“We’ve been reporting these cases for months.”

From KTTV Los Angeles:

Police are investigating allegations a father molested his own daughter. Officers have removed the child from his home – twice.

So why did social workers – or someone – put her back with dad, the alleged molester, each time?

It’s a question we continue to investigate. But the answer is hidden from most public scrutiny.

This Orange County custody battle is one of the stranger cases we’ve covered during our series, “Lost in the System.”

We’ve been reporting these cases for months…

One thought on ““We’ve been reporting these cases for months.”

  1. Like in my case. My minor son told Marin Court Mediator Gloria Wu that his father hit him. She testified that she did not talk to my son’s doctor, his child therapist, teachers, did not know there were CPS reports and did not know there was domestic violence with the restraining order against the father. She issued her custody recommendation that the batterer father should get the legal custody. The father had not asked for legal custody.

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