“It is indeed an international issue.”

From The Copenhagen Post online:

Investigating child custody claims, EU delegation ignored by government

Ray Weaver 

June 21, 2013

Members of an EU committee in Denmark to investigate how the country handles custody and visitation rights involving EU citizens have been rebuffed by the government.

Photo credit: The Copenhagen Post

The delegation, led by MEP Angelika Werthmann from Austria, came to Denmark after the committee had become “deeply concerned” by Denmark’s handling of custody and visitation rights cases and has been in Denmark for the past two days to investigate complaints sent to them by parents who feel their rights are being trampled on by the government in child custody cases.

The group made the trip especially to speak with the justice minister, Morten Bødskov (Socialdemokraterne), the social affairs and integration minister, Karen Hækkerup (Socialdemokraterne), and the national police commissioner, Jens Henrik Højberg, to discuss the growing number of cases the EU is seeing coming out of Denmark.

The petitions committee is designed to investigate concerns sent to them by EU residents. Being involved in human-rights cases is something of uncharted territory for the group that is more often called in to investigate and mediate issues like housing, environmental and land disputes.

Neither the ministers nor the police commissioner would meet with the delegation. They instead sent representatives who, according to Werthmann,  told them they only had a “short time” to spend with them.

“I can say, without a doubt, that this committee has never, ever been treated in this fashion anywhere else,” a frustrated Werthmann said today during a press conference. “This is an official delegation of the EU.”

After failing to be granted an audience with the ministers, Werthmann and fellow delegates, MEP Peter Jahr from Germany and MEP Carlos Iturgaiz Angulo from Spain, then attempted to arrange meetings with rank-and-file MPs, only to find that most have already left for their summer holiday.  …

To read the full story by Ray Weaver, click here to go to The Copenhagen Post online.


5 thoughts on ““It is indeed an international issue.”

  1. Dear Maria Jose,

    Since my government has not yet formally apologized for the criminal actions of Bergen County employees in your child’s case, I would like to extend sincere regret and apologies to you on behalf of all good people of this country.

    As you know probably already know, most of the general population here in the United States has no idea that there is a crisis in our family courts. Unlike the Spanish mainstream media, the mainstream media in the USA mostly ignores the family court crisis, the details of the brutality and the corruption involved in many child custody cases.

    Since the mainstream media here has not informed the general population, most people in this country have no idea there is a crisis in our family court systems.

    Please accept our sincere and profound apologies for all the harm done to you and your family. As you know, thousands of mothers across the country have suffered under similar extreme and brutal conditions.
    After all you have been through, it would be easiest for you to walk — or run — away, to not ever look back on the nightmare you endured this past decade.

    After all of the pain and suffering you endured this past decade, thank you for being willing to pursue justice in your own case and thank you for being willing to help us reform our nation’s family courts.

    Know that you can count on us as well.

    A family law attorney in Louisiana is fasting this month to raise awareness of the crisis in our nation’s family courts. Her name is Nanine McCool and her email address is: bridge2justice@gmail.com.

    Here’s the link to the Bridge to Justice Foundation website: https://www.bridge2justice.com/

    Here’s the link to her petition to U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch:


    So far, US legislators, state and federal authorities and the US mainstream media have mostly ignored Ms. McCool’s noble efforts to secure justice for mothers and children in child custody cases in family courts in this country.

    I have seen the Spanish mainstream media’s investigations and reports about much of what happened in your case and I hope and pray owners and editors of Spanish mainstream media outlets might be willing and able to somehow help inform the American people of your case, similar cases and the family court crisis in general in the United States.

    This has been happening for the last four decades. We definitely need to count on each other and we need to continue to count on each other until family courts are all they can and should be.

    With love, respect, muchas gracias y muchos abrazos,


  2. Indeed this is an International Issue, it’s been kept out of the mainstream media that’s why unless a mother has undergone this persecution of being cut off from her child for reporting abuse disclosed by the child, the average person has not heard of this.

  3. The Austrians can kindly shut up. They ignored the court’s custody decision, even though they were obligated per international law to abide by it. Alsok a government minister has no business discussing individual cases with anyone, much less some random MEP who wants to go pander for votes back home in Austria. I’m not a fan of the current government by any means, but Mrs. Hækkerup’s garden was a MUCH better use of her time, than this pompous *censored*.
    Greetings from Denmark

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