Demonstration at San Fernando Court

by Julia Fletcher

Here’s a sign that says it all. 

Family courts demand friendly parenting. No matter what. Or else. 

One hundred years from now, we’ll look back on the barbaric practices of family courts today and wonder how batterers and abusers won child custody in the majority of child abuse cases in family courts for so long.

2 thoughts on “Demonstration at San Fernando Court

  1. Hello I am writing with great concern that there is something very wrong with DCFS Los Angeles County. I recently filed a complaint against a worker by the name of Melissa Ealba to the Board of Supervisors, DA’s Office Los Angeles County and Senator Feinstein’s Office on 8-3-12, for her disclosure of being a foster parent. This is a conflict of interest and she could sway a report for a removal, how is this just? I had also complained that I have been endlessly harassed by these services and they continue to let me be a victim of false reporting, I have suffered numerous investigations. All but this last one closed with Unfounded Claims of Endangerment and Neglect. I even obtained a letter from one of the workers but cannot locate him at this time. On 11-8-12 I was called by Mr. Santa Cruz at 3:29 pm and had requested all correspondence from DCFS and self from 2002-2012, as I have undergone and passed numerous investigations, I had informed him I would be sending this to the Senator’s Office as she has requested authorization to look into this matter which I am glad to oblige. The following day 11-9-12 they removed my child from my care. This is Malicious Prosecution by definition, I filed complaints with a disciplinary committee and they acted out of malice to strike my rights, and even committed perjury to do this.They are letting this child reside with a man who has numerous controlled substance charges, dui charges, and his fiance was convicted of Manslaughter in 2005. I have never been convicted of a crime, but they referred to me as a criminal in their reports, further defrauding my character. One investigation was closed and a disclosure I had 9 anonymous calls on me in one week, the worker was a bit disturbed that she even had to investigate as she could tell it was false. This is a fairly long story so if you will bare with me you will understand these services have prosecuted me maliciously, have displayed discrimination due to my status as a former “ward”, cost me my residence by approaching the management of my complex on 11-14-12 and have delayed an imperative surgery for a spinal cord injury. They have also used my medications against me which I have been told by my physician’s is a complete violation of my civil liberties, and violates HIPPA acts. One of their workers outright perjured a statement I use regularly to those who ask if I drink. I reply,”Alcohol ruined my life at an early age, my mother was killed in a drunk driving accident in 1986.” She then told the court I am an alcoholic. I have many people who can testify this is false, and I don’t drink because the way my mother passed. I have gathered numerous character letters stating my husband and self are not domestically violent as we have been accused due to one argument.

    Every single time one of these workers has investigated me, it usually begins with them asking about my history as a foster child. I managed to exit 2 years early. I was only 16, I ran away because for years I suffered abuse in these homes and no one helped to protect me, social workers, foster parents and even directors to Aspira or Konania. I was brutally stabbed in my first foster home, and by the same culprit almost drown in a wading pool. They did nothing to him. He was allowed to treat me this was, until I began to fight back. I want to seek immunity, and punitive damages for the world of trouble they have caused me over the years. Please help. The Executive Office, County Counsel. has began an investigation, however this does not change the way they have displayed me to a judge, who now has false information about me. I have all supporting evidence that these complaints had been filed before they took such action. Respectfully, Lori Martin

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