“I am petitioning for the following changes…”

From Change.org:

Mother’s Day wish to bring my child home…

Dear Attorney General Eric Schneidermann:

It is Mother’s Day of 2012 and nearly one year ago, my daughter was taken from me as a result of an “arbitrary and capricious” decision made by the Family Court judge. This “temporary” order gives my daughter’s father full custody and limited access to me–her mother (which means barely 20 hours every other week, no overnights)

Despite much effort to avoid court intervention for my divorce, I placed trust in the system to be fair in judging what would be in her best interest of our child. Three years later, my petition for full-custody has evolved into a “kangeroo court” focused on anything but the “best interest of my child”.

As I’m sure you know, the state’s Family Court system needs serious reform.

Countless responsible and loving parents lose their children dictated by corrupt activities in our courts. Parents are powerless because of the immunity granted to all judges, law guardian, and expert witnesses.

It is time that we stop from allowing these individuals to operate by their own rules. This is an abuse of power, similar to police brutality. And these actions are parallel to sick acts of children bullying of other children.

On that note, I am petitioning for the following changes:

* Enforcement of a child’s constitutional right to their own attorney through parents’ consent.

* Clear guidelines and standards on what qualifies and DOES NOT qualify as quasi-immunity in child custody trials for judges, law guardians and expert witnesses. Disciplinary action taken for defined unethical behavior.

* Forensic evaluators, specifically child psychiatrists or psychologists must provide reports and testimony that is objective and evidence-based. Mandate that these paid professionals are Board Certified in Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology to insure they understand the clear difference between forensic and clinical evaluations.

* Gross negligence would be subject to possible civil tort litigation and/or prosecution.
In cases medical experts who act with gross negligence, their actions can qualify as medical malpractice despite absence of patient-physician relationship.

• Priority through an immediate trial must be placed for temporary decisions that orders significant change in child’s custody.

• Enforce open forum to public in courtroom and/or cameras present, specifically as it relates to interviews with appointed law guardians and forensic evaluators. Privacy of child also would be strictly mandated.

Children are also guaranteed constitutional rights and the laws need to protect them. How can a legal system in our state and country have the liberty of allowing such injustice that is destroying our children? I speak for so many parents who have completely lost faith and trust in our judicial system.

Mr. Attorney General, please help to make this change in New York and be an example for other states to follow. I trust and pray you will make this happen.


Anonymous (until my child comes home!)
New York County- Manhattan

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