A Nonresponsible Bidder is…(depends on who’s asking).

Click on link above for more information about “CT AFCC, Inc.”

Here’s an excerpt from Anne Stevenson’s article in The Washington Times this week: 

Established 1975, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) is now a Wisconsin based international trade organization for family court industry professionals founded by judges, court administrators, and family court professionals who may appear before them. Documents obtained from State and the AFCC show that the AFCC has been a vendor for the Connecticut Judicial Branch for over 30 years, and at one point even had a corporate office within the Hartford Superior Court.

Let’s ask all the officers of the law and all the legislators who should have done something about this ten, twenty and thirty years ago to give 2% of one year’s salary to that one very courageous investigative reporter who devoted a year of her time to do their work for them this past year for free.

One thought on “A Nonresponsible Bidder is…(depends on who’s asking).

  1. Why don’t all the women who haven’t done anything resembling what Anne did (and what others before her did) but instead, went running off after the “tell our stories” crowd — give 2% of their salaries?

    Yes, let’s all do something productive. You first, OK? I’ll follow…..

    Anne looks things up. So do I (have been for four years), for free.

    You don’t “ask” government officials to do their jobs. Right now, I think it’s every person’s job to re-evaluate exactly where they stand in relationship to their own government, which has been allowing corporations in the courthouses to flourish, and waiting until individual people flushed themn out — by demanding evidence from vendor payments, articles of incorporation, nonprofit returns, etc.

    It requires becoming educated on our own country — which is work. It takes time, and it’s a civic duty. This is something you do with yourself– your mind (what’s left of it after the courts), which, like a muscle, is either in shape or not in shape.

    Part of getting it back in shape is giving it something nourishing to eat and rejecting junk food. What information about the courts is junk food, and what is legitimate and factual? How do you tell the difference without looking at the sources?

    We have to either start chewing our own mental food (and not take pre-digested, or hang out to be fed like babies from people in the habit of pre-digesting food (with an anecdotal spin) — or continue being spoon fed some artificial formula.

    Either way, it’s a choice.

    I spent a few days attempting to get comments on the Washington Times piece (couldn’t yet), and actually getting comments on a recent Washington Post piece on the Battered MOthers’ Custody Conference 9You can see the commentary). In the process I discovered another corporation with a street address in Los Angeles that points to a $4 billion home of a British film actor; I discovered that another court crony (Shelly LaBotte) in California has managed to write and somehow (with others) get passed a new bill mandating 24 hours of supervised visitation training (guess who’s going to provide that?). I also learned to look out for State-level “Supervised Visitation Provider” associations.

    All of this is the standard “from the idea to the drawing board to rolling out operations” part of this one organization (that most of your links, to the right, barely even mention exists, although some actually have been collaborating with it, such as Battered Women’s Justice Project) — that AFCC has mastered.

    You can jump in almost anywhere to start understanding these things. Come on in– the water’s warm. You can swim– but not if you won’t get in the water….

    Signed — (LGH).

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