Say It Ain’t So

This chart names names.  It’s been online for years, yet no one in a fancy suit has stepped forward to say to cameras on the evening news, “The racketeering never happened. It’s not happening today and here’s the lawsuit for all the liable and slander.” 

Photo: The Liz Library

Exhausted parents, dragged in and out of family courts have seen charts like this. Family court reform advocates have seen these charts and so have legislators.

Some employees of mainstream media outlets have seen charts like this too. So why aren’t they investigating and reporting it? Rogue judges, dumb court orders, crazy court orders and fatal court orders have already been on the evening news. Where are the reports about the alleged racketeering upon which many of our nation’s family courts were allegedly established? 

If any news room executives out there are afraid of lawyers filing lawsuits in response to this kind of information, they can rest assured that no such lawsuits have ever been filed – and that total absence of lawsuits can only mean this: The information is true. 

If the information is true, what’s preventing legislators from doing something about it? The answer to that question is probably in the chart above.   

3 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t So

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  2. (Excuse me, no reference was meant to imply that PMA international (Mr. Bancroft and Janice Levinson) consists of a battered mother survivor and male pastor. However it DOES consist of sort of “mom and pop” figures, where “Mom” runs interference for “Pop” while helping promote his publications. (ever had a direct speaking connection recently with Lundy Bancroft? If you do, please speak about Anne Stevenson’s Huffington Post Blog on the 5 most dangerous HHS programs for women and children (which begins out with actually some fathers that are also irate about them) — and ask him (1) for feedback and (2) why he doesn’t talk about any of them?

    The answer is, he’s on the conference and speaking circuit, and simply chose not to. it’s definitely not that he’s unaware!!!

    Same or similar combo with Barry Goldstein (disbarred attorney, empathetic) and Mo Hannah, Ph.D. — they have edited a major book together which ALSO doesn’t talk about any of the above or name names.

    But when I come, because I haven’t paid copyeditors, proof readers, or press consultants to produce neat cute copy and powerpoints, nor have I chosen to specialize in filming anecdotal evidence for mass appeal — but I show up with documentation, proof and an alternate vocabulary to describe these matters — then it’s not emotionally affirming enough, and is rejected.

    We have to, as mothers and women, get beyond “Who Agrees with Me” and get to a process to determine which are the most fundamental truths. And in this field, the most fundamental truths involve the funding.

    Funding comes FROm somewhere and goes TO somewhere — and to understand this, you have to drop the “psychology” and get to the billings. Since you now seem to be believing the person who put together the chart (I believe we both know who it is) — then understand that the same person visually portrayed what others don’t want to talk about.

    It’s not just naming organizations by name (although that’s also great) but naming them by TYPE that counts. Once you understand those types, then it’s no longer bewildering — it’s a readable pattern. We just need to learn how to read it — and then will better see what to do about it, if it’s not too late yet.

    Talking about the trauma is important — but it can’t be all — it keeps people IN trauma. Let’s talk about the funding, using words properly equipped to do so.

    I see a posting of Lawless America material, however I have heard recently that the same individual has launched some hate-mail type attacks on some of the women in the movement, including Janice Levinson of Protective Mothers Alliance. That said, PMA is functioning as a nonprofit and using words that go with nonprofits (“Co-Executive Director, Co-Founder, etc.) and emphasizing the “international organization” aspect.

    But I can’t file any business incorporation record. Is it just a media campaign with a donate button? IS membership conditional upon recruiting, or to members pay a fee? Organizations that collect either contractual commitments ,OR money, from their “members” — hey, it’s all a big “family” right? — should have their EIN#s revealed and the public should have access to them. Religious groups can (and do) evade a lot of this.

    Most single mothers (or remarried ones) have to do a budget, right? We have to have a general idea of our own expenses income, and what’s the buffer (what, if anything, is in savings) and what are future debts?

