Photo: Center for Judicial Excellence Damon's Mom Cindy pictured here at a White House demonstration in 2010) won't be seeing him this holiday season.

A Parent’s Greatest Gift


Cherish the Gift of Your Children: A Holiday Plea

Posted by: Kathleen Russell 

In December, parents often manage the stresses of crowded shopping malls and busy holiday calendars by focusing on the rewards you have come to expect from the holidays–mainly, meaningful time with your children and loved ones.

This blog is devoted to the hundreds of thousands of parents who won’t be seeing their precious children during the coming holidays. And it’s not because they don’t want to. Believe you me – nothing could be further from the truth.

These parents are decent, loving, hard-working and law-abiding members of our communities- from teachers, nurses, doctors, authors and hair stylists to engineers, artists, actors, massage therapists, police officers and attorneys.

So what or who is keeping these parents and children apart?

A corrupt and broken family court system is forbidding millions of decent, loving parents from seeing or sometimes even speaking to their kids at this special time of the year.

The family court is where a couple goes to get a divorce, and increasingly, these courts are actively destroying loving relationships between parents and their children. Those hardest hit are parents trying to protect their children from an ex-spouse who is struggling with domestic violence, child abuse, drug or alcohol addiction. Sadly, this is a much larger number of parents than our courts would like to believe, and the family courts’ backlash against parents who are simply trying to protect their children is severe. Read more …

One thought on “A Parent’s Greatest Gift

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