Federal Funding Fraud Underlying the ‘Cottage Industries’

From MMDNewswire.com:

August 31, 2011 (MMD Newswire) — On June 19, 2006, the Chicago-based grassroots, non-profit organization, Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA) issued its first press release on BusinessWire announcing that, despite the obstacle of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan representing the judges engaged in alleged racketeering enterprises, they had taken on apparent judicial corruption in the Cook County Circuit Court family court, called “the model for the nation” by Chief Judge Timothy Evans. Today IFCAA announces several major advances by grassroots efforts and the federal government nationally:

An April 2, 2008 Illinois appellate court opinion which, based on her one hour of testimony under oath, stated, “Dr. Sheila Mannix of the IFCAA assisted Lynch in bringing charges and filing complaints against the corrupt judges. Although Mannix did not provide Lynch with any information regarding Judge White, she produced direct evidence regarding several other judges’ involvement in the bribery scheme.” [382 Ill. App. 3d 960]

An April 10, 2010 certified report produced by the Illinois Family Law Study Committee [formed under the authority of House Resolution (HR1101) on May 19, 2008] was obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request which report stated: “(T)he effect of the present system, in practice, has created cottage industries of GALs/child representatives, custody evaluators and others…”

Mannix attached the report to a grand jury motion in her case against the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (U.S.D.C. Case No. 10 C 3849). On September 14, 2010, Chief Judge William Holderman of the federal court in Chicago deferred alleged “direct evidence of federal funding fraud underlying the ‘cottage industries’ operating in the State of Illinois’ family court system” to District U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, stating in a written order, “The United States Attorney may exercise the full prosecutorial authority of the Executive Branch of the United States Government in bringing the matter to the attention of the grand jury.”

An October 28, 2010, Chicago Defender article, “Grand jury demands documents on Ill. Grants,” reported that the prior month, August 2010, Holderman had already convened a grand jury and Fitzgerald had issued upwards of 50 subpoenas to Illinois agencies in receipt of public funds in an “official criminal investigation.”

A July 30, 2011 press release on Illinois’ Republican U.S Senator Mark Kirk’s official website states, “WASHINGTON – Just weeks after the conviction of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on corruption charges, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill which included Senator Mark Kirk’s (R-Ill.) “honest services” priority with bipartisan support. The Public Corruption Prosecution Improvements Act, of which Sen. Kirk is a cosponsor, increases penalties for various public corruption crimes and provides additional tools for prosecutors to further crack down on public corruption.”

An encouraging August 21, 2011, AP release out of Georgia, “FBI squad to investigate corruption among judges, legislators” reported, “The FBI has assembled a new squad to investigate corruption among judges and legislators in Georgia, though the top federal agent in the state is being tightlipped about what cases are developing.” “Brian Lamkin, who heads the FBI office in Georgia,” stated “”We don’t take this lightly,” he said.”These are truly the types of investigations that are being done in the back room. And the circle of friends is very small. In order to penetrate that inner circle, you’ve got to have a strong and tenacious group to develop the intelligence.””

And the August, 11, 2011, 28-year sentence against Pennsylvania Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. in the successful “Kids-for-Cash” investigation by three federal agencies (FBI, IRS, and District U.S. Attorney’s Office) could signal a harbinger of more good things to come in line with the words of Chicago’s top prosecutor, Fitzgerald, after his second successful conviction of an Illinois governor within five years for “white collar crimes;” that he hopes “the message is heard this time” that the federal government will not tolerate public corruption.

Similarly, Utah citizens, who have alerted their state and federal authorities for over eight years to evidence of alleged criminal acts and due process violations in cases involving alleged “judicial kidnapping and child trafficking” as exemplified in the August 19, 2011 NBC Dateline report of the “adoption” of “Baby Emma” from her father involving the Utah and Virginia courts, are encouraged by the nomination of David Barlow for their District U.S. Attorney in hopes that he is appointed and, along with their new FBI Special Agent in Charge David Johnson, will follow the lead of Chicago’s Fitzgerald and FBI Special Agent in Charge Robert Grant.

