Congressional Briefing: Protecting Children of Divorce and Separation

From Eileen King, Executive Director, Child Justice, Inc. :

Congressional Briefing October 2


Protecting Abused Children of Divorce and Separation

Please join us on Wednesday October 2, 2013 from 10:30 to 11:30 A.M. in room 2226 of the Rayburn HOB for a Congressional briefing on Protecting Abused Children of Divorce and Separation.

Find out why the Netherlands gave an American family, Holly Collins and her three children, asylum as refugees escaping grave danger, rather than return them to the United States. 

Find out why children who report abuse by a parent and the case is in divorce court are treated differently from children who report abuse in any other context. As citizens, children are entitled to due process to ensure their safety. Unequal treatment of child victims is a civil inequality issue over which Congress has authority and jurisdiction.

Find out how such inequality may lead to child deaths and how federal funding may inadvertently decrease safety.


Joyana L. Silberg, Ph.D., Vice President, The Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence
Hera McLeod, Mother of Prince McLeod Rams
Donnette Lepore, Parent and Advocate
Eileen King, Executive Director, Child Justice, Inc. 
Andrew Willis, Stop Abuse Campaign 
Barry Goldstein, The Safe Child Coalition


Video clip from the Stop Abuse Campaign’s Capitol Hill briefing May 9, 2012:


10 thoughts on “Congressional Briefing: Protecting Children of Divorce and Separation

  1. Let all the victims (children lied to) be enlightened so that they may find the truth and therefore find peace.

  2. Life is hard enough. Why play games with your childrens hearts? Why is it a threat for them to love other than you?

  3. Sometimes a child will for their own survival, believe and cling to, the one parent who survives, when they lost the parent they are living with. The loss is too much to endure, so they will put on a protective shield.

  4. Joyana L. Silberg, Ph.D., Vice President, The Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence
    Eileen King, Executive Director, Child Justice, Inc.
    Andrew Willis, Stop Abuse Campaign
    Barry Goldstein, The Safe Child Coalition


  5. God keep your organization going, in spite of those who could sabotage it because of lying. People and children are suffering and need an organization to turn to.

  6. amber alert

    If the amber alert were in affect, you and your brother’s’ names would be plastered
    all over along with your mothers. She automatically would of been jailed
    for taking you kids out of state, with no warning, your father going crazy because
    she did everything to cover her tracts so you would not see your father again.;

    He tried all leads, and finally through one of her sisters, he found out where
    she was. Your mother would of been in jail longer, but he didn’t want to do
    that because she was your mother, and as usual, he thought of you first.

    Girl, you got it all backwards. Just like the hospital story when you were’
    scheduled for surgery and the time when your brother had pneumonia and she lied about your dad threatening her in

    The terrible thing she said about your oldest brotherl, and caused you to get a physical. You even said you didnt remember/ For all the debt your dad made so he could ‘save you kids” you owe him to read his day to day diary. He was willing to work his butt off, to
    save you kids from a twisted upbringing. Your mother always got Free aide. She is a master of that. Maybe the pain of his loss will be easier for you, if you chose to believe lies and don”t seek the truth. Did you ever hear the saying,
    “the truth sill set you free”. I believe he still is watching over you, and your brothers.

  7. It seems that Eileen isn’t concerned with truth in the matter of accusations made against husbands and fathers. She has been manipulated big time and to show you how well liked and trusted he was, these were posted on his death day anniversary: His wife Donnette wiggled her way into your group and spawned her lies. I as a friend and neighbor of Bob can attest to the fact she was the abuser and attacked him:

    · Danielle Kennedy Thinking of all of you today 2015

    · Rosemary Querriera Bonelli Thinking of you today!

    · Lisa Panella Zona Heather Micco I did not know you were related. I will never forget the day that me and Angelina were driving from my brothers house in mahoningtown on Atlantic ave and saw this happen! We were right behind him! I felt horrible. Me and Angelina think of him Everytime we are on Atlantic..My heart goes out to you and your family!

    · Missy Treloar You are all in thoughts and prayers! I still cannot believe that he is gone. He was a great guy! Love you!

    · Heather Cumo A great man, a great friend and an even better Police Officer!! U r forever in our hearts..36

    Heather Micco thinking of all of you today, I know your pain.. Stay strong my friend

    · MaryAnne Gavrile Thinking of you. Loved him and think of him often.

    · Tara Copple Thinking of you

    Mike Occibone -Thinking of you and sending prayers. I was blessed to have grown up with him. Always a great soul !

    · Christine Tuscano-Reider Thinking of U my dear Friend

    · Jeanna Bashara Luv and prayers to all of u. He truly is a angel

    · Jackie Johns RIP MEMORY ETERNAL Bobby you will never be forgotten- and prayers and thoughts go out to your family on this sad day.,

    · Phyllis Heasley Love & prayers Heather & grandma Helen.

