by Julia Fletcher

I’ve decided to meet with a few people on Monday. 

I won’t type their names here, what we’ll talk about or where we’ll meet. The meeting has to do with corruption in our state that seems to be related to the family court corruption here.

Whenever I speak with someone important about such things on the phone, I sometimes hear beeps. The beeps aren’t the kind of beeps signaling an incoming call — they’re the kind of beeps you hear after the message telling you your call is being recorded “for quality assurance”. It’s those kind of beeps without the “quality assurance” message.

My guess is that my telephone calls have been recorded for the last several months. If the calls are being recorded, I hope it’s “for quality assurance” purposes in family courts.

I wish I could be more hopeful, but there’s no sign of progress in our state. One of the main culprits in family court corruption in our state has been assigned to yet another task force. He is to address all the many problems in family courts which he helped create. 

Many investigating and exposing corruption in family courts in this and other states often say things like:

“If anything happens to me, know that I love my family, my friends and this amazing life. I’m not suicidal. I have every intention of continuing to enjoy and appreciate this life while I investigate and expose corruption. I’m going to keep doing all I can to help build a brighter future for everyone.”


One thought on “Ditto

  1. Ditto here too…Not sure what state you’re in but it’s the same story here in the Northwest USA.

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