafness in authorities, investigators, systems system law and policy, court law and policy, and court systems. Succinctly, the definition of being run into the ground by such system based problems is called “Systems Induced Trauma.” Beyond victimization in a specific social or family situation, the family, one or all members are further agitated, abused or traumatized by the applied services and policies of systems that interlock without oversight, basically trapping the persons perpetuating a complaint without safety and resolutions.

The US Department of Justice is ready now to consider cases of chaos caused by State child and family courts. USDOJ is calling for child custody outlines in a format. The purpose of providing the outline is for the writer to simply and systematically give structured information regarding the problem case in question.

The US Department of Justice wants timelines of these outrageous cases.

Just complete and send your case in this format to: Mary Seguin by January 15, 2014 so she can provide them to the DOJ. The USDOJ invitation was issued to the representing group at the Summer March and Congressional Briefing: The California Protective Parents Association.

(Update 1/6/14: The original notice regarding requested timelines is from the California Protective Parents Association November 2013 Newsletter  which says: “Please send the timeline to so we can forward them in a group to DOJ.” Some parents are sending copies of the case timelines – first received and time stamped at local DOJ offices – via certified mail to: U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001.

The email address “” noted in the Examiner article above is for those interested in joining a complaint filed in United States District Court, District of Massachusetts. Please see the CPPA November 2013 newsletter for more information. –  Julia )


Format for the Letter to the USDOJ

Who you are

 1. Contact information:

 2. Background:

3. Education:

4. Former employment:

5. Criminal record (arrests and convictions):


Who your former partner/husband/wife is

1. Background:

2. Education:

3. Former employment:

4. Criminal record (arrests and convictions):


Reports of physical or sexual assault/battery and/or incest

1.  Law enforcement (give name of office and address):

Date, Name and title of officer, Outcome of investigation and report:Child Protective Services (give name of office and address):

2. Social worker/Counselor/Other:

Date, Name and title of worker, Outcome (including not reporting to criminal authorities to investigate):

 3. Court personnel (give title and address):

Date, Name and title of professional, Outcome(including not reporting to criminal authorities to investigate):

4. Other offices/individuals:

Date, Name and title of professional, Outcome (including not reporting to criminal authorities to investigate):


Intimidation against you that deterred you from reporting

1. Who intimidated you:

2. How were you intimidated:


Gag orders

1. Who gave you a gag order (name, title, date, place):

2. Rationale given for gag order to not talk about these recurring crimes of incest and assault and battery:

3. Removal of child(ren) from you after you reported criminal physical or sexual assault/battery and/or incest:


Response from Social Services

1. Name and title of person(s), recommendations for investigation/ removal/ supervision:

2. Date of recommendation and where recommendation was filed:

3. Name and title of person ordering removal of children (if removal was ordered) :

4. Date of order and where order was filed:


Supervised visitation

1. Name and title of person recommending supervised visits:

2. Reason given for recommendation:

3. Name and title of person who ordered supervised visits:

4. Date and place order was made:

5. Name of specific visitation center you were ordered to attend:

6. Amount of fees:

7. Dates and times you were ordered to attend:

8. If you were not ordered to a specific visitation center, name of visitation center you chose:

9. Was this center paid by the county:


Motions you filed for relief

1. Date and place filed:

2. Who filed the motion:

3. What lawyers were involved:

4. Outcome of the motion:

*At the end of the time line, please provide note: Supporting evidence is being compiled in exhibits.”

Parents in and out of CPS courts and family/divorce courts face a hamster wheel of demands, which beyond the direct trauma to the family, often exhaust financial and emotional resources, cost jobs and personal assets. Most everyone knows at least ONE case like this. Please pass this article along to others who might be affected.

7 thoughts on “Attention: Protective Parents in Family Courts

  1. Hi Let’s Get Honest,

    I saw your comment and didn’t post it. I’ve left the link to your blog next to your comments with the hope that those who would like to see your information will visit your site. I simply don’t have the intellect or the fortitude to process all the information, separate facts from opinions and useful information from what’s not. I hope good people in authority receiving full-time salaries with benefits for sifting through information like that will sift through your information, find helpful information and do something about it so we can move on with our lives.

    I hope you have a good night.


  2. It has been four days since my second comment providing a direct link to the mothers’ complaint (and other information) has been sitting in moderation. It begins:


    Let’s Get Honest says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 9, 2014 at 11:17 AM

    “One way to sound like a real fool is to attempt to hold ongoing conversations with (some). …

  3. Wanted to let you know that the email address you posted in your December 22nd post re the USDOJ investigation of corruption in family courts et al., is incorrect. I hope that this is the right email:

    ricourtcon@gmail .com


  4. I doubt most people are going to read this entire comment, if it’s cleared. However, it’s a reader-alert (buyer-beware) on this notice. Family Court in America, as you are posting this please do what CPPA didn’t – and tell us, clearly, who “Mary Seguin” is and why anyone who is, or has been involved in a LEGAL CASE should send their information to a stranger. Have we not heard of the process of “discovery” and that the name of the game is discovering from the opposing side what’s going on, while revealing only what’s needed for the cause of action?