    · Tracy Brandt Forletta Your are in my prayers.36

    · Dana Masters Prayers sent

    · Robert Stull Rest in Peace my friend

    · Leslie Malley Thinking of you 

    · Scott Trosky Such a pleasure of knowing him ,what a great man,,,,,,,

    · Brian Schott thinking of youLike · lynn Barclay Miss him & remember what a great father & friend he was.
    · Kathy Birtalan Thoughts and love to all of you. He was a good person, and I will always remember his kindnesses.

    · Amy Polivka Reiter Love you Heather Micco. Prayers that you may find peace today

    · Sharyn Shaner Thinking of you in your grief.

    · Nicole Dattilo Lipinski Thinking of u today…love you #badge36#

    · Tammy Waters Heather, I miss my brother and friend sooo much. He will ALWAYS be remembered

    Heather Micco He always loved you Tammy! Thank you for always being so good to him
    · Jennifer Kol Salem 

    · Sandy Rivera Thinking of you! We love you!

    · Tim Barclay Miss him everyday.

    · Tammy Waters Tim, he loved you and spoke so highly of you during the ENDLESS conversations we had…
    Helen Lepore I have many fond memories of Bobby and Tim. Bobby would bring over to my house for lunch break and I loved cooking for them.
    · Madeline Fornataro-Melidona Hugs!!!!

    · Paula Olson-O’Connor My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Love you mumma

    · Angela Elias Schon

    · Rest in peace with Jesus Bobby…XOXO

    · Diane Dattilo Thinking of all of you!! Prayers!!

    · Sam Martello I am thinking of you

    · Jodi Ferry-Steiger ♡♡☆☆♡♡☆☆”Only the good die young.”

    · Linda Casacchia Servedio He was so wonderful to work with and my heart was crushed when I found out he passed.. what a beautiful man he was..

    · Clarice Micaletti Walker Hugs

    · Michele Martini ((Hugs)) and prayers to u all.

    · Connie Flora Bobby he holds a special place in my heart!! ((((HUGS)))))

    · Anthony Adamo Miss him every day.

    · Ramona Ullrich Loved and missed by all who knew him

    · Helen Lepore There are no words that can express the love I have for him. He was someone I could depend on and maybe I did too much. He was so kind and respectful of me and I would have done anything in the world for him.

    · Carrie Bayuk Thinking of you!

    · Fran Occhibone Thinking of all of you today and always…rest in peace Bobby!!

    · Diana Nuzzo Rankin

    · Brooke Ann Forever missed

    Erin Micco Thinking of you all


    Robert J. Lepore

    A community prayed, hoped, cried and buried one of its own this past summer.

    Robert J. Lepore was a Mahoningtown boy. A small-town place with close-knit families.

    “I knew where he lived,” said Vickie Onufrak, who went to school with Lepore’s sister, Roseanne Hilke. “It was a Mahoningtown thing.”

    The police officer’s death on July 26, 2008, came approximately two weeks after he was involved in a one-car accident on Atlantic Avenue.

    The 44-year-old Lepore, who had served with the New Castle Police Department since February 1990, was off duty at the time. He had risen in rank to detective sergeant.

    “He was a servant to his family, his children and his city in all that was right and good,” the Rev. Kenneth Keene said during Lepore’s Mass of Christian burial at St. Vincent de Paul Church.

    The mourners could not all fit in the 300-seat church and spilled outside onto the steps, driveway and church yard. The day before, an estimated 2,000 to 2,500 visitors turned out at Ed and Don DeCarbo Funeral Home and Crematory for calling hours.

    The city’s police department attended services. Also on hand were the City of New Castle Fire Department and law enforcement agencies from the state, Ellwood City, Neshannock, Shenango, Union, New Wilmington, Bessemer, New Beaver, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, the Beaver County Sheriff’s Department, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, the Butler County Sheriff’s Department, Robinson Township (Allegheny County) and Northwest Regional.

    More than 100 cars took part in the procession from the funeral home to the church, with 30 of those law enforcement vehicles.

    Lepore’s niece, Heather Micco, said a respiratory infection, Legionnaires’ disease, may have contributed to his death.

    “He wasn’t well. He had a bad cough and thought he had bronchitis.”

    Family members, she said, believe the Air Force veteran was driving himself to Jameson Hospital at the time of the crash.

    In addition to his parents, Robert C. and Helen Martello Lepore, he is survived by a daughter, Rakail Lepore; three sons, Michael T. Lepore, Thomas J. Lepore and Ryan J. Lepore; two brothers, Christopher Lepore and Antonio Lepore; and two sisters, Roseanne Hilke and Elena Lepore.

  9. Am Praying for the right words for them and hoping that the briefing committee will listen and hear that we need reform in family court. Our children’s lives are at stake~~~God speed

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