David Barlow, is the general counsel to U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) who, in June 2011, received a binder of direct evidence of alleged federal crimes hand delivered to his district office by Utah child advocate, Connie Fielding. Ms. Fielding also hand delivered the binder of evidence to the district office of Senate Judiciary Committee senior member, Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), on November 30, 2010 upon the direct request of his aide (a former agent of the Secret Service according to Hatch) with whom Mannix met in D.C. on November 16, 2010.

Dr. Mannix comments, “After working these past six years to help stop the apparent State-court based crimes which literally exploit the nation’s children as “commodities” in judicial system “profit centers,” I’ve found that an essential factor is differentiating between, on the one hand, the behaviors of traumatized parents being forced to watch their children irreparably harmed while being retaliated against, defamed, and impoverished and, on the other hand, the irrefutable sociopathic behaviors observed in public officials who have fiduciary obligations to stop that which they are participating in and enabling. I believe Mr. Fitzgerald summed it up best on June 27, 2011 after the solid conviction of ex-governor Blagojevich on 17 counts of federal crimes; he said, “There is legitimate politics. There are gray areas. Selling a Senate seat, shaking down a children’s hospital and squeezing a person to give money before you sign a bill that benefits them is not a gray area. It’s a crime.” Likewise, the evidence indicates that what is going on in the venue provided by the nation’s State courts in which private assets and federal funds can be unlawfully accessed are not “legitimate judicial proceedings” but crime, specifically, apparent violations of Federal funding laws and other Federal civil and criminal laws including alleged racketeering activity among public officials and State court actors.”

In addition to helping provide evidence to state and federal authorities in pursuit of indictments of allegedly corrupt public officials including Mormon judges, Mannix has networked with Virginia citizens as well as Utah citizens, the latter of which have specifically called upon their Mormon GOP state legislators to launch an independent forensic audit of all Federal taxpayers’ dollars coming into the State’s family court-related programs.

Dr. Mannix concludes, “No one will be able to balance any government budget until the public corruption involving hundreds of billions of the nation’s taxpayers’ hard-earned income, which, in part, is literally being using to perpetrate that which the U.S. Congress voted it is to prevent, specifically, child and elder abuse, domestic violence, parental deprivation, and child support avoidance, is stopped once and for all by more criminal investigations, forensic audits, and tough new laws which result in the loss of pensions in entirety and deterrent-based, long-term prison sentences for involved officials acting in positions of public trust. Onward for the children.”

About IFCAA:

Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA) is a volunteer, non-profit organization which was co-founded in June 2005 by licensed mental health practitioners, educators, and victims of the alleged fraudulently-concealed racketeering activity in the Cook County family court involving domestic violence cases. IFCAA is operating under said assumed name for the non-profit organization, In All Our Best Interest, which Dr. Sheila Mannix founded in 1995 when she was engaged in her pre-family court racket professional activities and whose mission is to stop child abuse and other social dysfunction through education, activism, and advocacy.

Media Contact:
Dr. Sheila Mannix, Co-Founder
Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA)
(847) 971-6679



2 thoughts on “Federal Funding Fraud Underlying the ‘Cottage Industries’

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  2. RE: this paragraph:

    “In addition to helping provide evidence to state and federal authorities in pursuit of indictments of allegedly corrupt public officials including Mormon judges, Mannix has networked with Virginia citizens as well as Utah citizens, the latter of which have specifically called upon their Mormon GOP state legislators to launch an independent forensic audit of all Federal taxpayers’ dollars coming into the State’s family court-related programs.”

    The thing is, individual citizens (MORE of them) can put more pressure and start doing a few independent forensic audits of their own. IF THEY WOULD — and if that’d be the normal topic of conversation, including teaching each other how to. However (see the majority of the links to the right — herein — ) most advocacy groups are simply not going to do that. They have other agenda, and haven’t figured out that the child abuse and the money laundering go together. Stop the moneylaundering, and probably that’d do more to reduce the child abuse than addressing the child abuse straight-on. In my opinion.
    This is amazing work in getting a grand jury on the matter. Can any of the reports obtained (referenced in the article) be made available to the public??