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll say this plainly (and possibly get my own comment censored) — CPPA is in place as an underfunded, and often enough, not-filing nonprofit to solicit stories (PERSONAL case information) for delivery to unknown persons while promoting that they are wishing to stop sexual abuse of children and abusers having custody of children — while simultaneously having for years censored clear information on WHY this is most likely happening (which is the funding involved). As such CPPA offers email lists and circulation lists as what appears to be a free conduit for anyone, and it seems like almost every court advocacy group WITH some funding to use OUR distress for THEIR purposes, which are not properly aligned with the actual cause of stopping custody from going to batterers and molesters – or they’d be interested in telling the rest of how it happens, instead of censoring that story while trying to collect more case histories. “Just Take it on Faith” is appropriate for religious circles –however it is highly INappropriate for citizens of the United States to keep a leash on abusive governmental practices.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I received this email and for years have been perturbed AND disturbed by the ongoing, continual requests by California Protective Parents Association — who as a corporation, has not been filing its own tax returns, is basically unfunded, and has become a conduit for certain other groups (such as Center for Judicial Excellence) who ARE funded, and telling women//mothers in particular to keep sending in their stories to strangers (to those women) while utterly failing to educate themselves on (1)who they are sending it in to, and/or (2) how to identify basic profiles of a group, or a person associated with some group, whose leanings, funding, associations etc., they have not vetted — at all as here:

    “Just complete and send your case in this format to: Mary Seguin atricourtcon@gmail .com by January 15, 2014 so she can provide them to the DOJ. The USDOJ invitation was issued to the representing group at the Summer March and Congressional Briefing: The California Protective Parents Association.”

    ANYONE could have at any time done what I do at Let’s Get Honest Blog, and followed the information others have already outlined, IN PERSON, to Ms. Valentine, and Ms. Russell, about certain basics: Conciliation Code, HHS funding, Access/Visitation funding (to promote increased noncustodial parenting time, which then justifies compromise of arrears (i.e., COAR, COAP in child support, depriving children of such child support.

    Cindy Ross did (to at a minimum Connie). Liz Richards did. Karen Anderson has since 1999 obviously (because her case is posted at a site, which EVERYONE would do well to pay closer attention to (the sections on Los Angeles Courthouse Corporations, Supervised Visitations, etc). Coming along in these matters only ca. 2009, I quickly brought myself as best I could (Being destitute and without contact with my kids at the time, barely had internet access until a stranger got me a used laptop; often I was without phone) on these issues, and started blogging them so mothers, AND fathers, AND taxpayers do not have to stay ignorant. I have been pro-active in comments fields and forums, but put most of the effort into the blog.

    In addition to speaking to leadership about this, or attempting to, I have also explained it to followers of some of these groups, which I am going to characterize as having the qualities of a cult (dissent is feared and hated, the topics of discussion are CENSORED when it relates to money, and the followers are kept in more ignorance than they ought to be, or their support is withdrawn).

    Yet this blog will not even post a link to my blog. They will post almost anyone and everyone else that has information which does not TOUCH the financial matters — which are primary. You will post material from Anne Stevenson’s expose of the AFCC — but will not follow up on the topic as I have, and as she has, nor encouraged people to comprehend what the word “Incorporation” even means, and what it means when a court-connected referral is NOT incorporated.

    Although Marv Bryer exposed this (with others, including Richard Fine, attorney) and it was blogged in a series of articles in “Insight Magazine” around the turn of the millennium, writing from Los Angeles.

    I will continue exposing and writing, including that the same Congress you are writing has decade after decade appropriated funding improperly to the causes of the very problems you are hoping it will fix. As if they were unaware. By doing so this gives an excuse for more federal interventions, when the original federal interventions/diversions (i.e., increased governmental centralization!) is key to the problem to start with!

    I have already exposed that Lundy Bancroft has been collaborating (through presenting) with active and renowned fathers’ rights leadership (Jerry Tello, National Compadres Network, etc.) in San Jose (Santa Clara County) in a conference presided over by an AFCC judge (retired). Santa Clara is home to Silicon Valley. ALL I did was look up the (woman) judge in his particular workshop, and surprise, surprise, a nonprofit connection to this judge ALSO running Honoring Fathers workshops in collaboration with a church (The Cathedral of Faith) run by someone indoctrinated into a Dominionist cult (C. Peter Wegner), and in those conferences, fathers and grandmothers (mothers, specifically not invited) get an audience in front of judges with help navigating the court system.

