Demonstration at The San Fernando Court House

From Safe Kids International

Angelina reported her father’s sexual abuse and the family court judge did the usual thing: punished Angelina’s protective mom and gave legal custody of Angelina to the father. Then the judge wrote an order prohibiting Angelina’s mother from petitioning the court for the next five years.

“Jillian lost her daughter permanently for the next five years.” Angelina’s grandmother said.  

“Not allowed to file court papers. Judge wrote a permanent order. Angelina is denied her mother, siblings and step-father who she lived with for seven years. She continues to state every supervised visitation that she just wants to come home. We all should help her get her wish.”

Come and join the demonstration for Angelina and all Kids Lost in the System on Monday, November 19th from 11:00 – 2:00 in front of the San Fernando Court House in San Fernando, California.
Our entire community must speak to let the family courts know that we will no longer allow family court judges to take children from protective parents.  Safe Kids International’s mission is to unite everyone who wants to stop family courts from giving custody of children to abusers.

FOX News L.A. is shining the light on the crisis in the family courts and will cover this event. If you are a protective parent,  friend, relative or advocate and would like to share your story, please join us.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

For more information, go to the Facebook event page.

Thank you.

One thought on “Demonstration at The San Fernando Court House

  1. My heart goes out…….I too experienced an extremely familiar case in Eaton County MI. It all started 12-8-99 and my 10 year old baby never made it back home until May of 2004. Not because of the presiding Court, Judge Thomas S Eveland signed an order for my arrest for parental kidnapping. The arresting State Police officers saved my daughter. They refused to return her to the abusive father and immediately went to a Judge in a neighboring county and got an order placing her in the custody of my oldest daughter….I was in jail. The Judge gave me a $250,000 cash surety bond thinking I would not be able to get out of jail to participate in the FIA investigation…….I borrowed $25,0000 from my IRA to pay a bail bondsman and was released (nonrefundable). I had never committed a crime in my life and my income approx. $35,000 a year. FIA findings – my daughter suffered four years of emotional, mental and physical abuse in the custody of the father. Judge Thomas S Eveland had and has also placed orders on me prohibiting me from filing petitions throughout the last 13 years. Even though my daughter made it safely back home in 2004 the Judge never quit…….in 2007 he erased over $60,000 of child support the father owed to me based upon 2 fraudulent (proven with evidence) petitions filed by the father. The erasure left me owing him over 17,000 in overpayment…..which Judge Thomas S Eveland ordered for the overpayment to be illegally collecting from my income through the child support system. Had to file bankruptcy, lost my home of over 18 years due to already being broke from all of my court expenses.
    Anyhow Judge Thomas S. Eveland is retiring in January 2013……I will once again file a motion to have the child support case re-opened due to fraud on the court. I will once again attempt to receive justice. If there is some way I could get additional attention brought to my case I feel it would be helpful.
    I do not feel good in writing this……but perhaps parental kidnapping may be the way to go in these cases. I know that my daughter would have never made it back home if it were not for the State Police intervening.

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