McRoberts v. Los Angeles Superior Court

From Safe Kids International:

“THE MOST SACRED OF THE DUTIES OF A GOVERNMENT IS TO DO EQUAL AND IMPARTIAL JUSTICE TO ALL ITS CITIZENS” –Thomas Jefferson:On June 13, 2012, at 9 AM, oral argument on the use of Parental Alienation Syndrome,(“PAS”) in child sexual abuse cases will be heard by the California Court of Appeals, Second Appellate District Court, Division 3, at 300 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, California, in McRoberts v. Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. B234877.

Patricia J. Barry, attorney for Sera McRoberts, will present oral argument on the violations of due process and equal protection Sera McRoberts and her children experienced during the trial on the two daughters’ allegations of sexual abuse against their father Steve Lesserson. Ms. Barry argued and won the first sexual harassment case before the US Supreme Court in Merritor vs. Vinson. The Amicae (several national domestic violence organizations and California Senator Sheila Kuehl having signed on) are represented by Erica Reilley of Jones Day who will present oral argument on the lack of scientific validity and inadmissibility of evidence of PAS.

The American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association both have rejected PAS. It is not listed in any of the Diagnostic Statistical Manuals. Yet, Stan Katz, Custody Evaluator and Expert Witness of the infamous McMartin Preschool Trial and both Michael Jackson molestation cases, used PAS against Sera McRoberts to change custody to Mr. Lesserson, despite the fact that one of the two daughters ended up with an STD.

For further information, please contact: Patricia J. Barry, Attorney, office 213 995 0734; fax 213 995 0735; cell 213 247 4902; email

2 thoughts on “McRoberts v. Los Angeles Superior Court

  1. I am appalled that the family court in America lets this happen to a Mother and her children. The Judge should be looking after the children- and not protecting the sexual abuser. Please someone protect these little girls from the corrupt Family Court and that creepy Stan Katz who should be jailed for his lies.AND MOST OF ALL FROM THE TERRIBLE FATHER. SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN.!!!!!! NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT THEM EXCEPT THEIR MOTHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Australian Family Court is not much better.

  2. This case is unbelievable. There are crimes going on here, first from the pedophile, rapist, rabbi father, (rape is a criminal offense not a family law matter) then from the evaluator, Stan Katz, ( his record shows his true advocacy work) and lastly from the judge, David Cunningham who I would NEVER call honorable! Thank you for posting this.

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