    The same group was also associated with a major community agency caught embezzling from its own (MACSA) recently; that group was the (woman judge’s nonprofit’s…) “FISCAL AGENT.” Once MACSA hit the negative newslines, said nonprofit quickly started using its original corporate identity meaning this: For many years,, it would be a real trick to track the funding of those High Powered Dads conferences in our area.

    This season (2014) as I am contacting individuals active in a variety of states, West Coast, South of the Bible Belt and Midwest (and East Coast, but the East Coast has at least Anne Stevenson) — and I’m blogging about Baltimore currently, where another Commission on Child Custody was formed, and it’s stacked with fatherhood appointees; AND Baltimore is home to known financial fraud around the same grants system — I will be posting CPPAs, CJE’s, the group under which Battered Women’s Justice Project operates (Domestic Abuse intervention Programs in Duluth, MN), the “Family Justice Center Alliance’s” and anyone else’s tax returns, and conference agenda (I have already pointed out that Eileen King tried to silence me in a Washington Post article, May 2013 around BMCC conference, for identifying her basic dishonesty concealing corporate funding — Justice for Children (Dec 2012, BMCC conference circular) changed to “Child Justice, Inc.” It took me about 4 minutes to look up and realize this was under the group “First Star” (Washington D.C.) which had a California connection (a very wealthy one) — and comment so. Eileen attempted to deny it (in a comment), so I posted the quote FROM First Star proving it (her appeal for funds) after which I was accused of being a fathers rights mole (because I’m analytical) and shortly after which comments were shut down.

    People should pay very close attention when comments AND with them, topics are censored in reform advocacy groups. The one I think most relevant to our current situation, possibly, is who initially funded Center for Judicial Excellence (someone who had nothing whatsoever to do with the family law arena) AND that they didn’t file for their first year (2006 as I recall) until the year 2011. That’s all information available for free, on-line, at the Charitable Registry in my state. ALL states have places to record incorporation and nonprofit status, and it’s time to start looking their FIRST before becoming a follower. This includes for NCSC, and for a movie about to come out (within a week) “DivorceCorps.”

    If I sound angry, I am. The hallmark of abuse is dishonesty and derailing conversations about the abuse, or the dishonesty. One of the first things any parent who is dealing with protecting her kids should DEMAND (by screening for it) is honesty about who any organization IS (and if a nonprofit, get your hands on their tax return), and whether they are filing properly.

    To get to the truth, you have to get the context, and the chronology. I am from the Northern California area, and have watched the gradual combination and coalition of “Protective Parents” grow, steadily — while continuing to downplay, and until literally forced to haul it out of the closet where (obviously) it was hoped it would stay, the HHS grants issue ,which California NOW brought out in 2002, as did others. None of this has helped people stop their kids from being stolen — they are being stolen and trafficked because of the money available in doing so. And you don’t want to talk about that coherently, or develop the language to do so???

    Another one — Protective Mothers Alliance (Janice Levinson/Lundy Bancroft). Has anyone found a single corporate identity for this group? Is it listed on the website? Is it in Florida? (Answer: NO). PMA started with CPPA (Connie’s group) as a fiscal agent in 2009, and at the time CPPA may have not been earning almost anything — however, were they filing? What Lundy wanted was the reputation — for conference circuit, publication and other purposes, of being one of the primary male voices for battered mothers losing custody, along with Mr. Goldstein. I know Mr. Bancroft (many thanks for the original books — they are fine books, they just don’t address the more important elements, such as welfare reform, and the child custody angle — at all. it’s not even a topic. Essentially, they pretend a billion-dollar industry sponsored by HHS, DOJ, etc. public funds, and private — does not exist!) — is being paid something for the conferences and travel, he has to make a living. Where are those taxes paid? Is he a for-profit personal consultant, independently wealthy (I doubt that), or simply doing the conference circuit, obtaining royalties, and not reporting? IF he is an individual taxpayer only — his tax return is no one’s business but the IRS. However, he does NOT speak for me, and I am in the category of women/mothers he claims to represent to judges, and fatherhood promoters, while trying to unify the protective mothers movement (with help from another mother who lost custody? Janice L.) —

    This is something that mothers, women, should start taking charge of and make it personal. If we can raise children, we have a responsibility to oversee their values, and be able, for example, to tell when our little ones may be tempted to lie, to deflect blame, to abuse others, or to join a gang. Women are equipped to do this because we are not innately hierarchical (in my opinion); and the top-down hierarchy, while efficient (and how this country is run) is not necessarily the best. In the matters of some of these more high-profile (because their publicity is part paid for, and part, we have been brainwashed into promoting, for free, without scrutinizing first) advocacy groups, are a very serious hindrance to justice, while putting it in their names, labels, and causes.