    IFCAA is well known (and God bless ’em!) but under-reported. However I’d still like to ask — how can hundreds of billions of dollars be repeatedly labeled a “cottage” industry?

    We should always look up nonprofits. Based on the description of IFCAA (whose work we are grateful for), I looked up In our Best Interests: Here’s the latest tax return – it is three women in three different states and as of 2005 had entirely run out of money (running in the hole) not suprising given what they’re up against!

    Click to access 364046779_200512_990EZ.pdf

    EIN# 36-4046779.
    (the newswire release — article above http://www.mmdnewswire.com/ifcaa-announces-ongoing-alleged-retaliation-against-citizens-fighting-judicial-corruption-1237.html)

    I did find the organization “IN ALL OUR BEST INTEREST” registered as a nonprofit in Illinois under that assumed name (but someone spelled “accountability” “accoutability,”)

     Entity Name IN ALL OUR BEST INTEREST  File Number 58553395
     Status ACTIVE
     Entity Type CORPORATION  Type of Corp NOT-FOR-PROFIT
     Incorporation Date (Domestic) 10/20/1995  State ILLINOIS
     Agent Name DON O SPAGNOLO  Agent Change Date 09/28/2010
     Agent Street Address 2500 W HIGGINS STE 100  President Name & Address
     Agent City HOFFMAN ESTATES  Secretary Name & Address
     Agent Zip 60169  Duration Date PERPETUAL
     Annual Report Filing Date 10/01/2012  For Year 2012

    Anyhow, family court would probably be less corrupt of more of us had been insisting — all along– that we actually get the contracts for, names of, and vendor payment history (when it’s public money) of anyone and everyone doing business with the family courts — county by county (even COOK county included).

    perhaps then someone might have caught AFCC shenanigans and got and kept the public interest in it, and the spotlight on, long enough that (because of MASSIVE not SPORADIC) public interest, the racketeering just might have been a little harder, or at least slowed down some!

    Particularly this one: Notice the 1975 date, but the website (http://afccnet.org) claims it’s in Wisconsin. I’m not sure whether the Illinois one is supposed to “really” be the one with a Wisconsin address — someone wanna do some FOIAs? Or get their certificates?

     Status ACTIVE
     Entity Type CORPORATION  Type of Corp NOT-FOR-PROFIT
     Incorporation Date (Domestic) 07/31/1975  State ILLINOIS
     Agent Name SUSAN SNOW  Agent Change Date 06/21/2010
     Agent Street Address 12112 S 75TH AVE PO BOX 23  President Name & Address
     Agent City PALOS HEIGHTS  Secretary Name & Address
     Agent Zip 60463  Duration Date PERPETUAL
     Annual Report Filing Date 07/23/2012  For Year 2012

    There’s also an “AFCC, Inc.” in Northbrook, IL (est. 2012) I’m not sure if it’s related or not.

    I think once more people start waking up to how come they’re outclassed in the courts is, in part, that the money going through them is being deposited to funds that don’t exist (if the shoe fits wear it) and IF people would get their heads out of individual cases and into the local government’s reporting of where the LEGITIMATE funds actually are held (which their CAFRs will show) — then that might cut down on the illegitimate ones.

    If that sounds like a foreign language or concept (or this comment looks like it, i.e., the corporate lookups didn’t come with formatting attached), then start here, or come visit my NOT on the list of links, blog. “FINDING GROUND ZERO IN CONNECTICUT” comes closest to the mark; that author is a good researcher and found the billing. If ONE person can find the billing, another one also can. We just need to multiply that. It is a skill you can learn, and it’s also a mindset to do it.

    (that’s just my link to Marv Bryer’s earlier work; how he did it back in the 1990s).

    I just put up a “LOOK IT UP” page on the blog for anyone that’s interested. Or you can just go talk to your legislator (who may or may not be in on some of the action, which may or may not have something to do with why they’re in office) and ask them to do their own audits.

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