    We should expect the same of any nonprofit (or unincorporated, but oughter’ be) advocacy groups that have social media weight thrown behind them. My private tax return is no one’s business. But in America, when it comes to associations, organizations, or any “corporations” taking money under a business name, and/or a fictitious business name — if it’s a public charity, these can be read. if it’s government, we should be able to locate and read it. That’s why I read so much of, and saw that the database was, while informative, full of indicators it’s a “front” to conceal where the money actually goes. I deduced, there’s a lot of laundering going on and can explain several ways in which it’s done, which then would enable others to see when it’s happening in their own geographies and jurisdictions.

    By the way, the example I was referring to above IS the “A Cry For Justice” website. You are hereby informed. ….previous comment, paragraph containing the words “conservative Protestant pastor.” You’re in it. I also would never have posted this here without saying it to the individuals involved (in form of comments submitted AND off-ilne to one of the two leaders involved) personally by email.

  3. One reason such charts are being ignored is they expose th emoney trail. Another reason is the mothers who blog, reblog, relate, re-tell and get caught up with following the experts, just don’t believe information if it isn’t coming from someone who hasn’t gone after mainstream media publication.

    I’ve been posting it for four years and confronting this blog repeatedly on it’s ambiguous, indecisive decision on who to believe — and saying, make up your mind!

    I consider it hypocritical to simply throw your bread on the waters and let whoever has the most money for commandeering web presences (which happens to be the United States Government — who funds several of the links on the blogroll to the right).

    Why not instead, take personal responsibility for having been duped, admit it, and change blogging practices — instead of post have people who are ON the federal faucets (every bit as much as the groups above) — and then post people who critique the same — inbetween posting Lawless America anecdotes and filmed horror stories.

    I have been on-line for four years. Cindy Ross since at least 2002. Liz Richards since 1993. Marv Bryer since 1999 (who was picked up by California NOW in their Family Court Report of 2002). Karen Anderson of Amador county posted her information about Access/Visitation fraud back in 1999 on, a site that should be studied and comprehended — and possibly linked to on-line.

    I have news for us all -CPR (Ms. Pearson, AFCC, etc.) are not the big kids on the block — or the biggest ones. They have historically been connected with the biggest access to wealth, and were smart enough to go for it up front — and that’s:
    1. The Federal Government, and
    2. Private Money from Private foundations..

    I actually looked up this blog today, while updating a 2009 post on (Mr. Bancroft’s books) which FYI, tell us NOTHING about the above chart — intentionally so — and are now hooked up somehow with a conservative Protestant church group, via a pastor and using a website which functions, from what I can tell ,similarly to how PMA functions — a battered mother survivor for empathy with the women involved, and a male pastor for authority. I have already located a marriage/fatherhood curriculum provider being marketed through the ranks (from North Carolina), and that’s probably just the beginning.

    The battered mother’s survivor book addresses the faith community (I just got it recently). But I now have to address from then why, as I have had to with this blog, WHY do they DO that? which is to bypass credible information and testimony — which can be checked out without hearsay evidence or social science theory — to show that this exists for PROFIT. And how it works.

    It takes a lot of social media experts to be bamboozled into looking for the closest experts and wondering “why” for year after year, to confuse and distract intelligent women who KNOW better — but are in such need of an emotional connection with an authority figure, they choose not to use, and believe, their own eyes and ears about to what extent their own government is scamming them in the family courts.

    When I say “scamming” I’m talking about funding BOTH sides, from public funds, and losing millions in the process.

    As I have brought up before, on this blog, the collective understanding of any situation works better when people actually digest information — themselves — before reblogging it — and decide personally to seek to understand WHERE that information fits in the larger puzzle, until that puzzle presents a clear picture to them.

    The process of doing so can be very healing and empowering, one reason I’m not afraid to speak powerfully about it. Which of course isn’t the posture battered women are supposed to take — BOTH self-assured and NOT so overly-networked they can’t critique their own network.

    That’s why I have a “Look it up” page on my blog. The name of the game is train the trainers at public expense, it’s a Bad Cop/Good Cop played on an international scale.

    Yours truly, LGH as usual.

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