    What a shame I had to wait a full six years (2003– ca. the time of The Batterer as Parent, past 2006 (ca. the time CJE was incorporated in Northern CA), past the time my kids were stolen overnight and profession destroyed in the process — and their lives have not gotten better since (one has run away as a young adult and ended up homeless out of state; my housing is currently being controlled by those involved in the child-stealing, and as it turned, in order to control family money, they had to first break me, and get those kids; do you know what a social security number for an ABANDONED dependent minor child is worth these days, in terms of taxes, and in terms of possible over-billing through Medicaid, etc.?….)…….until nearly 2009 (a real wake-up call) to learn the word “Access Visitation” and “Responsible Fatherhood?” because, reviewing all my references and links, I ran across As to Lundy’s books, I not only read them (my copy was dog-eared) but read the footnotes, followed up on 800#s, contacted those groups, got on their database updates search — I don’t think anyone could’ve followed up on leads better. BUT — there was ZERO mention of the federal funding!! The problems with the family courts i.e. OUTSIDE the courts, and cannot be understood until their origins and setups are understood. ….. For a start, see my blog. it’s not as though I haven’t laid it out often enough. Anyone who contacts me through the comments field and asks to clarify what they may not understand, AFTER they’ve looked at some of the evidence, I will help further outline.

    I see (today at least) SIXTY-TWO links (alpha) on the blogroll here. “Lets Get Honest” is not one of them. I could go down the entire row in 10 minutes and identify: large, small nonprofit (and which are taking federal funds) and “fake” (no nonprofit has been found to date). Battered Women’s Justice Project, for example,, is listed by AFCC as an AFCC partner — yet it’s not a corporation. It’s a PROJECT of a multi-million-dollar HHS grantee up in Duluth Mn. BMCC is not a nonprofit, it’s obviously a conference. Legal Assistance Victim Advocates, LLC (Karen Huffer), last I heard, was in Nevada, but possibly moved to Colorado. However Fullkort Press was who took the billings (at one point anyhow), and owes me money after refusing to return a deposit, providing no services, and attempting to retroactively bill me by hour, although there was no contract for hourly pay. I almost lost my housing in the process, and it further compromised my personal safety, simply because I made the mistake of trusting a group others trusted. The target market for the group is people with PTSD unable to protect themselves without accommodation properly in court — and I find that despicable, to steal from such people — a substantial amount…

    The blogroll makes zero distinction between corporation, person, blog, or anything — leaving that footwork up to readers, if they even think to do it. Of course anyone has a right to put up a jumbled set of references out, for consumption by people probably involved in the fights of their lives for safety, survival, and as parents.

    But why would anyone do so, and not develop some sort of priority, or standard? I have to ask.

    Labels mean something – but not much — until what is underneath the label is examined. The FDA or whoever does this, requires that the food we are sold contains certain lists of ingredients, and where appropriate, disclaimers//warnings. In an era of information overload, it’s up to the individual to develop some sort of labeling system and in communicating with others, make some of the meanings clear. Otherwise we just have “Friends, let me introduce you to my Friends” — without understanding what activities said friends are indeed involved in. So goes the recruiting — for gangs, cults (religious or otherwise) and movements.
    = = = = = = = =
    No apologies for the length this time. I’m tired of hearing stories of women who’ve been dumped and duped by some of these practices and years of dumbing them down, and trying to personally bring them up to speed on material which has been censored for now, at least 20 years, on programs that began 50 years ago (like AFCC claims its own history dates to 1963…..). Currently this includes at least one family law attorney who experienced the “flip” side of justice after, defending civil rights violation of one of her clients (a mother) ended up handcuffed to a wheelchair, stripped of eyeglasses, jewelry, and of course boxes of evidence while IN the courthouse, jailed several days without charges (without being booked) AFTER having been wheeled back into the courtroom to witness the kangaroo proceedings in this condition. See Carver County Corruption or The Family Innocence Project in Minnesota. These people seem completely unconscious of major outfits in their own state running both Fatherhood and DV major operations. That’s about to change….See you at my blog; at least I have a stance, express it, back it up, and deliver some simple tools that anyone can use to wade through the forest of “we are stopping abuse against children and family violence” rhetoric, and groups.

    Some people may say, It’s too complex for me, I don’t do numbers, I’m not technically inclined. I say, barring major disabling PTSD and some genetic defects, “BS.” It’s a matter of mindset, motivation and after that, some basic practice. You have to get out of passive mode, develop some basic vocabulary and after that, start looking at the evidence. It’s 90% what a person looks at in the time freed up from looking for a leader, that can turn a person into a leader, and learn to just say no to foolishness, or dangerous foolish behaviors, which filling out and sending that form in, without further information, absolutely would be. Again — WHO is Mary Seguin and why would anyone suggest sending personally identifying information to strangers? Have you never heard of case-steering, or stalking? Where’s a statement from this woman (gmail address) not even linked to state, organization, association, or what’s her link to the DOJ?

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